Miss Renderosity Pageant

Miss Renderosity Pageant

Renderosity would like to welcome and invite you to participate in the inaugural Miss Renderosity Beauty Pageant. With a Community comprised of members around the globe this will truly be an international event where you can showcase your talent and demonstate what all-around beauty means to you.

To earn the title of the Miss Renderosity Beauty Pageant winner, you must showcase your digital artistry skills across three separately community judged portions; Swimsuit, Ball Gown and Talent. At the conclusion of Round 1's Swimsuit portion, those that have been voted to move forward will then be asked to compete and submit their entry for the Ball Gown portion. As the competition continues to escalate, those that make it through the Ball Gown portion will compete for the crown in the final Talent portion of the event.

Along with receiving some great prizes, this year's winner will reign throughout 2015 and be featured throughout the site and in various newsletters, spotlights, etc.

Do you have what it takes to put on the coveted Miss Renderosity sash? It begins now!

ALL approved entries will receive a $5 Renderosity Gift Certificate.

CLICK HERE to visit the official Contest Page for more information and to submit your entry.

CLICK HERE to visit our Miss Renderosity Pageant Product Department. It's here that you'll be able to find products to support your entries. Please check back daily as more products are added.

Round 1 :: Swimsuit Competition

Entry Period: June 30th - July 18th.
Community Voting: July 19th - July 28th.
Submissions can include 2D or 3D.
Winners from Round 1 will be announced on July 29th and will advance to Round 2.

Round 2 :: Ball Gown

Entry Period: July 29th - August 10th.
Community Voting: August 11th - August 22nd.
Submissions can include 2D or 3D.
Winners from Round 2 will be announced August 25th and move onto our Final Round.

Round 3 :: Talent

Entry Period: August 25th - September 8th.
Community Voting: September 9th - September 21st.
Submissions can include 2D or 3D.
Winners will be announced on Wednesday, September 24th.

Winners will receive...

Grand Prize: POSER PRO 2014 | $500 Cash Prize | Miss Renderosity Winner Plaque

Second Place: 12-month Prime Membership | $200 MarketPlace Gift Certificate

Third Place: $100 MarketPlace Gift Certificate

Fourth Place: $50 Renderosity Gift Certificate

Member Opinions:
By: mikeerson on 6/30/14
OH HELL YEAH!!! This is a great Idea, you should make it ANNUAL/YEARLY. Ms. Denver is excited... she says it's going to be a challenge dialing up the perfect body, but she's all up for it.... she'll be there.... you know she'll be there.

By: Estroyer on 6/30/14
Sounds like fun! Do I understand it clearly that only females can participate? (As in female renders)

By: Miss B on 6/30/14
Ohhhh, this is definitely going to be fun. What a great idea!!!

By: Byrdie on 6/30/14
Clarification on size, please. The rules page says MAXIMUM of 800 x 800 but the Submit An Entry box is showing max 2000 x 2000. Which is correct?

Also is this a human females only thing? What about aliens, etc. who can totally rock the wild bikini look? Please tell me they can enter too.

By: AyrtonS on 6/30/14

By: TinaK on 6/30/14
@Estroyer - It is not for females only. Good luck

By: ricardo719 on 6/30/14
Archaic, sexist, chauvinistic animals! Beauty can only be female? BULLSPIT!

By: TinaK on 6/30/14
@Byrdie - the size has now been corrected.

Thanks and we look forward to your entry.

By: 3doutlaw on 6/30/14
Can you only submit one entry?

By: SissyB on 6/30/14
oh!! what a great idea!!!! ^-^
Let's go!!! :D

By: Cupcake on 6/30/14
Quick question it says "All entries to each round much include your Country in which you are representing for each Round"
Does that mean you need to add the country name in the image, or just in the description Box ?

By: shellydoe on 6/30/14
wishing i could do this challenge but 2d and 2d i have none

By: TinaK on 6/30/14
@cupcake - Just make sure your country is listed in the description area.

By: jamminwolf on 6/30/14
lol... "aliens"... you gotta be kidding... and, males included, TinaK?? Ummm... isn't this called "MISS Renderosity Pageant"? Not "IT Renderosity Pageant" or "MR Renderosity Pageant". Males or aliens arent called "Miss", males are called "Mr" and aliens are called "IT" lol.

Anyways, Lucy Zepp will certainly participate, this sounds like fun.

By: scottl on 6/30/14
community vote=popularity contest...no thx

By: Winterclaw on 7/1/14
What is beauty?

By: mikeerson on 7/1/14
I had to come back here and read the responses.... Yeah, I think this should be GIRLS ONLY... I don't think guys should be wearing gowns?? ....and maybe I missed it in the rules, but SHOULDN'T you STICK with the same character in ALL 3 pictures? I mean, if someone advances to the second round, I would like to see that same character.... I know I'm going to stick with the same character, it adds "life" to that character.... I hope whoever wins doesn't use different characters for each scene - Cause isn't the goal finding MISS RENDEROSITY??? Now if male characters can enter, my JAMES BONDAGE character would be a little upset at me if I dressed him up in a gown AND HE WON - LOL... and I don't think the community would be to happy seeing JAMES BONDAGE strutting around the next year bloating that he is MISS RENDEROSITY - LOL.... yeah, you should stipulate that this is for FEMALE CHARACTERS ONLY and there may be a MR RENDEROSITY pagent later on down the road.... think about it.... or are you ready for JAMES to come out of the closet with Jessies wardrobe??? it just might happen if this isn't clarified - lol

By: mitchman on 7/1/14
I find myself seriously conflicted - fun? Maybe. Should I be sad no one sees the misogynistic nature of this? Or should I be happy there are clearly no feminists here? Gee... I suppose these issues don't apply in the virtual world, eh? Conflicted, like I said.

By: TinaK on 7/1/14
After a discussion with the Admin Team this morning we have come to the conclusion that this is for "female models" only. This is why it is called the Miss Renderosity pageant. We hope to have a Mr. Renderosity pageant in the future.

Also your winning model from Round 1 will advance to Round 2 but you will need to use the same model in Round 2 as you used in Round 1.

If you have any comments or concerns please feel free to email me at tinak@renderosity.com. I do apologize for any misunderstanding on my part and not making this crystal clear.

By: grylin on 7/1/14
can a person use any product from renderosiy? or just the ones that are on this pageant bit?

By: RodS on 7/1/14
Hehe - Mike.... Go ahead and put your James Bondage guy in a dress... I DARE ya! I double-dare ya! LOL Ya nut! :-D

I'll give it a go just for the fun of it... And that's what it's about - FUN, right?

By: jamminwolf on 7/1/14
Thanks, TinaK, for clarifying the title "miss" for us.

mahakali, think I can answer that for you. Since the rules do not specifically say what qualifies and what doesn't (ie V4, Miki, Genesis/GF2, etc...), I believe Genesis (as well as GenesisFemale2) will qualify as well as long as "it" takes on the woman form. It only takes common sense to use the "woman" form that comes with Genesis to make "it" qualify as a "her" and "miss" and for the Miss Renderosity Pageant competition. As long as "she" has breasts and does not look like a male (no use using the female genital though since nudity is out-ruled, as long as you don't use a male genital).

Good question, grylin, though the forum does say Miss Renderosity Pageant Product Department has "products that **supports* your entry", not "products that are required", still good question though.
Good question, phibos, now I'm wondering myself, though I'm fully American and my character will represent America.


By: TinaK on 7/2/14
@philbos, We would like it to be from the country the artist resides.

By: jamminwolf on 7/2/14
Hey are we allowed to see images submitted? I really wouldn't think it's fair to see competitors' images before you submit, but what about after you submit?


By: herhey2000 on 7/2/14
Does that mean when post my entry, I have to put somewhere in the title or description, what she is from?

By: TinaK on 7/2/14
@hershey2000 - you are welcome to incorporate your country in your description or on your image.

By: WolaverJS on 7/2/14
IRL, one is so childish as to insist males be allowed to compete for Miss America, or that females be allowed to compete for Mr. Universe, so lets be just as sensible here. It serves no good purpose to give Renderosity's staff a hard time by picking at the rules. Let's compete! I'm entering! Question: Is it sufficient for me to put all supporting information in the description on my entry, and will the description I write appear with my image during the voting round?

By: mazzam on 7/3/14
Confirming my understanding that the same model is to be used in all submissions. But I assume she can have her hair done to fit the occasion. If my girl comes from the Washington DC area where I live, she could have been born ialmost anywhere in the world, but she will still be from the USA. Right?

By: Anthanasius on 7/3/14
What is "Talent" ?

By: Byrdie on 7/3/14
:sigh: Well. So much for that. An All-Girly Show makes this too boring for me so I'll just bow out. Was only gonna enter it for fun but the fun is all gone if any aliens must be CIS-gendered females now and trans characters aren't allowed unless they're portrayed as totally female.

Males? Yes, I would like to see a "Mr. Renderosity" contest too, it's not right the Vickys and Dawns get all the attention while the Mikes and Tylers are mostly relegated to the background. Of course, you'd still have to make a "no aliens unless they look 100% male (even if a species has no gender or many genders) and no trans characters unless they follow the same" rule. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair.

3rd option? A "Not Miss Renderosity" contest. For beauty that is not solely focused on "The Perfect 3D Female" (a.k.a. Vicky Whatever Her Number) but in the eye of the beholder. That one could be just for fun. Think about it.

By: SaintFox on 7/3/14
I guess that talent is a performance, like singing, dancing, artisics (or playing music on water filled glasses ;o)...). Do I guess right?

By: ThetaGraphics on 7/3/14
^^ Been wondering that myself...

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 7/3/14
I think, talent is, when your model make singing, dancing, painting.and more...

By: Anthanasius on 7/4/14
Ok thx ;)

By: MistyLaraPrincess on 7/4/14
aww, i just finished posing my male beauty gianni.

i can't participate in gender discrimination.

By: jamminwolf on 7/4/14
I kinda wonder what they mean by talent too, and why TinaK isn't answering questions here.

By: TinaK on 7/4/14
Talent could be a variety of things like Singing, Dancing, playing a Musical instrument, sport related, There are many different options. I do apologize for the delay I went to answer this question the first time it was asked and got sidetracked.

By: mrestey on 7/4/14
This sounds pretty cool. Just learned about it by poking around the homepage as I am STILL getting no emails from Rendo!
Anyway ... do these images have to be presented in the pageant format? Does the contestant have to be up on the stage/platform?

By: mikeerson on 7/4/14
YO, FELLOW ARTISTS.... Why are you crying you can't put a male character in a FEMALE CONTEST???

I mean get real... a MISS is a MISS, a MR is a MR....there is no discussion here. Let me ask you this, IF Renderosity would have a contest on HOT ROD CARS would you cry you couldn't submit a Submarine??? THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE or you may end up LuKinG StOoOped... (looking stupid)


Renderosity may like your character to become a face here for the next year - kinda like a spokesperson.... do you really think they'd pick a MAN to call MISS RENDEROSITY??? - - - let me say this one more time, since some of you missed that day in school.... a MR. is a MR. and a MISS is a MISS!!! Get it? Got it? Good.

I'm done lecturing... you may read on to the next oppinion... thank you for your time... sorry I made you think of a submarine.... emmm.... sub sandwich - gotta have one - lol

By: KassieKage on 7/4/14
It would be cute if the winner actually got a sash and crown that nobody else would be able to get :D

By: Byrdie on 7/4/14
Can't speak for anybody else here but I'm not talking about entering males. Those ideally belong in a "Mr. Renderosity" pageant. I'm just asking what about characters that are neither a "MR" or a "MISS" but a bit of both? Yes, they really DO exist, though I'm sure there's more information out there now than when I took Biology class.

I'm simply asking if trans and multi-gender beings (human, alien, fae, etc.) are allowed.
If yes, fine. If not, too bad but also fine because "Da Rules Is Da Rules". I'd just like a bit of clarification before getting any deeper into this thing and as a result, taking time away from my other projects.

And of course I wouldn't complain about wanting to enter a submarine in an automobile contest but then again, vehicles aren't people. (Unless you're talking Transformers, then even that's open for debate ;-)

By: mikeerson on 7/5/14
Byrdie, good point about Transformers.

mahakali,. I can't wait to find out with images you enter - Interesting.... very interesting - lol ....better make it good, we wouldn't want to have the 1400 people come to life just to burn it - lol

By: Ladonna on 7/6/14
I find this contest very interesting. To see what every Country define as "beauty" is really a very nice idea and challenge :)

By: yungturk39 on 7/7/14
Is there an even enough distribution of Renderosity users worldwide to allow for representative models from each country (assuming many people participate)? I'm in the USA also, but I'd like my model to represent another country.

By: Arah on 7/8/14
Sounds fun!

By: tiresta on 7/8/14
When do we find out if our entry was even accepted?? And HOW do we find out??

By: JimFarris on 7/9/14
I think the next time you do a contest like this, you should have a panel of judges. Also, you should provide the background set and the outfits you want the contestants to use, like a real beauty pageant does. Make 'em for V4, those who are using a different figure can convert it to fit.

By: EpiEndless on 7/10/14
A friend has just had his stylish entry rejected for using a thong, and since that rule isn't apparently mentioned anywhere, let's mention it here.
No thongs allowed.

By: LadyNexion on 7/10/14
Submarine instead of a hot rod. Hmmm? Well, I would totally throw some wheels on it, paint some flames down the side, and enter it! :) I'd probably throw a big hot air balloon on it and some jet packs too, you know...just because it'd be fun.

By: albutrosssssssssssss on 7/11/14
I submitted an entry but cannot see it for some reason.

By: Byrdie on 7/11/14
No nudity would have been obvious as it's somewhere in the TOS, I think. (I might be wrong, it's always possible :-) But this is the swimsuit round, yes? I have seen no mention of which particular types of swimsuits may or may not be used. That perhaps may need clarification since thongs are permitted in the galleries. Unless that's been changed too?

By: Nathalie_ on 7/12/14
Good idea!

By: kyoto_kid on 7/14/14
..so a question, say the character is from a different locale than your home country, could she represent hers?

BTW would controlled demolitions be considered a talent?

@jamminwolf ...look out, Lucy's gonna have some stiff competition because guess who is giving it a go as well.

By: WolaverJS on 7/15/14
I don't think live beauty pageants provide the clothes for the contestants, but I'm all for using the same set to present our models. I suspect the thong complained about above may have been excessively revealing; let's face it, there are some nearly non-existent thongs out there...

By: KimberlyC on 7/16/14
Byrdie: Thongs are allowed in the galleries as long as the nudity flag is checked for the image. So, for this contest since nudity is not allowed thongs can not be used.

By: karibousboutique on 7/16/14
@mitchman. You're not the only one who sees the misogynistic nature of this. And no internal conflict here. I'm sure there will be lots of great images for the contest, but none of them will be mine.

By: WolaverJS on 7/16/14
Wil entrants be separated by country before voting starts? Will we be voting only within our own country? Will we be allowed to vote for more than one model? if we are allowed multiple votes, will more that one vote for the same model count? (a zillion more questions follow in rapid-fire fashion...)

By: ANeNa on 7/17/14
This is great!

By: bandicameraman on 7/17/14
Thank you so much for having this contest =)

By: skyvendik on 7/18/14
a bit much big prizes for first four debatable artists. Better I would like to see prize's reduction and evaluate first ten.

By: WolaverJS on 7/18/14
I like the prizes and the prize schedule. Making it through each round is recognition by itself and each round you compete in gets you another gift certificate; great! I like that the reward goes up sharply for the very best contestants. Keep it like it is!

By: TinaK on 7/18/14
@WolaverJS - Gift certificates are awarded only in Round 1 for each approved entry.

By: WolaverJS on 7/18/14
@TinaK - Thanks for the correction! Still, making it through each round is nice recognition.

By: slam on 7/18/14
Hey Renderosity,

Some of your pages say 10:00 CST is the cut-off for submissions, and some say 10:00 CDT. These are not the same thing: CST is an hour behind CDT.

Unfortunately, it seems that the software is using CDT, so I just missed the cut-off for posting my submission. :( That'll teach me not to leave it to the last minute.

By: lomueller on 7/18/14
When trying to open the contest page, all I get is "You do not have permission to do this." What a pity, tried to set up something worth to contribute.

By: DustRider on 7/18/14
Are enties closed? When I go to the enties page I get a message "You do not have pemission to do this".

By: Sharkbytes-BamaScans on 7/18/14
Hope everyone that wanted to enter was able to. Just a short comment in regards to the previous comments about the apparent misogny of a contest like this. Webster defines misogyny as "dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women." Ummmm.. isn't this exactly the opposite of that? IMHO, it's the celebration of beauty and the female in all its forms. Objectifying? Maybe. It seeems as if some need to be reminded that this is ART. In the seven thousand years of recorded history, the human body has been the most replicated subject of any art form. With the female nude being head and shoulders ahead of all the other art subjects in terms of sheer quantity. It wasn't until after the time of the renaissance that the female nude became something to be covered up instead of something to be celebrated. Being that what we do here is supposed to be art, this is just another in the long line of artistic evolution. This isn't a contest showing off the male form, or alien form or anything other than the female form. Another definition for you: The traditional definition of female is "an individual of the sex that bears young" or "that produces ova or eggs." So yes, you can have a transgendered male-to-female that identifies as a WOMAN; but she ain't "female" because she don't and never has had ovaries. In VERY rare cases, hermaphrodites can bear children though usually most are born either sterile or with one gender predominant. Your can cross-dress your character all you want and that doesn't make it a female. I've yet to ever see a render contest with the theme of "render whatever the heck you want, we'll find some what of judging them equally and impartially." Most of the time they have a theme and this one's theme is for female characters. If your character of choice is transgendered, a crossdresser, a hermaphrodite or even a cyborg, android, or even robot then by all means, lobby the admins for the contest of your choice and then maybe we can all flex our creative abilities. Or better yet, put YOUR OWN cash up for prizes and run your own contest. Just my 2 shekels worth.

By: Sharkbytes-BamaScans on 7/18/14
btw.. when do we get to start voting?

By: palek on 7/18/14
*bows before Sharkbytes-BamaScans*

HereĀ“s to the female beauty...and the beauty of Your arguments.


By: Faerydae on 7/18/14
Is there a set number of entries that move on from each round?

By: Agent0013 on 7/18/14
Guess I gotta wait for next year. My candidate did not get done in time! Also, from what I read here, the models were to wear stuff bought from Renderosity? I did not read that anywhere in the requirements that were first posted! It kind of limits the imagination, don't you think?

By: StanHampton on 7/18/14
What happened to the pages with the entries? I can no longer get to them.

By: TinaK on 7/18/14
@stanhampton - The contest is now closed and will be open on July 19th for Community Voting it will remain open until the 28th.

By: TinaK on 7/18/14
@Faerydae - the winners from Round 1 will be announced on July 29th.

By: mikeerson on 7/18/14
TOO FUNNY... I got an email saying my entry was accepted - yippy.... then, it says go here to this link to see it.... I go to the link and the link says: "You do not have permission to do this."
....lol...now come on now.... I was just invited and you took my invitation away??? what's up with that??? lol... I know, I won't be able to see it til tomorrow... I just wanted to make sure I sent in the right one... I got some pictures that you wouldn't be too happy to have posted in this contest - lol.... such as my puppy pictures using the litterbox for the first time - lol... well... I hope my computer didn't pull a fast one on me - that would be the craps - lol

By: WolaverJS on 7/18/14
Sharkbytes-BamaScans for President! Seriously; well said!

By: Kaleb242 on 7/18/14
Bummer... I thought the contest was closing at 11:59pm on July 18th (today). Guess I'll have to enter another time...

By: zenzai on 7/19/14
Hm, closed? Why are you using a different time standard here than in the store?

By: TinaK on 7/19/14
General Contest Rules:
All members can enter, except contest Managers and Admins.
Any software program for 2D and 3D can be used.
Round 1 Starts: Monday, June 30, 2014.
Ends: Friday, July 18, 2014 at 10:00 am [CDT] (Renderosity Server Time).
First round category will be Swimsuit

By: mikeerson on 7/19/14
You do not have permission to read this... so why are you? lol... out of all the years I've been here, that has to be the funniest sentence I've ever seen hooked up to a link - lol

By: StanHampton on 7/19/14
How are the winners of each round determined? Top 10 vote-getters? Top 20?

By: almostperfekt on 7/19/14
where is the contest now..?
if I click on the official contest page link I only get the message "You do not have permission to do this."
when can we start voting and how... ?
is there a given number how many will make it into the second round...? and who do I have to bribe to make it to the second round..?? nah.. just kidding... altho... :)

By: WolaverJS on 7/29/14
AND the WINNERS,... in NO PARTICULAR ORDER arrrrrrre,... (GAAHHHHHHH!!! The wait is terrible!)

By: deep66 on 8/31/14
Going round and round in circles trying to find the results of Round 2. Painful and annoying...I gave up.

By: TinaK on 9/1/14
Here is the article link for Round 3 which shows all of the previous round winners.

By: TinaK on 9/1/14
Sorry here is the link:

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