June 2005 MOM - BATLAB

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Who is BATLAB? *BAT* was named from the .bat-file of MS-DOS. However, I am not a heavy user of PC. The bat mark is a mere image. How long have you have you been rendering? The example tutorial of Mr.Seisaku-Kanou appeared by the magazine 'AGOSTO' in 1998. The illustration that traced the Poser rendering was wonderful. The quality was low though I had wanted also to mimic it. Several years had passed, and Poser learned to change clothes freely. I made favorite clothes. It continues until today. What are you currently working on? I am making clothes for Aiko3 now. Her bodyshape is liked by the Japanese. What software do you use and why? The software that I chiefly use is Poser4, Metasequoia, and Photo shop CS. As for Poser4, rendering operates fast and lightly. P5 is used by the development phase. As for the metasequoia, most work concerning the polygon can be done. Modeling, morph production, and UV mapping. Do you have any advice for getting started selling 3D work? I want you to work the unique and easiness. Where do you find inspiration for your products? I actually buy and am researching a lot of clothes. The inspiration is obtained from them. How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning? It was happy to become a Renderosity member and to see Freestuff and the gallery. I want to continue the chain of the enjoyment.

Member Opinions:
By: rasputina on 6/1/05
Congratulations, a well deserved honour.

By: vshane on 6/1/05

By: AlteredKitty on 6/1/05

I can't think of anyone who could deserve this more. Your products are original, beautifully made and incredibly good value.

ali x

By: MimiCat on 6/1/05
Congrats,Bat!!!月並みですが、これからも頑張ってくださいねーっ!!Big hugs!

By: deemarie on 6/1/05
Congratulations on a great MarketPlace product :]

By: mylemonblue on 6/1/05
I've admired your work since the first day I found it. It's high quality, originality, and unique sense of style is very well thought out. You're and inspiration to all of us.

By: hahtor on 6/1/05

By: rockets on 6/1/05
Congratulations Mr.Bat! I've always loved your products from the first freebie you offered to the marketplace items here today. I also very much appreciate the low prices for such quality merchandise. Thanks so much for your Poser contributions!

By: Turtle on 6/1/05
Congratulations Your one very nice Person. It's a honor to use your products and thank you for all your freestuff. The very best to you in life.

By: Vali on 6/1/05
congrats !!! Bought a lot of stuff from you, always liked them and the prices are super good:-)

By: NEThingbutNOcent on 6/1/05
Congratulations Bat! You are one of my favorite merchants, so I am so happy for you to be honoured in this way! :)

By: Lisbeth on 6/1/05
Congratulations!!! :o)

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 6/1/05
Congratulations, Batlab! :D

By: odditorium on 6/1/05
I've been a fan as well. i got my 1st freebie directly from your site. so many years ago. i found your wears were easier to comform then most
others. So if you ever feel like taking a gander
at my gallery, feel free to chack it out!
You'll find that i use many of your clothes.

Keep Up the good work!!!

-- odd --

By: aree_elf on 6/1/05
Sugoi!! I always love your stuff. I love what you come up with and are such great quality and affordable as well. Keep up the awesome work.

By: kirwyn on 6/1/05
Congrads! Your name is synonymous with outstanding quality. I always look to you whenever I try to improve my work.

By: pokeydots on 6/1/05
Well Deserved! Big congratulations! And keep those wonderful products coming ;o)

By: vilian on 6/1/05
Thank you for your amazing creations, especially for Aiko3. I adore yor freebies and I hope someday I'll be able to buy all of your amazing stuff you ever created. Domo arigato !

By: DJBlueprint on 6/1/05
Many congrats! Good choice! Hope to see as many great products in the future as in the past!

By: TT on 6/1/05
Congrats Bat, well deserved, love You products, freebie or marketplace items, all of them are high quality. :)

By: shemia on 6/1/05
Congratulations on your well deserved award. As most people have already said, your sense of style, choice of colours and the fact you keep your prices within the grasp of most of us, are the things that encourage me to keep looking for your products. I love your style.

By: tivao on 6/1/05
Well done Bat! You sure deserve this!

By: senjin on 6/1/05
Ohijo and well done Sugoi-sama!

By: SamTherapy on 6/1/05
Congratulations! Very well deserved.

By: Rafale on 6/1/05
この勢いでMOY目指しましょう!! (^0^)/

By: Orio on 6/1/05
Well deserved. Congratulations!

By: capsces on 6/1/05
Congratulations, BAT! Love your products. Especially the A3 stuff. :)

By: Crimmy on 6/1/05
Thank You for all that you do! I hope someday I can return the favor.

By: wolfmanjim on 6/1/05
Batlab makes great stuff. This is a well deserved honor.

By: Quarker on 6/1/05
Congratulations BAT-san! I feel that the honor is very well deserved indeed, BANZAI!!

By: Sarte on 6/2/05
I wish that BAT was still making stuff for Animedoll/Mayadoll.

By: h-kana on 6/2/05
Congratulations! これからも楽しみにしてます。

By: HHDrache on 6/2/05
congratulations. Your products are fantastic.

By: infinity10 on 6/2/05
BatLab rocks !!!

By: a_r_c on 6/2/05

By: Posermatic on 6/2/05
Excellent product quality, always innovative and always giving something great free to the community. You deserve to be Merchant of many months!


By: QXI on 6/2/05
Congratulations! and well deserved.

By: karanta on 6/2/05
Congratulations :)

By: ElorOnceDark on 6/2/05
Congratulations! This is a well-deserved honor! I have always admired the quality of your models.

By: kaosnews on 6/2/05
Congratulations! Finally Merchant Of the Month!!!

By: burntime on 6/2/05
congratulations on this recognition of your skill.

By: Anjour on 6/2/05
Well deserved...Congratulations!!!:o)

By: CeeBeeVFXG on 6/2/05
Congratulations on a very well deserved honor! Keep up the great work :)

By: Khrys on 6/3/05
Totally deserved. Congratulations, Batlab!

By: LAH-R on 6/3/05
S3 mo yoroshiku.

By: RossoMan on 6/3/05

By: crypticghost on 6/3/05
congratulations Bat. I have 2 or 3 of Mr.Bat's products, and i love all of them. never a disappointment.

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 6/3/05
Congratulations Bat!! You create very, very great clothes :-))

By: Dsan on 6/3/05
Highly highly deserved! Congradulations Bat!

By: Shardz on 6/3/05
Congratulations on this great honor as you deserve it very much for your unique and high quality products! I look forward to seeing many more innovative packages from you in the future! Superb job!!

By: seisui on 6/4/05

By: outoftouch on 6/4/05
Congrats Batlab :-)

By: deerpath on 6/4/05
Congratulations :) You do wonderful work, and it is nice to meet you.

By: gypsyangel on 6/4/05
A LONG overdue honor---you make the best! Thank you for everything you do.

By: chimera46 on 6/5/05
Congradulations BAT, you do great work!

By: AranelStyles on 6/5/05
Congratulations!! BAT you have earned it;)

By: lululee on 6/5/05
Congratulations: Aregato. You are Quality.
cheerio lululee

By: mrfong on 6/5/05
Congratulations on a most deserved honor! I love all your outfits especially the newer ones for Aiko. Keep up the Great and innovative work


By: Belladzines on 6/6/05
Your products are not only a bargain dollarwise but also a bargain that matches any render anytime.congrats on your AOM.

By: linwhite on 6/6/05
I really love your clothes and especially appreciate the updates on the older ones to fit Aiko. Congratulations on the honor. Linda

By: The3dZone on 6/6/05
I adore your work and admire your amazing talent.
well deserved award :0)

By: Pygmee on 6/6/05
The Bat guy is the most imaginative Couturier in the world since Courr鑒es in 1966.
Bravo, congratulations and best regards from THHIP

By: OpenMindDesign on 6/6/05
Way to go Bats, I think your products are fantastic and think it is the Dark PVC Gear is wonderful gear for Aiko.

By: Tomiya on 6/7/05
Congratulations! BAT's Model is so Excellent!!

By: PhotoImpactPixels on 6/7/05

By: Lyne on 6/7/05
Congratulations! I enjoy your clothing models! :) Thank you for all your great work!!

By: VOLT on 6/8/05
Oh! hontouni omedetou_gozaimasu!! korekaramo okaradani kiotukete aiko no hukuo tukutte kudasai ne♪

By: Allogagan0 on 6/8/05
I have always enjoyed your clothing. I look forward to getting more from you soon. I too love A3 cause she is easy to work with and since she can use the textures from either V3 or SP3 it makes it easy to get textures and her Clothing is very cool. Do you think you could one time make a Japanese inspired version of an Alice in Wonderland type of outfit for her?

By: morganza on 6/8/05
I'm glad to see your work recognized, you are one of my favorite merchants here, your name has quality behind it!

By: MajinBoo on 6/9/05
Have to agree with everyone else here this is very well deserved, I truly appreciate how you have gone back and refitted cloting for A3. Your products are always top notch and render beautifully. This site wouldn't be the same without you. Got to agree with Allogagan0 I would love to see your interpatation of an Alice in Wonderland type outfit.

By: 3Dream on 6/10/05
Many congrats!!! Very well deserved. I really like your clothes. You are one of my favorite mearchants.

By: novelist999 on 6/10/05
Congratulations. I love your clothes!

By: megaionstorm on 6/11/05
Congratulation !

By: buckybeaver on 6/12/05
You are my hero!

By: Jack D. Kammerer on 6/13/05
Congratulations Bat, you have always been an inspiration to the Poser Community and have always been generous with your gifts to all of us!

By: vaia on 6/15/05
Cgratulations! ^.^

By: SektorHP on 6/15/05
Batlab's products are fantastic. Always sexy, cute and easy to use. Lots of detail aswell. A very well deserved Merchant Of The Month!

By: Chusha on 6/15/05
Congratulations! I have always admired your wonderful works and look forward to seeing more of your work. A well deserved honor indeed!

By: Aaronheart on 6/17/05
Congratulations! Well deserverd!

By: mjonesboy on 6/17/05
Congratulations. I am a fan of your work. A well deserved recognition for you.

By: ouatcha on 6/21/05
Yes! big congrats my favorite Bat! ; )
your objects are great and perfectly UVmapped! a pleasure to work with

By: KymJ on 6/24/05

Congrats!...well deserved and long overdue :)

By: alexxey on 6/30/05
BAT LAB is the BEST!!!

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