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Renderosity's Member of The Month - June 2014

Renderosity would like to welcome you back to our latest monthly feature highlighting artists that have had a profound impact within our Gallery Section.

In an effort to acquaint our members with other members in our Community, Renderosity is featuring a member from our Gallery Area every month. Each Member of the Month has given us a few important details about themselves and their art which others may not be aware of. This also will give others a chance to explore a new genre of art and hopefully tie our Community closer.

June's Member of The Month is: RGUS

RGUS has been a Renderosity Member since April 2004 and prefers to work within the Fantasy & Pin-up genres.

Learn more about RGUS

(Renderosity) What is your background?
(RGUS) I’m a structural draftsman for a local engineering firm, I’ve been drafting since I left school which was way, way too long ago.

(Renderosity) What is your main tool of choice?
(RGUS) Poser Pro.

(Renderosity) What subject do you most identify with?
(RGUS) Pinup artwork.

(Renderosity) What or who inspires you?
(RGUS) Clean, crisp images. Images that get the point of the subject across without distraction.

(Renderosity) What vendor do you give the most credit to?
(RGUS) Silver, Countess, Sabby, Seven, Ilona… lots really, there’s lots of images in my gallery.

(Renderosity) What is your favorite product in the Marketplace?
(RGUS) V4.

(Renderosity) Who is your favorite artist?

(RGUS) Too numerous to pick just one. I rely on everyone for inspiration.

(Renderosity) Any tips you would like to share with the Community?
(RGUS) Be patient, experiment with all sorts of camera angles and lighting arrangements.

(Renderosity) What is your favorite section on Renderosity's website?
(RGUS) New stuff to fill my runtime with.

(Renderosity) What would you like to see improved on the Renderosity site if any?
(RGUS) A ‘NEXT” button on any page that has 1,2,3,… etx… NEXT is just so intuitive.

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Member Opinions:
By: mikeerson on 6/1/14
When I first came to the site, RGUS's images was one of the first to get me to get into this. I couldn't tell you off hand which image it was, but if I went back to August of 2006 I'm sure I'd figure it out. He has been consistant with puting out sweet images over and over. Through the years I've made some suggestions to him and he's run with it, he's made me a few images worthy of posterizing. Great Artist.... and I know he's reading this so I have to say something to him that I've said that has him know who I am... Make the bumps bigger - lol - you know what I mean - lol

By: ICE_PROJECT on 6/1/14
Congratulations for Member of the month Deane - a truly well deserved achievement.


By: scooby37 on 6/1/14
Well done Deane, I love looking at your artwork! It is truly inspirational. Nice to see to see you being recognised for your artwork.

By: Robert0921 on 6/1/14
RGUS does excellent work and constantly amazes me. I have been following him since I joined. His work inspires me to think more that just pose and post. His lighting and use of dynamic cloth are a cut above.
Congratulation to him. He deserves the recognition!

By: Shaylea on 6/1/14
Congratulations, well deserved.

By: GrandmaT on 6/1/14
Congratulations, Deane! A very well deserved honor. Your art is so awe inspiring you should have your own category.

By: Youngdeathknight on 6/1/14
grats on the achievement; always love your art. here and there...:)

By: Bez on 6/1/14
Congratulations Deane, well done :)

By: Sabby on 6/1/14
Congrats Deane, you deserve it! : ) Your gallery is one of the best here, if not THE best! :D

By: anitalee on 6/1/14

By: Virtual_World on 6/1/14

By: Seahorse on 6/2/14
Truly well deserved!! Your work is wonderful - Congratulations!

By: npauling on 6/4/14
Congratulations Deane, your work has been an inspiration to me for many years and I love seeing how you use light and posing to get such wonderful results.

By: ilona on 6/19/14
You're DA MAN Deane... I have a lot to say but I can make it short in one simple frase. NO one does it better!!!!!!
Congrats hon.. you really deserve this and a lot more!

By: Tipol on 6/20/14
Excellent work, congratulations, this is deserved :)

By: SaintFox on 6/20/14
Whom else?! But while the header-image says "the farthermost dream" I would call it "the father of dreams" - as that's what you are to me with all your gorgeous creations.

By: coastbeachartist on 6/20/14
Hello Deane,
Your artwork is just stellarly awesome! Love your work at DA.

Wish you a long life filled with Art! Thank you for sharing with the rest of us.


By: Tempesta3d on 6/21/14
Congratulations, you are an inspiration!

By: vitachick on 6/21/14
Deane has such realistic renders with excellant lighting.
Congrats! This honor is certainly well deserved...

By: fabiana on 6/24/14
This is very fair and deserved... your images and art are and have been like the blood of the galleries body for long years.
Go on on it :)

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