June AOM Voting!


June AOM Voting!

JUNE 2002 Artist of the Month Nominees

The AOM Nominations are in!

Since this is a relatively new method for selecting the Renderosity Artist of the Month, we've put together this short Q&A to explain how it works:

So who is on the AOM committee, and what do they do?

The AOM committee is a group of at least 10 Renderosity members who, each month, submit a list of no less than 6 Renderosity artists to Renderosity's administrative team of who they think is an outstanding artist worthy of the AOM accolade. Members of the AOM Committee are to remain anonymous --this is to keep the members from being harassed or 'courted' for votes).

Once the nominations are submitted, the adminstration compiles a list of those artists nominated and sorts the list by their ranking. The top 12 nominees are then selected for presentation to the community so that voting may occur.

The committee comes from as diverse set of backgrounds / talents / tastes / countries as possible to help ensure that no single genre, technique, or style is chosen time after time. Some AOM committee members are chosen specifically as "wildcard" members to help ensure a broad range of nominations. No Renderosity administrator or moderator is on the AOM committee.

Do the committee members communicate with each other to come up with their nominations?

No. Each member of the committee works on their own to come up with a list of nominees. They don't even know who the other members of committee are! This prevents committee members from getting together to 'rig' a contest or discuss candidates.

What criteria do the committee use to select their nominations?

Basically the AOM committee members are asked to take into consideration the following criteria:
  • An AOM nominee should have in their gallery a body of work that is created using the software/genre for the month in question.

  • There should be more than just a sprinkling of that type of image, demonstrating a good foundation in and mastery of the software/genre.

  • Several elements should be balanced and considered when selecting a nominee --things like technical expertise, mood, message, design and content should be taken into consideration. The weight assigned to each element is strictly up to the AOM committee member. That is, if they feel strongly enough about a nominee's ability in any or all of the elements mentioned, they should feel free to nominate that artist.

  • The nominee's gallery should have fairly recent postings to it. (There are quite a few members who are no longer active and therefore no longer available for the follow up interview. We want to make sure that the AOM is available to participate in our follow up interview and hopefully for the AOY selection as well.)

Each month, committee members are to focus on specific galleries. This give a larger variety of members an opportunity to participate in the AOM. The Artist of the Month schedule for 2002:
  • January - Terragen / Bryce / Vue d'Esprit

  • February - Animation Master / Maya / TrueSpace

  • March - All Galleries

  • April - Worldbuilder / MojoWorld

  • May - 3D Studio MAX / Lightwave

  • June - Poser

  • July - Carrara / Cinema 4D / Strata 3D

  • August - 2D / Photography

  • September - Fractal / Imagine / Other Apps

  • October - Z-Brush / Digital Comics

  • November - Rhino / Amorphium / Amapi

  • December - Mixed Medium

How do you pick the thumbnails to represent each nominee?

After an AOM committee member nominates an artist, they are requred to also provide the image which best represent the talent and strength of the nominee. When the administration puts the voting page together, these thumbnails are then used to allow members to get a quick summary of nominees to help them decide who to vote for.

What happens when there is a tie for nominees?

In the event of a tie for the 12th candidate, the administration will cast the tie breaking vote for nominees. This tie breaker will be scientifically selected by running the nominees in question, along with thier their artwork through a parallel quantum molecular emotive neural processing system to determine which of the tied candidates makes it into the final AOM voting process. In the event that the parallel quantum molecular emotive neural processing system fails to reach a conclusive decision, the administration will resort to flipping a coin.

Can anyone be on the AOM committee?

ABSOLUTELY!! (Well any Renderosity member who is neither an Administrator, or Moderator is eligible for AOM committee participation.)

If you are interested in becoming an AOM committee member, you will be required to sign a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement. (This is a serious responsibility as committee members are entrusted to select those Renderosity members for the AOM process. We want to insure, to the best of our abilities that AOM committee members are as serious about this as we are.)

AOM committee members should be:
  • willing to stay relatively current on gallery posts (especially the month's software/genre in question for AOM nominations)

  • be able to set aside personal bias to evaluate candidates on ALL criteria and weigh things like message versus technique versus style.

  • be willing to explore and learn about various art techniques and styles and even research a bit about software to see what types of things are 'software gimmicks and quick filters.' Knowing what is 'common' for the software in question often helps identify those artists who employ innovation and exhibit a real mastery of their chosen artistic methods.

  • be able to resist the temptation to let personal feelings toward another member effect their evaluation of that member's talent -- personal friendships/animosities should NEVER EVER interfere with your ability to judge a nominee's work fairly.

  • enjoy viewing lots of great art!
If this is something that you think you would like to do, just send an email to:

admin@renderosity.com and introduce yourself.

Enough already! So, who is up for nomination this month?

Okay, here they are in alphabetical order (click on a thumbnail or the Artist's name to be taken to their Renderosity Gallery):








Laurie S





Special thanks go to kbennett, for lending a much needed hand to get this page set up!

Voting is now over!