May's Member of The Month | Jay-el-Jay

Renderosity's Member of The Month - May 2014

Renderosity is pleased to introduce a new monthly feature highlighting artists that have had a profound impact within our Gallery Section.

In an effort to acquaint our members with other members in our Community, Renderosity will now feature a member from our Gallery Area each month. Each Member of the Month has given us a few important details about themselves and their art which others may not be aware of. This also will give others a chance to explore new genre of art and hopefully tie our Community closer.

May's Member of The Month is: Jay-el-Jay

Jay-el-Jay has been a Renderosity Member since May 2004 and prefers to work within the following genres: Abstract, Alternative, Flowers/Plants, Insects, Landscape, Photo Manipulation, Portraits, Science Fiction and more.

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(Renderosity) What is your background?
(Jay-el-Jay) I have loved to make art ever since I was a child. I have a B.F.A. from Metropolitan State University and have shown my work in several alternative galleries around the Denver, Colorado area.

(Renderosity) What is your main tool of choice?
(Jay-el-Jay) My own 2 hands.

(Renderosity) What subject do you most identify with?
(Jay-el-Jay) My Cobble-Bots.

(Renderosity) What or who inspires you?
(Jay-el-Jay) I enjoy listening to Jazz, reading books and I am also inspired by found objects and what many people may call trash.

(Renderosity) What vendor do you give the most credit to?
(Jay-el-Jay) I haven't done any business with any of the vendors.

(Renderosity) Who is your favorite artist?
(Jay-el-Jay) I have many favorite artists on Renderosity but Mina/Nekhbetsun was one that I especially liked.

(Renderosity) Any tips you would like to share with the Community?

(Jay-el-Jay) Enjoy being part of this group and be creative.

(Renderosity) What is your favorite section on Renderosity's website?
(Jay-el-Jay) I enjoy going through the Gallery Pages with the variety of new work all the time.

Visit Jay-el-Jay's Gallery

Visit Jay-el-Jay's Artist Homepage

Member Opinions:
By: Nouschka on 5/2/14
Congratulation to you as the first Member of the Month

By: soffy on 5/2/14
:) Congrats Jim*******

By: jennblake on 5/2/14
I enjoyed learning a little more about you. Thank you for sharing. :)

By: Richardphotos on 5/3/14
congratulation to a fine artist and renderosity friend

By: lisalisette on 5/4/14
Congratulations also from me Jim.. It is nice to see that you are Member of the month of May :)

By: mbz2662 on 5/4/14
Hello, nice to meet you. Congratulations on being our first Member of the Month.

By: Shozai on 5/5/14
Congratulation! :)

By: NanetteTredoux on 5/6/14
Congratulations. Forgive the personal remark, but if anyone made a Poser character based on your face, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

By: IO4 on 5/6/14
Well done for being selected as the first member of the month:)

By: mikeerson on 5/8/14
Member of the Month.... Renderosity is starting a NEW catagory, cool they picked you Jim! I read up top how Rendo described what art you're into and I kept saying, computer parts.... where are the computer parts - lol.... I knew you would have to mention your COBBLE BOTS.... LOL... I'm laughing right now cause I hit the B instead of C for Cobble Botts.... It made me think of giving you an idea: Bobble Butts - lol... it's your famous Cobble Botts' cousins with BIG butts - lol ....I'm still holding you to giving me a COBBLE BOTT sometime in the future, when we meet... after I get my Truck up and running, I need to come hunt you down and see some galleries you're attached to. Me being an Artist at half a century years of age that has NEVER tried to create a piece for a Gallery really blows my mind, and out of all the artist friends here, I can't think of one... not one that I know that spends their time in a Gallery... I'll be getting in touch in the next month or two, I'm almost mobile - lol Congrats man on being the first in a new catagory - YOU THE MAN!

By: 3dBim on 5/18/14
You obviously deserve it for your wonderful work.

By: renecyberdoc on 5/26/14
congratzz jim,well deserved.take care of the Cobberz!!lol.

By: SIGMAWORLD on 5/26/14

By: bakapo on 5/26/14
Oooh! Congratulations!

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