May 2007 Vendor of the Month - SWAM

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May 2007 Vendor of the Month - SWAM | SWAM, VOM

Who is SWAM? That is easy to answer, a very happy woman right now. I am honored to be chosen as VOM .-) yessssiiiiiii How long have you been involved in digital art? Since the babyshoes of internet itself. I found a site with beautiful home page templates, done in Poser 3. I just wanted to do some like that myself. What are you currently working on? Hair! That�s my strongest interest while sculpting � don�t ask why, I am not a hair dresser in real life! LOL What software do you use and why? I use 3D Studio Max. I found it the best choice for my needs. Since I am using it now for a couple of years I think i will stay with it :-D. There are more programs that I use almost daily, like: Uv-Mapper, Scaler, MorphSqueeze, Photoshop, Morphmanager and of course Poser 5 and 7. Where do you find inspiration for your products? Most times it's Patti (goldtassel) - but I wont tell her, she shows me a picture or tells me something and I can see it with my "inner" eye , well sometimes I see it different than she does, but at the end we find a great middle that we both can live with. But besides this - everything is inspiring me. Ask my husband, even on vacation I can not let go. Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers? Don�t give up! If you really want to do this, then don't stop learning, try new ways, listen to suggestions, but don�t give up yourself. It won't be easy sometimes and then other times it's working in a row. How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning? My second home (here LOL) is full with fantastic artists and talented people. I found a lot of friends here and I can tell you that this place is not loosing me so easy .-D Do you have any final words? I want to thank all those wonderful people here, friends, customers, Staff from Renderosty for making Renderosity the place that it is. Special thanks go to my partner Patti - we are not only Partners anymore, over the time she "mutated " to be my best friend. Thanks for being, need you. And thank you all for the time and support :-) Monika


Make sure you stop in and visit the V endor o f the M onths:
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Minta Hair for V4 and G2 by SWAM
Minta Hair for V4 and G2
Sasha Hair for V4 by SWAM
Sasha Hair for V4
Sky-Hair by SWAM
Darkness Hair for V4 and G2 by SWAM
Darkness Hair for V4 and G2
LittleStar Hair for V4 and G2 by SWAM
LittleStar Hair for V4 and G2


Member Opinions:
By: waningmoon on 5/1/07

By: jartz on 5/1/07
Much deserved. Congrats!

By: outoftouch on 5/1/07
Congrats! Very well deserved :)

By: Bellonna on 5/1/07
Congrats!! :0)

By: luciferino on 5/1/07
wowowo very well deserved too cool smack smack Mieaaaaoo Orietta ^_^

By: karanta on 5/1/07
Congratulations :) Very well deserved!

By: deviney on 5/1/07
lov your products,pride in your work really shows! congrats!!

By: Angelmoon on 5/1/07
na endlich...hundert jahre spter...viele liebe grsse und gratulation.
knuddel dich ganz doll!!

By: Turtle on 5/1/07
You sure earned this! Love your work and big hugs to you.

By: goldtassel on 5/1/07
It's been long over due Monika and much deserved! Congratulations! You know I luv ya :)

By: FantastArt on 5/2/07
Congratulations! Very well deserved!!!

By: TT on 5/2/07
Congratulations Monika very well deserved! :)

By: rockets on 5/2/07
Congratulations sweetie, this is so well deserved! I love all of your products!!

By: Shirahime on 5/2/07

By: AranelStyles on 5/2/07
meine glckwnsche ;) haste dir verdient *hugs*

By: SpunkyMaMa on 5/2/07
A well deserved award!

By: Porthos on 5/2/07
Congrats, well deserved!

By: Mariny on 5/3/07
Monika, You deserve this:-)

By: renapd on 5/3/07
Well deserved honor to a very special lady I'm proud to consider a friend! :)

By: mapps on 5/3/07
Congrats, Keep the "Funky Doo's" comming :-)

By: infinity10 on 5/3/07
Congrats ! I've got several of your products. Very happy.

By: BonBonish on 5/3/07

By: Bice on 5/3/07
Was lange whrt wird gut!!! Herzlichen Glckwunsch... Ich freue mich fr dich :o)

By: Thorne on 5/3/07
Congratulations Monika! A well deserved honor for a great artist! :)

By: PG-Graphics on 5/3/07
Herzlichen Glckwunsch, Du hast das wirklich verdient :-)

By: Virtual_World on 5/3/07
Congratulations! Well deserved! I love your creations!!!!

By: Danie on 5/3/07
Meine herzlichsten Glckwnsche, Moni!!! Wohl verdient ... weiter so! :)

By: calico1 on 5/3/07

By: tralfaz on 5/3/07
Congrats!! You make the best hair :)

By: featherwitch on 5/3/07
Congratulations! Certainly well deserved! Thank you for all your hard work and fantastic products! :)

By: MirageMaker on 5/4/07
they sure took their time so biig hug and warmest congralutions

By: TitaTita on 5/4/07
Great!!! YOu deserved!

By: shazz501 on 5/4/07
congratulations :D very well deserved

By: UrbanChilli on 5/4/07
Congratulations! Your stuff if fantastic!

By: trevorblack on 5/4/07
The face behind those wonderful hair models I love so much. Congratulations your work is superb.

By: marforno on 5/5/07
Congratulations Monika...!!! :-)

By: Lisbeth on 5/5/07
Congratulation Monika!!! Very well deserved :o) *hugs*

By: Savant on 5/5/07
Very well deserved, congrats and all the best for the future!

By: Syltermermaid on 5/5/07
Congrats Moni, wenn es jemand verdient hat dann Du!!!! Keep them going, girl!!!LOL

By: Kimberly.3D on 5/5/07
So very well deserved. I absolutely love your creations. I am sure you will do very well with your 3D career! God Bless!

By: Val3dArt on 5/6/07
Weeee!! Gratz Monika! :) you certainly deserve it! *Hugs*

By: LeChatDesigns on 5/7/07
I love your ideas! It's always a treat to see your imagination come to life here. Thank you for sharing creative content that never fails to inspire awesome renders. :)

By: rebelmommy on 5/7/07
Congrats! A very well deserved honor:)

By: Shaylea on 5/7/07
Congrats to you Monika!! Well deserved!

By: drifterlee on 5/7/07
Congratulations! I think I have almost everything you have in the RMP!

By: originalkitten on 5/9/07
Way to go Monika!!!!!!!!

By: boundless on 5/10/07

By: victorias on 5/13/07
Congrats sweety! Totaly Proud of you!!!!!
Keep up the Great work!
Hugz and Squeezezzzzz!

By: Azr1el on 5/16/07
Meine herzlichsten Glckwnsche - So well deserved! Your creations are not only fantastic, they bring characters to life! :)

By: stoffel on 5/17/07
Herzlichen Glckwunsch Moni ... ich freu mich sehr fr Dich. Well deserved!

By: ASTREA_ on 5/17/07
Muchas felicidades!!!

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 5/24/07
Congratz, you really deserve it!!! Your making cool products

By: deerpath on 5/25/07
Congratulations Monika! You create such wonderful things!!

By: Sorceress on 5/29/07
Herzlichen Glckwunsch an Dich. Du hast es verdient.

By: shadowalkerus on 5/30/07
Congrats Monika. You deserve the honor. You and Patti make a great team and I know that both of you will receive many more awards in the future. Grande Hugs.

By: cwshorty on 5/31/07
Monika - this has been a long time coming and well deserved, you have worked so long and hard so it's great to see you recognized for all your hard work.

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