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It's time to resurrect Alyson from your Runtime!

Anastasia means 'resurrection' -- and the Alyson platform gets an unexpected 'Girl Next Door' revival by Blackhearted. Anastasia is a custom character for Alyson 2: she has been meticulously morphed from head to toe, not a single vertice left unmoved. This is not just a quick dial-twist character -- in addition to sculpting her into an appealing shape, there are thousands of fixes and enhancements to her hands, feet, fingernails, toenails, eyes, ears, teeth, lacrimals, genitals, joints, eyelashes, etc.

Her advanced shaders take full advantage of the new Subsurface Scattering nodes in Poser 9/2012. Her JCMs fix her joints and flex her muscles. A Breast Size dial is included which can dial her from an A to an E cup and beyond. Morphs for high heels, push-up bras, hiding nipples, etc have been added as well for clothing creators to take advantage of.

Bonus content such as the jewellery, props, accessories, lights, poses, etc you see in the renders (excluding hair and clothing) are also included, as well as render settings to help you get the most our of your renders.



Get to know Blackhearted...

Who is Blackhearted?

My name is Gabriel, and I live in Northern Canada. Despite the fact that I make my living from digital art/3D, away from work I'm a very low-tech guy. I don't watch TV. I don't even own a cellphone. I love woodworking with antique hand tools, spending time in the outdoors, archery and bushcraft. I'd love to do the 'Dick Proenneke' thing and take a year off to build my own log cabin using only hand tools - but don't worry I'm not ready to do that just yet :P


How long have you been involved with Digital Art?

I made the switch from traditional mediums and darkrooms to digital art and photography in 1999. I got old copies of 3DS Max and Photoshop from work, and in the next few days I'd downloaded around a gig of free - mainly Star Wars - models from the web and started rendering. I remember the awe I felt looking at the meshes of space ships and figures and thought I'd *never* be able to make something like that. Not long after that I stumbled upon Renderosity and I've been here ever since.


How'd you make the leap from Artist to Vendor?

It wasn't really a leap, more like a natural progression. Shortly after installing Poser I started experimenting with modifying textures, making transmaps for clothing, etc. I'd post a render in my gallery and people would message me and ask me for my custom stuff. Believe it or not I first became a vendor because I couldn't host my freestuff - I created my freebie Angelyna morph (for Vicky 1) and it was only a meg but I just couldn't keep up with the downloads - IIRC at the time it hit over 160k - thanks again to Ironbear and Cooler for helping me out with that :)

My early products were character packs with custom morphs/textures. I then branched out into modeling: initially in NURBS with Rhino (which my work up to GND2 is made with), and then I had to relearn how to model from scratch in Sub-D because I was getting frustrated at how poorly NURBS meshes convert to polys.


What software can't you do without?

Silo: There are more powerful, comprehensive modeling suites out there - but nothing as slick, intuitive and effective as Silo. I don't have to fight with bloat or an interface and can just dive in and start modeling. The interface can be customized to work for anyone, and the latest versions have really brought some amazing improvements such as sculpting and UV unwrapping. The fact that its so streamlined makes it a great app for both seasoned pros and beginners looking for a place to start to learn modeling.

Zbrush: While the interface never ceases to infuriate me (especially the fact that the devs insist on changing it with each update - so just when you're starting to get used to it, it changes) this is still THE sculpting app.

Photoshop: Not an hour goes by without me starting this up for something or other.


What have you been working on?

I've been sidetracked for the past couple years working on everything from iPhone games, low-poly video game meshes, commissions, clothing, and learning new techniques. But the past several months have marked a return to my roots, doing what I do best: morphing. Aside from Anastasia I have several other similar projects cooking, many of which I can't mention just yet. I am working on improvements to GND4 which will be released shortly, and modeling my own original figure in my 'free time'.


Tell us about your new character, Anastasia.

Anastasia is one part personal challenge, one part trying to give Poser users another viable figure in their Runtimes, and one part having had to listen to a friend badger me for nearly 4 years now that I 'really need to do something with the Poser base figures'.

She took me months to finish because I've had to move every single vertice of the mesh, correct flaws in the base model, and do an ungodly amount of fine tweaking. She is not just a drastic resculpt of the body and head, but also of oft-overlooked details like the fingers, toes, ears, teeth, nails, irises, etc. I don't have enough promo image slots to show all of the improvements I've made but I'm sure people will be pleasantly surprised. JCMs were added so she bends better, and I am already putting together some add-ons/updates that add even more functionality and features to her.

I'm very happy with how she came out. Many people don't give the base Poser figures a chance (I'm guilty of having stripped them from my Runtime after an install), and I hope this will help them reconsider the platform. Anastasia means 'resurrection', and I anticipate that this will help resurrect Alyson from Runtimes.

Many thanks to the friendly folk at Smith Micro for working together with me on GND: Anastasia.


Final thoughts…Words of encouragement for beginning artists, etc…

If you’re just starting out here, the best advice I can give is to pay attention to the details, customize and keep learning. I started out with something so basic as adding a custom tattoo to a texture. It all snowballed from there. It’s easy to fall into the habit where you let other people make everything for you - but don’t sell yourselves short. Think of all the poser products you have as just tools in your toolbox - and learn. Make a resolution to learn how to do one new thing a week - whether that’s modifying a texture, setting up your own lighting, modeling a simple prop in a free 3D app, making a transparency map, etc. The wonderful thing about digital art is that it has so many facets - and so many places where people with totally different skills can shine.

Pay attention to the details. It’s all in the details - and this goes for both artists and vendors. If you’re rendering an image, take the time to make sure your characters' eyes are focused on the camera, that their feet are firmly planted on the ground, that their hands properly grasp objects, render and re-render those previews until you get your lighting just right, etc. Take the time and it will pay off.

Many thanks to my friend Mike at Letterworks, who has helped keep me sane and focused over the years. If anyone's played the old game 'Black & White' - Mike is the little benevolent 'conscience' advisor that sits on my shoulder and keeps me from running amok. As for the demonic advisor - you know who you are.

And many thanks to the Renderosity community.

Cheers, -Gabriel


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Member Opinions:
By: ChesterM on 12/16/11
Wow. It makes me wish I could like using Poser. But excellent work man. If you ever decide to do anything for Genesis like this, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

By: LaurieA on 12/17/11
What a great job for your first project back! She really is beautiful and I'm sure I'll get lots of use out of her ;). BTW, not sure if you remember but I hosted Angelyna for you on my site until you got better arrangements elsewhere. It's amazing that we're all still here after all this time, playing around in

By: michael119de on 12/17/11
So amazing to see some new work. Looking also forward to the improvements to GND4.

By: Blackhearted on 12/17/11
LaurieA: ack - no, I didnt remember, sorry. A belated thanks! And yeah - it was over a decade ago now, time flies :( cheers, -gabriel

By: Paldav on 12/17/11
Ilove You as an artist and vendor; indeed details can make or destroy a figure, always looking out for Your characters...keep them rolling ;o))

By: RodS on 12/17/11
This looks great - she's definitely on my wishlist, and will soon have a room in my runtimes!

By: StaceyG on 12/17/11
Beautiful work as always and great interview! We are very happy to see you back to your roots:)

By: nobodyinparticular on 12/18/11
Extraordinary!!! Now, how can I tell Victoria I've found someone else? Thank you.

By: bantha on 12/19/11
First class work, like always. Takes my breath away, really awesome.

By: Madbat on 12/19/11
Nice to see someone doing something with poser figures finally! This one is definitely on my wishlist, and going to my runtime asap.

By: nfredman on 12/20/11
Anastasia is stunningly good! I look forward to working with her.

And I can't say enough good things about the ProStudio lighting package, either--it really taught me the ins and outs of lighting.

By: singanprayisme on 12/24/11
Lovely character. Loved your interview. WOW! A person without a cell phone to his ear all the time. I thought I was the only one who has little use for them. Great advice on the programs too.

By: btlchooz on 12/25/11
I'm really impressed by this figure because I didn't even pay attention to original Alyson2 but it's sure you resurrect her. AMAZING WORK (2 thumbs up). Hope that one day I could do the same ;)

By: 3dBim on 12/26/11
I enjoyed the article and wish you much sucess with your wonderful work :o)

By: dunbar on 1/3/12
Will this work with any of the GND4 clothing?

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