March 2007 VOM - sarsa

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March 2007 VOM - sarsa | sarsa, VOM

Who is sarsa? that depends on who you ask, lol  My kids answer to that would be "The coolest Mom, EVER!"  Bless their hearts.  Some of the parents at school would answer, "She is a case of arrested development."  (I can't help it I take opportunities to stomp dance on the sidewalks in the sloppy winter weather with my kids and have slush flying around and hysterical laughter sounding through the air.) 

Above all, I am a Mom.  I'm very proud of my two daughters (ages 11 and 13 going on 30). I've been a single Mom for 10 years, and thankfully can work from home which allows me to be here for them whenever they need me.  I spend my time volunteering at their dance school for backstage help, chaperoning events at their schools, and when all the Mommy-ing duties are done, I work, work, work.  I'm always working on content, but I do love to take a break every now and then to do some artwork. I'm not sure if I have any 'hobbies', but I enjoy working out at the gym, walking on the beach, wave runnin', off roading, (Which I just made plans this morning to do with some friends as soon as the snow melts and its all muddy - cant wait!) traveling, dancing, etc.

How long have you have you been involved in digital art?

This year makes 8 years.  I started playing around after my Dad passed away, and wonderfully in that found a fantastic way to work from home.

What are you currently working on?

What am I NOT working on might be an easier thing to answer, LOL!  Oh gosh, I have several projects going right texture packs, and a V4 Character which I'm partnering with Thorne on.  Working a little slower than usual right now though, due to nursing a dislocated shoulder from a little accident last weekend...which has me just a tad behind schedule.

What software do you use and why?

This is probably going to sound sad, but, I'm still using P4 for development (lol)...just because its easier to test render quickly.  I am using Photoshop 6 and CS2 for texturing.  Zbrush2 for morphing and modeling little things here and there for fun.  P6, because I have to.  I think thats pretty much it for software right now that I use frequently...but I am planning on learning to model more than simple jewelry, tires, bolts, etc very soon.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?

Inspiration.  Hmmmm.  For products...I just sit down with something and work until I like what I see.  Sometimes when I look at a model to texture, I can visualize the outcome, sometimes not.  I just take it as it comes and the inspiration usually hits in mid-production.  Whether its artwork or content creation, I draw inspiration from the moment.  It could be the noises around me, the mood I'm in, etc.  I do my best when I'm just living moment to moment...which is what I'm doing now and I'm getting a lot accomplished.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Have fun with it.  Don't get frustrated.......let your imagination roam free and hang loose. Don't let yourself get bogged down with expectations.  Just relax, and enjoy.  

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I have met so many wonderful people here, that have been SO supportive.  All the feedback notes I receive about the content I've created over the years are very appreciated.  I've also met some fantastic close friends that make coffee in the morning by telephone so much fun.  I've done the majority of my learning on my own by trial and error...but there is one person that has taught me a lot of techy stuff to which I'm grateful.  (Thank You Thorne!)  The Renderosity staff has been fantastic...I'm still wondering when Debbie and Clint find time to sleep.  :)  Overall, my experience with Renderosity has been a very happy one.

Do you have any final words?

Yeah I do.  Thank you to all of my customers and their on going support, and all of the fantastic artwork that has been created with my products!!!  It's amazing to see all the creative works that are produced with content I've developed.   Thanks to Debbie and Clint for your friendly and quick responses to any guys are great.  And Thanks to Anna (secretheart), Thorne, Mada, striving, & LadyLittlefox, for keeping me sane, inspiring me, and just being who you are.  Also thank you to .maus for being the best product tester anyone could hope for.  


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Running with Scissors by sarsa
Running with Scissors
Hoodlums  by sarsa
Bad Apples V4 by sarsa
Bad Apples V4
Amusement V4 by sarsa
Amusement V4
Luna Fairy  by sarsa
Luna Fairy
Tanith for V4 by sarsa
Tanith for V4

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Member Opinions:
By: RubyT on 3/1/07
Congratulations! I really love your creations, they're so unique!

By: butterfly_fish on 3/1/07
Well deserved! Congratulations!! :-)

By: ryverthorn on 3/1/07
YAY Sarsa!!!

By: outoftouch on 3/1/07
Congrats! Absolutely well deserved!!!

By: AlteredKitty on 3/1/07
You so deserve this with all your wonderful products :) ____ali x

By: maelwenn on 3/1/07
Congratulations Sarsa! You are a fantastic artist and i love your products :)

By: karanta on 3/1/07
Congratulations Sarsa :) Very well deserved!

By: rockets on 3/1/07
Congratulations to you for such outstanding creations...well deserved!

By: delbeke on 3/1/07
congratulations! Beautiful creations and deserved!

By: Diandra on 3/1/07
Big congratulations! Very well deserved. Bravo! ~Di

By: poserdad on 3/1/07
Aloha and mahalo(Thankyou)for such wonderful characters

By: moochie on 3/1/07
The Princess walks among us, and all is well.

By: msebonyluv on 3/1/07
Congratulations!! Your characters are beautiful and this is well deserved!!

By: Thorne on 3/1/07
Definitely well deserved and long overdue. You're the best and I'm very proud to work with you! :)

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 3/2/07
Congratulations Sarsa!

By: mada on 3/2/07
Congratulations! its about time :)

By: BonBonish on 3/2/07

By: rebelmommy on 3/2/07
A well deserved honor! Congrats!

By: matrix03 on 3/2/07
Congratulations Sarah! :-)

By: RoseMoxon on 3/3/07
Congrats! I enjoy your products immensely.

By: Firebirdz on 3/3/07
Congratulations Sarah!

By: silverleaf on 3/3/07
Congratulations!!! Thanks for all the wonderful creations.

By: Amaranth on 3/4/07
Congrats Sarah well deserved indeed !

By: vshane on 3/4/07

By: aneirin on 3/5/07
Congratulations and thanks for your wonderful work.

By: mirasaui on 3/5/07
Congratulations! Your work is wonderful and appreciated!

By: Wolfkazzy on 3/5/07
Congratulations, thank you for your beautiful work!

By: Turtle on 3/5/07
Congratulations, I would love to see your artwook put into a book. You have so much magic in your heart.

By: Dave-So on 3/5/07
This is just awesome. No doubt you're one of the best. I've admired your work for a long time.

By: Stormi on 3/5/07
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are without a doubt
one very talented lady! *Hugs*

By: deerpath on 3/5/07
Congratulations Sarsa! :)
Your art is always gorgeous! (hugs!) Kev

By: BigRedKane on 3/6/07
Congrats Sarsa, well deserved. I hope you keep developing your art and content for years to come. Good luck and take care. :-)

By: Gayle on 3/6/07
Congratulations Sarsa--all of your creations are just wonderful!!

By: sirocco on 3/6/07
Congratulations, well deserved!

By: BTERFLY2U on 3/6/07
CONGRAD...u really deserve it...couldnt of gone to a better person...thanku for sharing ur beauties...hugz

By: drifterlee on 3/6/07
Gorgeous characters!!!!! I have most of them!!! So sweet. Congrats!

By: luciferino on 3/7/07
Clap clap standing ovation...great product, great woman...... a well deserved prize ^_^... smack Orietta

By: Zadya on 3/7/07
Congratulations, thank you for your beautiful work! I love your Produkts :)

By: Brandi on 3/7/07
Congrats, Sarsa... this is so very well deserved! It was lovely getting to know more about the lady behind the products! From one stay-at-home slash work-from-home Mom to another, rock on, sister and keep up the fabulous work! ;)

By: capsces on 3/7/07
Most deserved, Sarsa! Congratulations! :)

By: JurgenDoe on 3/7/07
Very well deserved. Without doubt you're a wonderful and talented woman. Congrats :)

By: Sparkles on 3/7/07
Bravo, excellent vendor and very well deserved..

By: calico1 on 3/7/07
No wonder your kids say you're the coolest - such talent and such grace! Congratulations!

By: PatNoone on 3/7/07
Lovely woman not just in looks, she answers the little people never patronises, and gives good advice, and is extreamly humble, an inspiration to us all xx

By: infinity10 on 3/7/07
Congratulations. I enjoy what you've created.

By: Virtual_World on 3/7/07
Congratulations, well deserved, I love your products!

By: delbeke on 3/7/07
Congratulations! I am sure eveyone has said already, your creations are absolutely splendid and magical! Love them.

By: lior on 3/7/07

By: seaayre on 3/7/07
Congrats, Sarsa. :)

By: ElorOnceDark on 3/8/07
Congratulations Sarah! A very well-deserved honor for an excellent artist, and a very nice person! Enjoy the kudos!

By: ecoarena on 3/8/07
A beautiful woman and talented artist who appears to have gifted her children with the same attributes.Thank you for sharing.

Best wishes


By: dawnsthemes on 3/8/07
Congrats Sarsa your products are so beautiful


By: UrbanChilli on 3/8/07
Congratulations! Your work is wonderfull!

By: Shirahime on 3/8/07
Congratulations !!!

By: ariaans on 3/8/07
You really do gorgeous work Sarsa!! Congratulations!!

By: disneyfabfive on 3/8/07
Congrats!!! Feel Better Soon!!

By: rknow on 3/8/07
Whoa! Not only is she talented, but she's HOT too!

By: Hedda on 3/8/07
Congratulations so much Sarsa :) It was well deserved, you make some awesome products :)

By: WarmFuzzies on 3/8/07
Congrats! You have great characters!

By: watchman2005 on 3/8/07
Credit I think well deserved!

By: jan_scrapper on 3/8/07
Congratulations, Sarsa!!!

By: bitplayer on 3/8/07
When I saw the picture I thought: "Natalie Wood!" And, since I'm listening to "She's Moved On" by Porcupine Tree, I suppose that from now on, whenever I buy a Sarsa/Thorne product (and I have most of them), I'll probably hear "She's Moved On". Thanks for the great stuff!!

By: Syyd on 3/8/07
A unique, indelible style, popular beyond belief, and recognized as one of the best! Good luck Sarsa now and in the future, its great to see you with your daughter, what a beauty like her mom!

By: goldtassel on 3/8/07
Congratulations! I love your beautiful characters and textures.

By: Xnah on 3/9/07
Congrats :).

Your products are beautiful and inspiring, and it's great to read about the wonderful person behind the 'seller' sarsa.

By: dorkati on 3/9/07

BTW...I never understood why make always characters with so large eyes (don't misunderstand...I like them)...but now I understand.
If this beautiful girl is one of your daughters (must be, because looks like you), I know who inspirated you :)
Congrats again and keep the good work!


By: BBarbs on 3/9/07
Well you definitely deserve this honor ! I can see where some of your inspiration comes from, seeing your daughter in this picture. She is beautiful and adorable like your child characters. Your products are really lovely looking and I am glad you are getting this honor. Congrats !!!

By: LadyJ on 3/9/07
I love Y style
Kip on:)

By: 3dvice on 3/9/07
Congrats! This is very well deserved, indeed! When working with your characters I often wonder, if the texture's base was taken from a photo of your own skin, which -I dare say- makes it even more exciting for me to work with your characters! :) *blush* Anyway, thanks for your high quality products and your exquisite artwork I have seen here and elsewhere!

By: LeChatDesigns on 3/9/07
I love your characters and your content! We're so lucky to get to enjoy your magical imagination and creativity! :)

By: nattarious on 3/9/07
I bet you deserve it! I do like your products! So Congratulations!


By: Angelmoon on 3/10/07
big congratulations for you...looking for your lovelies many years before- dont stop the fairydance ;o)

By: bloodhawk2002 on 3/10/07
love your textures - they are quite pleasent to work with in all cases-

By: bloodhawk2002 on 3/10/07
love your textures - they are quite pleasent to work with in all cases-

By: CandeeKis on 3/11/07
This honor could not go to a sweeter, nicer person. A HUGE congrats to you.

By: Lyne on 3/11/07
Super Giant well deserved...I enjoyed SO much reading about your life (with a little envy...just a tad! ;)... to be in the moment and to have daughters to play with and! The only thing I could wish for is more of your SO SPECIAL gorgeous original art pieces! They are always WOW! :)) HUGS!

By: Valentin3D on 3/11/07
Congratulations Sarsa !
I always admired the quality of your work, thank you very much.

By: B_PEACOCK on 3/11/07
Conradulations !!!! You sure deserve it. Every thing you do is just awesome. BTW What a pretty picture of you 2
Love and Blessings

By: todo911 on 3/11/07
Thx and Congrats on the wonderful products you have created.You and Thorne together are the Bomb.I know because I own almost everything you have created..

By: fabriced on 3/11/07
congratulation Sarsa! :) thank you for your work

By: roseofmadison on 3/12/07
Congrats Sarsa!, your work is amazing and your talents much appreciated !

By: Puntomaus on 3/13/07
Congrats, Sarsa :) ... oh, and thank you ;-)

By: vince3 on 3/13/07
Congrats Sarsa!! yay i'm below mausy! is that a good thing? not sure. always love yours and Thorne's characters, your textures are always just what i'm looking for, love that sheen you get!! hope you get well soon!! very well done!!(standing applause)

By: SpunkyMaMa on 3/13/07
As a fan since 2002 I am very pleased to see that you have received the well deserved acclaim you deserve!

By: rimer on 3/14/07
Congrats. I love the characters that you and Thorne have created. Well Done and Well Deserved!

By: Artemis on 3/15/07
You do absolutely amazing work and products... and your an absolute inspiration to us all!! congratulations on a well deserved recognition.

By: rockets on 3/15/07
I've already congratulated you way up in the thread, but just had to say that I LOVE the picture of you and your daughter! It always makes me smile when I come here and see it on the front page! :-)

By: Richabri on 3/15/07
Congrats on a well deserved distinction. Your characters are some of the loveliest creations in all of Poser :)

By: ityel on 3/15/07
Well deserved!,You're among top notch best!.

By: lyzzandra on 3/15/07
One of my favorite merchants and I am relieved to see that you and Thorne still support PP as I use DAZStudio.

Lovely daughter (just like her mom *s*)- one of your muses and Thorne's for your characters? She reminds me of them!


By: SAMS3D on 3/15/07
I see a likeness in your products through your beautiful daughter. Your products are my most used and I adore them all. Congratulations to you. You deserve this so much and more afterwards with your hard work and attention to details, I am always the winner. Thank you again.

By: ExprssnImg on 3/15/07
A Coffee toast to you! Great Work and well deserved recognition! (pirate speak>) Yer daaters are luckee ta hav ya! aund livin in da moment wit yer chilrn, ya can't be livin mar right!!! Eeensparaaaation, let's OD on da stuff!

By: vitara on 3/19/07
Bravo! Sarsa's no doubt the label for quality-assured content and the VOM acclaim is well deserved. Keep up the good work and keep smiling!

By: novelist999 on 3/23/07
A much deserved honor. Your Poser products are my absolute favorites. I use them all the time and love them. Thanks for all of the wonderful things you create for us.

By: A_ on 3/25/07
very well deserved! your products are always top quality and so incredibly beautiful!

By: Rance01 on 3/26/07
Best Wishes, Sarsa. I love your work. Long live Thorne and Sarsa!


By: drhonnig on 3/28/07
Sarsa is the most talented painter in the 3D community today. Her textures are simply amazing. Consider how many top-notch characters and outfits she paints each year! I don't think there's a single Poser User without a Sarsa original in their runtime (unless you're a total noob).

By: stephaniebt on 3/29/07
Congratulations, this is a well-deserved honor. Your work is always an inspiration to me :)

By: drcmaint on 4/1/07
Congratulations! Well done! Being an entry level n00b, I am always wondering how all the wonderful work is done. So, looking for any and all help, I found your live chat at ArtZone and the tuts that you did. Very well done. Thank you.

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