May 2007 Vendor of the Month - SWAM

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May 2007 Vendor of the Month - SWAM | SWAM, VOM

Who is SWAM? That is easy to answer, a very happy woman right now. I am honored to be chosen as VOM .-) yessssiiiiiii How long have you been involved in digital art? Since the babyshoes of internet itself. I found a site with beautiful home page templates, done in Poser 3. I just wanted to do some like that myself. What are you currently working on? Hair! That�s my strongest interest while sculpting � don�t ask why, I am not a hair dresser in real life! LOL What software do you use and why? I use 3D Studio Max. I found it the best choice for my needs. Since I am using it now for a couple of years I think i will stay with it :-D. There are more programs that I use almost daily, like: Uv-Mapper, Scaler, MorphSqueeze, Photoshop, Morphmanager and of course Poser 5 and 7. Where do you find inspiration for your products? Most times it's Patti (goldtassel) - but I wont tell her, she shows me a picture or tells me something and I can see it with my "inner" eye , well sometimes I see it different than she does, but at the end we find a great middle that we both can live with. But besides this - everything is inspiring me. Ask my husband, even on vacation I can not let go. Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers? Don�t give up! If you really want to do this, then don't stop learning, try new ways, listen to suggestions, but don�t give up yourself. It won't be easy sometimes and then other times it's working in a row. How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning? My second home (here LOL) is full with fantastic artists and talented people. I found a lot of friends here and I can tell you that this place is not loosing me so easy .-D Do you have any final words? I want to thank all those wonderful people here, friends, customers, Staff from Renderosty for making Renderosity the place that it is. Special thanks go to my partner Patti - we are not only Partners anymore, over the time she "mutated " to be my best friend. Thanks for being, need you. And thank you all for the time and support :-) Monika


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Minta Hair for V4 and G2 by SWAM
Minta Hair for V4 and G2
SkyLah Hair by SWAM
SkyLah Hair
Sky-Hair by SWAM
Ksssss Hair by SWAM
Ksssss Hair
Beth Hair by SWAM
Beth Hair