March 2011 Vendor of the Month - fabiana

Congratulations to fabiana for being Renderosity's Vendor of the Month for March!

What can you tell us about yourself?

I think that what I can say to describe me is that I am a working mother and wife that became a 3D designer after being an artist for many years. I have been involved in painting and sculpture for 15 years since I was very young, and was an active member of the art communities here in my country, Argentina.

Then, during a very bad economical crisis here, I started to do web design, trying to help my husband to keep up the house and the family bussiness. This brought me lots of ideas and opened my mind and my eyes to a brand new art world that, I must admit, captured my attention and my passion.

I will say this for the first time: 3D came into my life thanks to Turtle ( Leah Taylor), a member of Renderosity. I discovered her images, very far back in 2001, and that was the seed of my actual life in the Poser worlds. So, she is actually my inspiration and my mecenas. I owe her this recognition and, if you like, this homage.

How did you originally find Renderosity?

Well, I think I discovered Renderosity before to understand what I was seeing in Turtle's, and others', images :) Being here at the galleries as a visitor, I started to understand and LOVE what I was love for 3D started right's like a tale.

How did you get into content creation? What made you decide to become a vendor?

I did things for my own training and experience while I learned Poser, back in 2001 and 2002. With the old Poser 4 and transforming Posette into a Fairy. One day, I showed it to somebody, and this person told me that I could sell the product because it was very good looking. Then, well, I started at, and that, unfortunately, is not open anymore.

And what made me decide to be a vendor was, as I said, the needing of the income. Thank God I was lucky and able to do what I love and make a job from it that fills my days with joy... but, the needing came first :) So, after some years, the real thing is that this is my life, no matter what other things I did before, now this is my life and I am definitely grateful to God for putting me on this road.

What are you currently working on?

Hmm... Well, there will be more updated products, as Magic Sense and Alanis Hair. And after... well... jewelry, furniture, and more Essentials Packs.

Through the creation process, from inception to finalization of the product, what is your favorite part and why?

My favourite part is, without a doubt, the morphing and the creation of materials. To make materials is an infinitely fun time and always a discovery. Morphing is great, because it is when I see it all working and transforming. I really hate the mapping, but, well, I do it carefully, because it is basic for all the other aspects of a product, and I am proud when I see that it can be textured with all kinds of patterns and the item always looks fine. The same with the morphs.

How much time goes into creating one of your products?

It may vary, very much. Material sets are faster than clothing or hair. Noctia was a very long set to do, about 2.5 months... and the Sheers took me 2 weeks with all the promos and infinite renders and tests under all kinds of lights. So, it really may vary a lot, but as an average, I can say about 1 to 1.3 months for the major part of my products. Don't think that product updates can be faster, not at all. But if the product is good, then it is worth the effort.

Where do you find inspiration for your products, and do you have any particular favorite among the products you've created?

Everything can inspire me... movies, books, magazines... and travel, of course. I have favorites, yes: Noctia, DejaVu hair, Paris hair, Turmaline, and many others. But, the thing with me is that I feel each product as a "son" or a "daugther," and I cannot avoid feeling love for it, since the begining... Then, as with real sons and daughters, it is hard to have favorites.

Who is your favorite artist - digital or otherwise?

Not digital: Mucha, Modigliani, Vermeer, Botticelli, Wyland, Borio, Frasca, Insaurralde (the last 3 are local artists that I think will make a revolution in the Arts with the passage of time). Digital: Soa Nala, Kim Jun (creator of Shaiya), Skooldaze, fygomatic, louly (the last 3 are Renderosity artists).

What else do you enjoy doing when you're not hard at work creating great content?

I love to travel. And I love movies and music. I constantly have music when I am at work: Cold Play, Keane, Travis, Amy Winehouse, Katie Mahlua, etc... and, of course, a good dose of old rock, like Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Rolling Stones, etc., mixed with another good dose of eternal celtic songs.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Well, always the same: work hard and donĀ“t pamper yourself. Be picky, be strong and don't give up. All the top sellers started out being small, and also being rejected at some places and accepted at others. Not one of us came to the world with success granted by default. So, be exigent with yourself, don't pass a detail, even if it is small...

BE CREATIVE. Give yourself the time to think about something different and special. The products must be carefully done, viewing them very close up, not just nice in the distance... someone could want to see it closer and then it MUST be as good up close as it is in the distance. Mapping and materials are important. And be careful with the shadows... everything in the world projects a shadow :)

As for the end: don't give up, because the life of a Poser developer is not easy if you want to do the best... On the other hand, the glory and the joy it can give you is huge, and believe me, it is a really sweet victory when you reach the goal.

Do you have any final words (any info you want to share with the community)?

Just thanks for supporting my work. It makes my life a lot better each day. Some days are good, and others, not so much, but any days are better than what they could be without this. I found fantastic people here around the galleries and the store. Some of them are really close friends to me and I am glad to have met them here. So, thanks again and see you around :)



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