May 2012 Artist of the Month - lyron

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Each month the Renderosity community votes on the Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... May's AOM is lyron!

We congratulate lyron for an outstanding collection of works in the Fractal Gallery!

Who is 'lyron' and how did you come by this username?

My name, as you can see in all my pieces, is Javier Mendez Liron and I was born some time ago in Madrid (Spain). I studied Business Administration and I have an MA in Applied Statistics and an MBA from San Pablo CEU Business School. I am currently working as an economist in Colegio de Economistas de Valladolid (Spain), the official association for economics professionals.

Regarding the name Lyron, it is nothing more than a small twist with my name. Not very imaginative, is it?

How long have you been working in digital art?

I think I started in 2005 using Blender and Gimp, my objective being to create a 3D game, but considering my time is very limited nowadays, I have lately focused on working with Apophysis and Madelbulb. Nevertheless, the original idea has not been forgotten.

What are you currently working on? 

At the moment, I'm developing my knowledge in fractals (it never ends), Blender and Terragen, although I also do some advertising design and I would like to enter the world of Matte Painting.

From Infinity

What all is in your digital toolset and why?

Although it's very difficult, I like covering all fields, so you can find in my toolset the following programs: Gimp for 2D design and photographic editing, Inkscape for vectorial drawing, Daz 3D and Blender for 3D design, Terragen for landscapes, and, of course, Apophysis and Mandelbulb.

Lately, I have added Bryce and Hexagon, so I'll also have a look at those.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

I don't think I could choose just one, because there's always a part of artist in every piece. Feelings and emotions end up having an impact on the final result. However, if I had to choose one, I would choose Armageddon, not because it's the best, but because of its relation with the current situation.


Who, or what, inspires you?

Life itself and other artists works are enough to inspire me.

What do you enjoy most about Fractals?

Every piece is unique and the possibilities are endless, which means it's impossible to get bored with fractals

Passion in Golden Satin

Do you have any tips you would be willing to share on any fractal programs you use?

Although I don't exactly agree, a fellow Spanish fractal designer told me once that fractals aren't created, but found. That said, the only advice I can give is to visit other artists' galleries – the more, the better. You can always learn something from all of them. And never stop exploring and trying to push the boundaries even further.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Although I always liked fractals, I had never created one or even knew how to. It was when I entered Renderosity that I discovered Apophysis and Mandelbulb, and met other artists from whom I have learned a lot, and who have also become my friends.

Last Breath

Do you have any parting comments, or advice for other artists?

On a final note, I would like to tell you to enjoy your work, but don't forget to enjoy other people's pieces. Thank you very much to all of you.

We invite you to have a further look at lyron's Renderosity Gallery while we await the interview!

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Member Opinions:
By: mikeerson on 5/1/12
Congratulations my friend, I told you I had good taste - lol... shame we can't look back to see when I faved you as an artist, it seems you've always been there the 5+ years I've been here.... It's always cool to see one of my friends in the running for Artist of the Month - I'm so happy for you... print it out, frame it and hang it above your computer - WHY?.... Because at present, there are over 4,000 Artists on the site... This really is a huge honor - now print it our and pat yourself on the back - and keep it going cause you're in the running now for Artist of the Year - Pop out that art 8 more months until they make their choice.

By: mountmous on 5/1/12

By: MtnMist on 5/1/12
Congratulations on a well deserved honor, Javier! Any new visitors to your gallery will be bowled over by your talent and creativity just like the rest of us!

By: 2121 on 5/1/12
Congrats...very well deserved, you got my vote !!!. Seriously, very pleased for you :-)

By: SilentWind on 5/1/12
Felicidades Javier, bien merecido

By: myrrhluz on 5/1/12
Congratulations! Very beautiful and interesting gallery.

By: spiegel428 on 5/1/12

By: Magician on 5/1/12
Congrats my ol' friend!

By: soffy on 5/1/12
Congrats,so well deserved,you have a wonderful Gallery*****

By: peedy on 5/1/12
Congrats! :-)


By: KimberlyC on 5/2/12
Congrats! Well deserved! :)

By: Scrib on 5/2/12
congrats!! your art is of dangerous beautiness, watching your pictures is like falling in trance and being trapped in an ancient dream. fractal artists are like forgotton children of cthulhu (lil bit kidding)... and if so, you must have been one of it's favourites ;-)
your place here is really well deserved.

By: mixart on 5/2/12
Congratulations ! ! ! Your work has always been Amazing ! ! !

By: carlx on 5/3/12

By: joaq on 5/3/12
Muy grande Artista y de grande corazon!!!
Great Artist!!!

By: arlivre on 5/3/12
Outstanding Gallery, congratulations !

By: Feliciti on 5/3/12
congrats from me too :)

By: Godin on 5/3/12
Congratulations, very well deserverd! :)

By: mariak on 5/4/12
You really deserve this! Lots of fractal congratulations from your fan in Denmark:-)

By: kareldg on 5/5/12
Also my congrats for a great artist.

By: dochtersions on 5/5/12
It is wonderful to see all your varied works of art. I enjoyed your gallery, Javier. Congratulations, my friend.

By: zil2008 on 5/5/12
Congratualtions. So well deserved. Wonderful gallery you have!

By: flaviok on 5/6/12
Parabéns meu amigo, seu talento é algo soberbo

By: Pierrot_Lunaire on 5/6/12
I have great admiration for the wonderful fractal art from this excellent artist, I'm really very glad to see Lyron AOM!!! Congratulations!!!

By: fractalartist01 on 5/6/12
Congratz!! Well deserved. :D

By: pixeluna on 5/7/12
Congratulations, lyron--- so well deserved!

By: Jollyself on 5/7/12
Congrats for the AOM and a wonderful body of work :)

By: SIGMAWORLD on 5/7/12

By: blankfrancine on 5/8/12
Great interview, congrats again Javier!

By: julesart on 5/8/12
Congratulations lyron, finally someone I vote for wins!!!!!! Your art is amazing! Thank you for being a part of this community.

By: doarte on 5/9/12
Congratulations! Your talent shines

By: schonee on 5/9/12
Congratulations so well deserved!!!

By: npauling on 5/9/12
Congratulations Javier, I have always loved your work and it is great that you have become AOM as it is so well deserved. Your fractals are always great works of art. I love the ones you have chosen to have on this page too. They are fabulous.

By: Richardphotos on 5/12/12
congratulations to a very long time friend and a deserving honor

By: bakapo on 5/13/12
Congratulations and well done!
I love your art!

By: anahata.c on 5/16/12
And another congratulations from me, Javier! You deserve this through & through. I just love your fractals & your visions & your sense of hue & space & inner mysticism. (My economist friends have often told me that economics is one step removed from mystical truth!) Terrific gallery & I'm so glad you got AOM. Bravo! Much inspiration to you in the future!

By: brycek on 5/18/12

By: Sylvia on 5/22/12
~Muchas Felicidades~ Eres un Artista muy Talentoso, Javier... bien merecido reconocimiento!!!!!

By: three_grrr on 5/25/12
Well earned recognition! Your art sretches one's imagination, and is pure beauty to one's eyes!

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