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by: Marketing Department

Make Money as a Member!

Do you like making money? Are you a Renderosity member? If you answered "yes" to both questions, then you are already eligible for our Affiliate Program. It's that easy!

We want your help introducing potential customers to our MarketPlace where we have a multitude of professional digital content.

Start earning cash immediately! Just fill out the Affiliate Application so we know where to send your money. Then choose a banner or text link to put on your website, blog, Facebook, email/forum signature or anywhere else on the web. We provide you a code that tracks all new buyers you send to Renderosity.

As always, our MarketPlace has products from a variety of software platforms, not just one or two. So maximize your affiliate revenue by referring customers to THE one stop shop for digital content!

When you sign-up as an affiliate, your 'sponsored by' links will appear along with any Gallery or Free Stuff uploads that you have.

Once you complete the Affiliate application, you will receive an email from with instructions to choose a banner or text link. You will also have the option to create your own Renderosity Ad images to put on your site! Questions? Check out the F.A.Q. below. If you still have questions, or need help at any time, email We will be happy to help get you started!

The program starts now, so why not start making money today? It's FREE to join, so turn those clicks into cash!


Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

What is an affiliate program?

Think of it like a referral program. Renderosity is always looking for new people to help grow our community. One way to do that is by placing banners/links on other websites, or "affiliates". Our affiliates will have a link somewhere on their site that links back to Since the majority of our members are in touch with other digital artists, it makes sense to offer them a chance to become an affiliate for Renderosity.

What happens when I become an affiliate?

We send you a Renderosity link that has a special tracking code in it. You put this link anywhere on your site. Whenever a new visitor reaches our site through your link, it's counted by our tracking system.

What do I do with this link you give me?

Whatever you like! You have the option of doing a text link, or a banner advertisement that you can use anywhere on the web. You can add it to your website, blog, even your Facebook page. You can also add it to forum signatures for other sites that you frequent. The possibilities are endless. For more tips on how to use your affiliate link, email, and we will be glad to help you start making money.

So how do I make money as an affiliate?

As said before, whenever a new visitor comes to Renderosity through your link, we are tracking it. If they make a purchase within 90 days of that first visit, you get a percentage of the sale. So, the more customers you send to Renderosity, the more money you make! There is no limit on the amount of money you can make.


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