Miss Renderosity Pageant: Round 2

Miss Renderosity Pageant :: Round 2 Ball Gown Category

Renderosity would like to thank all of those who have taken the time to submit their Round 1 entry to this year's Miss Renderosity Pageant. With voting for Round 1's Swimsuit category now complete and winners announced. - we're moving along to Round 2's Ball Gown Category.

Those selected to move through to Round 2 must have their entry in by Sunday, August 10th. Community voting will begin on Monday, August 11th. Those that make it through the Ball Gown portion will compete for the crown in the final Talent portion of the event.

Along with receiving some great prizes, this year's winner will reign throughout 2015 and be featured throughout the site and in various newsletters, spotlights, etc.

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Round 1 :: Swimsuit Competition - Winners Announced!

Click Here to see who has been voted to move on to Round 2.

Round 2 :: Ball Gown

Entry Period: July 29th - August 10th. For those that have been selected to move on from Round 1.
Community Voting: August 11th - August 22nd.
Submissions can include 2D or 3D.
Winners from Round 2 will be announced August 25th and move onto our Final Round.

Round 3 :: Talent

Entry Period: August 25th - September 8th.
Community Voting: September 9th - September 21st.
Submissions can include 2D or 3D.
Winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 24th.

Winners will receive...

Grand Prize: POSER PRO 2014 | $500 Cash Prize | Miss Renderosity Winner Plaque

Second Place: 12-month Prime Membership | $200 MarketPlace Gift Certificate

Third Place: $100 MarketPlace Gift Certificate

Fourth Place: $50 Renderosity Gift Certificate

Member Opinions:
By: BronzeDragon2001 on 7/29/14
Congrats to those of you that were selected and able to move on.

Why were the names of the entrants withheld for the first stage, but shown now. I thought it was to be anonymous so that friends didn't vote for friends., but based on likes and quality Kinda makes it unfair now doesn't it?

I would like to see the actual number of votes given to each entry, most particularly my own, so I can see how I actually did. So maybe I can see how badly I got whooped. Wouldn't mind so much if was close.

By: akawidow on 7/29/14
awesome contest

By: mikeerson on 7/29/14
WOW... 95 images picked to go on... out of 317. I don't know which is more shocking that you picked 95 images or that one third of the entrees go on. I was excited to see you put this contest together, The first Miss Renderosity Pageant... I was inspired. the Contest had mystery... Like are you going to take ONE entry from each country? - I didn't know how that was going to play into it. I posted on the last hour, so I felt way too many things were against me. There were so many entrees from usa, so I almost didn't enter. Looking at the entrees you've chosen I see two usa, two Poland before getting into the teen numbers - so obviously, it's not about country representation.
I would like to see Renderosity take this idea of Miss Renderosity to a HIGHER LEVEL next year. In all your contests, you don't want the Artist putting their name ANYWHERE in the entree and NO VOTE BEGGING....


NEXT YEAR (please think about it) Instead of stating which COUNTRY you are from, why not WHICH ARTIST it's from?

Here is my suggestion. Renderosity should supply models to work from...
1. a stage, background included that must be used in the upload.
2. a SASH... each artist has to put THEIR ARTIST NAME on it - and has to be in the upload in the swim suit and gown - they don't have to be wearing it, but it has to be in the scene.
3. All thumbnails should be "head shots" of the model... (I was the only one in the contest that used words - I thought I had a huge advantage.... I didn't make the cut)
4. It would be so cool if we could have "art wars" instead of single voting... I would like to have a voting link set up to wHere 2 random pictures go on screen and you pick which one you like better - and it would be so cool if every time one picture got picked, it got a point and the loser got a negative point... the stats, points kept totaling and when the contest time ran out, the one with the most points would be in first place.... AND... when you got to this link, this page, the top 3 images in first would be shown "live" so ALL ARTISTS on the site would know what the community is craving...

today I found out that out of 317 images mine is not in the top 95...disappointing... I would of liked to have known where my image ranks -

I could write you a book of more ideas, but it's time to move on. Miss Denver says congrats to the 95 entees that were chosen to advance on to the next round, she really didn't think she could compete with the younger models, but I think she looked hot... GOOD LUCK EVERYONE.

By: buzzardhawk on 7/29/14
Ah well, my image ended up not making it to Round 2. Can I put it up on my gallery now?

By: WolaverJS on 7/29/14
Please explain what the 50MB file in the submission form is for?

By: EpiEndless on 7/30/14
Given that the round 1 winners' names have been announced, and that they have to use the same model in round 2, I assume the "All entries will remain anonymous" rule is blown out of the water for round 2?

By: TinaK on 7/30/14
The contest piece of our site is for all contest which sometimes includes Animation so that is why the 50 MB file is in place but it doesn't pertain to this contest.

By: PAnn on 7/30/14
Congratulations to the winners but now that we know who the artists are, it changes the dynamics of round 2 and how the voting carries on from here.

By: melchiorinos on 7/30/14
Congrats for all who have gone to round 2 .
For all who don't make it ( like me ) don't be upset , it was fun :)

By: BronzeDragon2001 on 7/30/14
Yes, it was fun, disappointed that my entry didn't move on, but yeah it was fun. I even had a very good start on a round 2 entry, just in case, you know. That said, and as asked above, can we that did not get into round 2, use our images as we like?
Oh, and I'd like an answer to the questions posed in my first post about seeing the actual votes.

By: TinaK on 7/30/14
Yes of course if you did not make it into Round 2 you are free to use your image where you choose. For anyone that did not make it to Round 2 I want you to know there were some really good images from everyone but we do have to follow our voting system. We do appreciate everyone's participation and hope you will continue to support the others during Round 2.

And there are other contest just around the corner. Halloween/Holiday

By: Tigerste on 7/30/14
TinaK I have sent you a site mail and not yet had a response...it may come across as bitter since I didn't make it through to the second round, but I do not think the voting system used is fair, particularly when there are so many entries.

By: Tigerste on 7/30/14
I also don't think its fair for entrants to vote at all, regardless of the anonymity of the first round - this is of particular issue now that the quarter-finalists have been identified.

By: Faerydae on 7/30/14
I know we have to use the same character for the 2nd round, but can we change the hair?

By: TinaK on 7/30/14
yes you are welcome to change the hair.

By: jiyu on 7/30/14

By: RodS on 7/31/14
Not to sound like a sore loser or anything, but I thought the
theme was supposed to be "Sexy, Sophisticated, Talented.." There are some lovely entries that made it to round 2, but there are a few that don't really fit the definition of "sexy" IMHO. Just sayin'....

Congrats to all who made it, and good luck on round 2! It was fun!

By: wolfesbain on 7/31/14
I agree with Bronze Dragon. It would be interesting to see how the voting numbers looked. That said, I am grateful to be moving to round two. Good luck to everyone!

By: mrestey on 7/31/14
I second Rods.
I had never entered a 3D art contest before this one and I now understand the many complaints people made about member voting. There are MANY images that far surpassed a number of those that made it to the top 95.
It is obvious to me that there were many that got votes due to politics, friends and family.
This is the last contest I will enter that has no way to control the politics.
I don't know the answer but I do know this voting system does not work objectively or fairly.
There is no point to entering a contest when the artwork is judged on one's political views and number of friends one can get to support your image.
The way I see this contest headed, I hope Renderosity is happy with the winning "girl" because they are going to have her representing them for a year.

By: tchadensis on 7/31/14
Vote numbers please?

By: mikeerson on 7/31/14
Disappointed my entry didn't make it, but I tried to slip "Jessie" into the contest...not a chance against the "Vicky" models (lol) . - I knew that, but I was pleased with how she turned out... my hands were tied though... my computer (I'm on an old computer) needs to go into the shop and that is what I would of used the $500 for - lol.... I'm disappointed that I also wrote a few things to go on this page and they weren't posted - It wasn't negative, so I'm a little shocked it didn't post... I think we all would like to see this "voting system" and where we landed in it ... I have a few friends that have already posted their images in their gallery and I'm shocked that their entrees didn't make it - very shocked... but it's life... not everything goes to plan. GOOD LUCK to the second rounders - I hope we see some super duper images... I can't wait to see who becomes MISS RENDEROSITY!!!

By: carrara_pat on 7/31/14
Congrats to the winners of round 1. I thought I saw that we would get a $5 gift certificate for being included in round 1?

By: BronzeDragon2001 on 7/31/14

Congrats Wolfesbain on moving on up. Glad you commented on my post, thought I might be the only one interested.

Come on TinaK - lets hear what you have to say on the question at hand!

By: mikeerson on 8/1/14
August 1st.... Just looked at round 2's 25 entrees... I don't see any of them with a big "teethy" smile - that's what I think of when you see a "gown Pageant"... So, the 70 of you that are still out there, Please give us that "smile"... Now that I'm not a contestant, that's what I'm basing a lot of my vote on... THE SMILE is one of the hardest things to pull off on a poser... Who can do it??? I'm watch'n - lol


When we look at round 2, HOW COME THERE IS NOT A LINK to their round one image??? some of these faces I totally don't recall in round 1.... it would even be better if their round 1 image was viewed right under the round 2 image.... Not being negative, just try'n to help make suggestions to make this "Miss Renderosity" the best it can be.

By: RAGraphicDesign on 8/1/14
I made ​​a little collage of all revenue of the first round: for me 45 of the more than 300 participants were of interest and render quality. Of the ideally 45 chosen by me only 27 are passed to the second round.
In some previous comment, someone had expressed the wish that inside the next "Contests" you observe the different job with different criteria (composition, taste, render, etc. ..).
Of the various render, one in particular struck me: I am so glad to see him move on to the second round but even more surprised to see him in the middle of the list and not at the beginning.
I can understand the disappointment of some. I am ready, however, to vote for the second round.

By: Giffy01 on 8/1/14
Congratulations to the winners.
It is a wonderful contest!

By: WolaverJS on 8/2/14
@mikeerson, check again; there was at least one good smile the first day.

By: WolaverJS on 8/2/14
A link to connect the round one entry might correct an error committed early in round two. Several entries were identified by artist for the first two days and no artist after the first nine has even briefly been tagged by name. Whether this variation has any effect on final voting or not will be hard to say. Putting in a connection like mikeerson suggested would give everyone the same benefit/burden and would also bring "sunshine" into the contest - voters could assure themselves they were getting one model with no illegal modifications (hair style, hair color, nails and makeup being legal, of course).

By: BronzeDragon2001 on 8/2/14

wolfesbain, bentbobb, mikeerson, thanks for supporting the idea of seeing the votes. I posted once before to this effect but it didn't show up. It wasn't negative either just a specific request to Tina to see the votes. Censorship doesn't look good in supposed open competition. The idea for a link to first round is a very good idea! I was also surprised in some of the entries that were selected to move on. Some were not very good quality and hardly suitable for advertising purposes. As far as suggestions go I'd like to see a comment area for each entry so I could tell people why I did or didn't like an entry. Might go a ways in improving the entries in future contests.

By: jamminwolf on 8/2/14
RodS quote: but there are a few that don't really fit the definition of "sexy" IMHO. Just sayin'....

I agree, there are some really lousy renders (no shadows, ugly specular) and a very ugly fat girl that made it, yet my render didn't? I don't mind that I didn't make it, but come on, against these ugly ones??? really??? Here's what I entered http://www.renderosity.com/mod/gallery/index.php?image_id=2553548

By: TinaK on 8/2/14
I like these ideas. I would like to let you all know that our programmer is working on our Contest module and I do not know yet the in's and out's but I will take all of your suggestion to him for consideration.

By: TinaK on 8/2/14
Here is the link for Round 1 per your request.


By: Philips272 on 8/2/14
Looking through the entries for round two, I noticed that some have links to download the images while others do not. Any particular reason for that?

By: dazmikey on 8/2/14
I thought you weren't supposed to be posting your entries elsewhere and soliciting for votes...I've seen a ball gown entry for a current round 2 contestant posting their stuff in their gallery.

By: WolaverJS on 8/2/14
A simple way to connect second round entries with their first round predecessors without emphasizing artist names would be to use the original entry number through the remaining rounds, so that the number one most popular vote-getter from round one would be presented as "Contestant #4" when she presents her Ball Gown entry (regardless of the order or receipt). This would resemble Miss America where the contestant uses the same tag, ie "Miss Florida," throughout the competition until the winner is declared.

By: RodS on 8/2/14
@ TinaK
As long as your voting system is based on a "one member one vote" system with absolutely no control over how the voting is implemented, it will still remain open to contestants soliciting votes off-site. You can put "Soliciting votes is not allowed" into the requirements 100 times, and it's not going to stop people from enlisting their friends and family to sign up fr a membership, just to vote for their entry. Being taken out of contention by great, well done, and BEAUTIFUL art is one thing. Being taken out of contention by an abomination that is clearly NOT sexy, or sophisticated is quite something else. I don't know if putting the entry number of the one that bothers me the most would be permissible or correct, so I won't. What I WILL say is that when you go to this "member's" homepage, there is NO profile, he/she has NO input, NO friends, and NO GALLERY IMAGES. Does this tell you something? How long has this person been a "member?" When did he/she join - right after the contest was announced? There are several others that obviously had some kind of external influences that resulted in placing above many, many much better entries. I would proffer this idea.... To enter or vote in contests, you should be an ACTIVE part of the community. That means being a member longer than a couple days, and actually having some CONTENT in your gallery that indicates you're here to be part of the community, and not to just ruin things for others. I don't know if this little rant will make it to the blog - probably not. But if it does, I truly hope that the "improved" contest module is a much better system, that will not allow something that is clearly an abomination and a mockery to displace contestants who are trying hard to create something beautiful, fun, and in the true spirit of the contest. For now, what's done is done because "that's the way we've always done it..." I'm done with this and am moving on.

By: BronzeDragon2001 on 8/2/14
I think you misunderstood the request. A specific link on the second round image page directly to that entrant's first round entry, not to all the entries that we would then have to sort through. I fact, a better idea would be to show both images at this stage and all three in the next round, all on one page with a link to see the full sized images of each of the entries.

By: WolaverJS on 8/2/14
I disagree with BronzeDragon on showing the entries on the same page in round two - at most a link directly to the earlier entries. However in round three, I strongly support at least direct links if not the actual pictures on the same page. My reasoning is this; if an artist did weak work in round one but picked up their game in round two, the round one performance would hurt their round two votes - their strong round two performance ought to stand alone and be allowed to earn them strong votes. In round three, the talent ought to be considered on its own merits, but the vote should be cast based on all aspects of the contestant's performance as the round three vote is actually a vote for the crown.

By: mikeerson on 8/3/14
this contest is where only having one vote really hurts.... I voted for myself in round one, with me out, I will be voting for someone else and since I and over 200 people didn't vote for anyone (but themselves) the first image REALLY NEEDS TO be shown with the second - otherwise, round two may get a bunch of votes, but maybe they had a image in the first round that wasn't so good .... so, we as voters NEED to see round one and two side be side.... still... we would like to see the vote scores of round one - are you going to make them available to the public? and explain how tie breakers work... I'm sure the last few artist that got voted to round 2 only had one vote... I know mine had one vote, so how was the tiebreaker done? Curious.

By: kobaltkween on 8/3/14
Now that I, admittedly, have entered the contest and lost (and, more importantly, seen highly talented artists lose), I have a few suggestions for improvements.

1) Update the interface (as you plan to do, it sounds like). Thumbnails should be bigger, regular view of images needs to be bigger, and full-size view should be handled more cleanly. The whole interface needs to better present the different entries, and improve navigation among them. I deliberately tried to look at every single entry, yet I'm seeing Miss Renderosity images in galleries I never saw before. I never saw some of the winners. And I made a serious effort to try to look at everyone. I'm very sure most people voting didn't make as much of an effort.

2) Every image should get the same consideration. Fair judging can't happen if the judges haven't even seen all of the images, let alone not seen most of them. Which I'm pretty sure was the case for almost all the judges in this contest.

3) Use a panel of selected judges. This was supposed to be a contest for a female representative of Renderosity. Good editorial review gives the selection a coherent style and vision.

4) Mix up the order of images for each judge, to account for the tendency to choose an image early in the list. It shouldn't matter if you submitted early or late, as long as you met the deadline.

Good luck to all of the entrants who made it to Round 2! There are some amazing entries in the selection, and I'm looking forward to what people come up with next.

By: Philips272 on 8/4/14
A possible solution to the balloting issue for future contests might be to restrict contest voting to A) Members who were members the day prior to the contest's announcement and B) New members who submit an entry into the first round of the contest. That would hinder the ability to sign up friends and neighbors for the sole purpose of voting.
Another suggestion would be that you cannot vote for your own entry as that's a given anyway. Every entry starts off with one vote. You would vote for an entry you wouldn't feel bad losing to. It wouldn't prevent signing up more than once, but if someone is willing to submit multiple entries for the sake of vote gathering, it would at least show persistence if not necessarily skill.
It would also be interesting to at least know what the vote spread was in the current contest. If not for all entries at least the first and last place along with the total.

By: spacechimp on 8/4/14
I think Round 2 entrants look nicer than Round 1. I looked through them all over a few days and made a list but i still see entries I never noticed. I never entered a contest before I did not know you could vote for yourself , I think that should not be allowed.I also noticed most winners were from the first 2 pages I think people just gave up scrolling through them.Some of them are fantastic with attention to detail and some of them make me wonder how they actually made the models look so bad.I will keep voting I think its, a great contest, but flawed !

By: pygfaust on 8/4/14
First, congrats to all the winners, and yes spacechimp Round 2 is looking pretty good. My girl promises she'll be back next year. She would really like to know how many voted she did get this time, though!

I'd like to riff on Philips272's suggestion for a voting system: each Round could have two phases of voting. Phase 1, the images are voted on only by the entrants themselves and the Contest Managers, with self-voting prohibited. The top 25% or so of the entries would then move on to Phase 2 voting by the full membership (with restrictions as suggested by P272). Kind of similar to "[insert your country]'s Got Talent".

I also like mikeerson's "art wars" suggestion, among many other good ideas for next year.

Good luck to all left standing.

By: RodS on 8/4/14
You might as well save your breath, folks. Nothing is going to change from what I've experienced over the last week in dealing with Rendo's Admins. They will do things their way - it doesn't matter what us little peons think, say or suggest. There is no kind of quality control, and apparently there never will be. You can bust your butt for a week making sure everything in your entry is the best it can be - lighting, composition, attention to detail, and actually giving your character a little personality. You know - creating ART. Then someone enters something they threw together in 20 minutes, or some abomination that is not even close to the spirit of the contest (you know, like sexy, sophisticated, talented), and because they run a successful "vote for me" campaign on FB, or find another way to cheat the system, they blow past you and and the care and love you put into your work. The only reply - if any at all - from the admins is we're just following the rules or they can't judge on beauty while approving entries as that would be bad character. And if they don't like what you're communicating, they just go silent. I wish they could understand we are not asking for special treatment - we're asking for a system that is FAIR for everyone, not just for those with the most friends. There have been some excellent suggestions put forward here, but they will never be implemented.

By: WolaverJS on 8/4/14
Simplify, simplify, simplify. Art wars as suggested would mean I'd sit through a total of 306 (152+76+38+19+10+5+3+2+1) side-by-side comparisons to get the first 304 candidates down to one personal best choice. Even if I were only asked to narrow it down to half, that's 152 side-by-side comparisons - who's brewing the coffee... The multi-phase voting per round is simpler, and so is the idea of dividing entries up into smaller groups from which each member can select one. Entrants-only voting in phase one with no self-voting is intriguing... it could actually combat trolling (unless trolls flood the contest with spam-entries just get voting opportunities - trolls will figure out how to abuse any system).

Enough of me poking holes. I think there are three basic obstacles to be dealt with; the number of entries to be reviewed, voter legitimacy and self-voting. Eliminating self-voting is a programming solution - simple enough. Phillip272's voting restrictions would be a great start on legitimizing voters. The bigger challenge is breaking up the entries into more palatably-sized groups. If art-wars were modified to select one of say 5 randomly selected entries (own-entry eliminated), then this contest would have each voter sitting through 65 side-by-side votes - still painful, but much less so.

In the end, Renderosity may have to modify its basic member-voted-contest rule to allow staff to arbitrarily eliminate any entry marketing simply cannot condone putting on a box-cover - say,.. a unanimous thumbs-down gets tossed.

By: PinkysBrain on 8/5/14
I've been studying the entries to learn who is improving, and who isn't, etc, and have noticed some concerns. Everyone wants to win, and a certain amount daring is commendable, but rules have been published and the blog has amplified and clarified several points, specifically that entrants must use the same model and that "no nudity" prohibits thongs. This brings us to my questions; what constitutes a model change and what constitutes a nudity violation.

First: Obviously hair and nail color, hair style, hair and nail length, makeup (including colored contacts), and even tattoos (press-on transfers) can be changed legitimately, but what else? Sudden changes in bust size and ear length and such do not seem right.

Second: nudity violations. How clearly is the restriction on thongs defined? There are several questionable cases. Also, in one entry, I am certain that the "swimwear" permits unobstructed sight.

Contestants have a right to have these points clarified. Maybe it's ridiculous to go back now and add contestants to round two, but it seems reasonable to ask that the rules be clarified and then enforced for the remainder of the contest.

By: mikeerson on 8/5/14
32 entrees left... still waiting for a "teethy" smile that makes me want to smile.... some good entrees, just no "excited" emotion... and you see that all the time in Pageants.... some really bad entrees too.... I think that aught to be in next years rules - a killer smile.... would love to see one of you artists in the competition show us you know how to do it.

By: DaWaterRat on 8/6/14
I didn't enter, but I do want to say congratulations to those who made it through. Especially those that didn't fit a "conventional" definition of beauty.
Good luck, everyone, on round 2

By: Tigerste on 8/6/14
I certainly won't be entering any more competitions here until the voting system is sorted out. Badly handled and terrible voting system - it's embarrassing. Complete waste of time perfecting a high quality piece when many entries that made it through were very basic and didn't really seem to have the same level of TLC.

By: StealthWorks on 8/6/14
I'm wondering why the rules cannot be changed at this point to let Renderosity cast the final vote in round 3? I'm assuming Renderosity have a panel that choose a "Gallery of the week" so why not just let them choose the winning entry? The community could be used to push entries right up to the final round and then you could eliminate any vote soliciting by letting the panel cast the final vote. That way you get the majority opinion from the community represented AND elimination of unfair voting at the end. The panel would also have access to the previous entries so could see if the models had drastically been changed between the rounds and eliminate those too.

Probably the only people who would object if this happens would be the people soliciting votes! Don't get me wrong, community voting has got me into Round 2 (and thanks again to all those that voted for my entry) but, I think we'd all still feel we are in with more of a chance if the judging was truly unbiased at the last stage.

Better still, if the judges then gave us some feedback as to what made them choose the winners, that could help us improve our images in the long run and give us a better steer for future competitions.

By: mikeerson on 8/6/14
By: WolaverJS on 8/4/14 about my "ART WARS" idea.... You don't have to DEVOTE time to do it.... everyone that picks an entry to win over another gets a point... the losing choice gets a negative point.... therefore, you can look at side by side entrees as long as you want or as little as you want - the score on the entrees keeps a toll going on from the whole community. So, if you have someone spending time picking bad over good, it will have little effect because the community will be giving the better pieces more and more points. IF someone comes to Renderosity to just supply a bunch of votes for one image, THEY WON'T BE ABLE TO DO IT because all the pictures popping up will be RANDOM.....

....I've seen this "ART WARS" in play at conceptart.org or com many years ago.... They had it, don't know if they have it now cause I haven't been to the site in a long time - but they did use it for voting and they called it Art Wars. To me, there is no better way to vote on art pieces.... the WINNER will climb in points, the LOSER will fall and the OVERALL point total for the others will place them perfectly in between - I'VE BEEN SUGGESTING THIS SINCE 2006.... eventually, it will be put into play because it is the best way, the only way for our TOP PIECES to climb and our less wanted pieces to fall....

ON TOP OF ALL THAT....The community of the people that love to view Art would have a blast with it.... the interaction would bring in more interest, hell, Renderosity should have a side bar that they can sell ads that pop up randomly with the two pieces that you vote on.... Money, Interaction, Getting the Votes right.... I don't understand why this is not in play.... I really don't.... it's a no brainer to me..... AND if you want to break stuff up in to categories you can still do that with the Art Wars set up just for those categories.... LET'S DO THIS RENDEROSITY - WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR???

By: WolaverJS on 8/6/14
@StealthWorks - HERE, HERE! Sign me up for that program! It's ideal! Pure genius! It takes into account all my earlier concerns, solves the trolling problem... STEALTHWORKS FOR PRESIDENT!

By: PinkysBrain on 8/6/14
Why are voters allowed to solicit content? "I'm a voter and I'm looking for this," seems just as objectionable as campaigning, especially when it waits until 2/3 of the entries are in. This does not help create a fair contest.

By: mikeerson on 8/7/14
Hey PinkysBrain... As a Voter, I'm telling what I feel or KNOW should be shown in a Pageant - I've watched a few of them through the decades.... a Smile like I'm standing patiently in line for a cheeseburger is not what this voter wants to see... If you've watched Pageants, you know that the girls ALWAYS have a smile - even when they are standing in the line up.... I as a contestant worked on my girls smile to get that excited, NOT FAKE, look only to find out I didn't advance on... I really thought I'd have no problem making it to the next round.... so, yeah, I'm disappointed that my girl didn't go on - but I moved on.... and now that I'm a Voter, I'm gonna say "You guys in the contest are missing the thing that is one of the hardest things to pull off in poser AND pageants - IT'S THE HUGE, TEETHY SMILE FROM EAR TO EAR - THAT DOESN'T LOOK FAKE" .... This is a Pageant contest, is it not? I've never seen a Pageant where the girls don't "SMILE HUGE".... So no... I'm not telling someone they'll get my vote totally based on that - I'm telling ALL ARTISTS: "where is the SMILE???"... now in my swim suit entree, she wasn't smiling - lol... kinda hard to do when a weirdo comes up behind you when you're on stage, at that moment,trying to act sexy - lol... but believe me, THE SMILE would of been there in round two - I already had that part created.... I also didn't mention it in the blog until I saw at least 25 entrees - NONE OF THEM SMILING THAT HUGE SMILE THAT PAGEANTS ARE KNOWN FOR.... well.... one is very close, but... that is besides the point.... I don't know, I'm a stickler when it comes to contests themes - I try to nail the theme... This is a "Pageant" contest.... not a swim suit calendar... why are so many of the pictures of the girls at the beach, in the water, on a boat, on a patio??? Pageants are stages... strutting your stuff, showing posture, poses... speaking on a mic telling the voters you're going to save the world - lol....(my girl was on stage) - lol ....as far as which one I like in the second round, after I narrow it down, I will have to "HUNT" for the round ONE version - because there's no links... and on round 2, they don't tell you the artist's name, so I'm really gonna have to "HUNT" hard.... I am a fair player... I will place my vote on the best... that I feel is the best.... the SMILE doesn't automatically get my vote - the scene doesn't really play into it too much either... basically, the face is the base.... is she recognizable? can Rendo put up a face shot of her on the front page and everyone knows, yeah, that's Miss Renderosity.... Miss Renderosity NEEDS TO HAVE A SMILE... SHE'S A WINNER.... she needs to be excited - cause she's the one..... one last thing.... GO BRONCOS!!!! tonight is Superbowl Rematch Preseason Style..... Lets hope the Defending Superbowl Champion Seattle Seahawks make it out of Denver alive - Cause we want our revenge in the Superbowl.... yeah, that happens, I'll show you what a PAGEANT SMILE LOOKS LIKE - LOL

By: almostperfekt on 8/8/14
I also agree with StealthWorks.. great Idea to give the ppl @ renderosity the last vote...

By: Misselthwaite on 8/8/14
Just to address RodS's contention that people with no gallery or communications must needs be new-and-for-the-purpose-of-voting people. Not so!

I have no gallery, haven't talked to anyone, and have been a member for nearly a year. I am also fortunate enough to have secured enough votes to move to round 2, and am shocked and thrilled. It isn't because I know anyone who's signed up to vote for me. I am just a lurker, playing my happy little Daz games in the corner of this mostly Poser forum, and entered - with butterflies abounding - mostly to get my $5 coupon so I can buy more pretty things. :-)

Much as I believe the voting and presentation system can - and no doubt will - be improved, I think it is spurious to paint all of us quiet people with the same tarry brush. And I didn't vote for myself, either.

By: BronzeDragon2001 on 8/8/14

I agree with Misselthwait, I've been a member for two years but don't have a gallery, don't post, and don't interact much with anyone, until this contest.
I do my renders and post to friends, showed them to people at work (while I still had a job). I never felt I was good enough and wouldn't have entered at all except my wife and son urged me to after they saw my final results. I'm just not an out going kind of person. And although they thought my entry was ok, most others must not have since I didn't make the next round. See TinaK, that's why I want to see the votes. I NEED to know!!
I did not get people to vote for
me, didn't even mention the contest to the people I normally show my images to, at least until the end of round one. I showed them then and got very good comments on them. Several of those people said not to worry about not making the next round, I'm not one of the special people. They said they could predict who would win ahead of time.
Since I'm pretty new to this, I also did not vote for my own entry. I originally joined so I could download the freebies.
Yes, lots of things need fixed with the contest, mostly more thought before the contest begins. No fair changing the rules in the middle, like the number of entries you can enter, like posting the rules about voting, had I known I could vote for myself , I might have. Posting the entrants name after stage one when the contest is supposed to be anonymous. Stuff like that.

By: gypsyangel on 8/9/14
Wow...reading through these comments really brought it home that sour grapes never go out of season...
Just because your image may not have been chosen to advance you to the next round does not mean that the voting is rigged, the contest is flawed or that no one truly knows what beauty is or should be, because you were not selected and someone with lesser skill was. To say that ANY of these reasons that stroke your ego must be truth is honestly demeaning and insulting to those that were allowed to advance. Because you were not happy with the results, you're making sure no one is. I've seen better sportsmanship from five year olds. There's an old saying, "If you don't like the accommodations, don't stay at the hotel." If you don't like the rules of the contest, don't enter. It really IS that easy. Demanding change to suit you or soothe your wounded pride only demeans yourself and insults everyone that did move ahead. I was one of those fortunate ones. But I guarantee you, If I wasn't, I'd just be congratulating those that did advance, not insinuating that they only advanced because of vote rigging. So thanks...it was...educational.

By: RodS on 8/9/14
@Misselthwaite - I did not say, nor did I intend to infer that ALL members with little or no content in their galleries signed up just to get votes in contests. There are, as always, exceptions to every rule or situation. You have been a member for nearly a year - that's fine. Still, it seems these contests are more of a popularity contest than an art contest. Hopefully, the "improved" contest module will be an improvement. At any rate, I wasn't "painting all of us quiet people with the same tarry brush.." or at least that was not my intent. I didn't vote for myself, either. Congratulations on making it to round 2 and good luck!

By: akawidow on 8/9/14
when will we get the $5 gift code anyways??

By: akawidow on 8/10/14
if members names were showing on entries for round 2 accidently shouldn't they have to submit new ones?

By: Biscuits on 8/10/14
My suggestion for the voting system.

Would love to see bigger thumbnails. Like 200 x 200 pixels gives us a little bit more idea what the actual entry is about.

By: Akhenaten on 8/10/14
I can't believe how many comments have been made about this contest, I haven't read all of them but could someone tell me why Renderosity don't judge this themselves. To me that would be much fairer and might stop the negative comments. I didn't make it to round 2, even after spending time to make my image look professional. So how about it Renderosity, why don't you do the voting.

By: mikeerson on 8/10/14
Voting for ROUND 2 ADVANCEMENT is just about here... some really good looking renders, good turn out... but... I have come to a conclusion voting needs some categories for each image to grade on... After mentioning "the toothy, big smile" that is in ALL PAGEANTS, I find it interesting I see only 2 images that are 99% there - very close, but doesn't give me "goose bumps".... so, ALL IMAGES should have categories to grade on, like
Something like this.... been trying to figure out which ONE to vote for.... only a couple smiles have that "Pageant" look to me - but other images have prettier faces, hair.... and then you have overall character.... none of the images screamed at me "this is Miss Renderosity" ...I won't be voting this round.... I hope round 3 gives us a "without a doubt" winner.... I really hope some one steps it up a knotch to where we are all in AWE.... Good luck Entrants - HIT US WITH YOUR BEST SHOT!

By: mikeerson on 8/11/14
95 artists made it to the second round.... DEADLINE IS HERE.... shame only 90 artists showed up... I WISH I COULD SEE WHICH 5 DIDN'T MAKE IT.... I guess a few of us that were into this contest that didn't make it WOULD OF LOVED TO.

By: WolaverJS on 8/11/14
@akawidow, Check your account under "gift certs," they've been awarded!

On the other point, as one who's name was tagged onto his round 2 entry, I translate your last as follows: "Shouldn't people who started early and worked long and hard on their best concept for round two be punished and have to fall back to a lesser position because the contest administration made a mistake?" I'm certain that is not what you meant, but I think the answer is pretty clear.

By: WolaverJS on 8/11/14
@gypsyangel - Wow... talk down much? Looks like you just took it to the next-level.

@mikerson - I guess I'd have to see ArtWars in action to understand it better. You are clearly convinced, so I'd be up for a test run. We could compare the results to the existing rules, see which seemed fairer, etc. You may be right!

By: RodS on 8/11/14
Yeah, I agree, Mike. Especially with the last part. But then I guess we're being poor sports according to some. I cast my vote, now I'm done with it. On to other things.

Congrats and good luck to round 2 winners.

By: gypsyangel on 8/14/14
@wolaverJS: Do you try to run everything or is this just overcompensation?

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