June 2005 AOM - jgmart


Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist of the Month ó Juneís AOM is Mixed-Media artist, jgmart [John Molino]. We congratulate John for his outstanding collection of Mixed-Media images.

Who is jgmart and how did you come by your username?

I do have to start out by saying, ďTHANK YOUĒ - Artist Of The Month, WOW! To even have my work shown on this site with all these amazing talented artists is a privilege. I am honored and grateful.

The jgmart stands for John G Molino ... No, itís not George, thatís as much as Iím giving you. I live and work in New York. Currently, I work in finance. Art (digital and traditional), I do as much as time allows. Creating art is the one thing that can get me up early and keep me up late.

"How did I come by my username?" Itís probably the most uncreative thing Iíve ever come up with. My initials and the word art - itís so boring. I was creating my first website, trying to come up with something clever to put before the dot com. Thatís what I came up with. People ask me, ďJG-Mart, is that like a store?Ē (laughter)

How long have you have you been creating computer graphics?

I actually started working with computer graphics in 2001. I had no idea what I was doing, but I do know I was fascinated. I had a copy of Painter Classic that came loaded on a computer, or I think it was with a scanner I had just purchased. I messed around with Painter for a while, but it does have quite a learning curve, and at that point I didnít want to invest a lot of time in learning all about it.

At about the same time, I came across the e-on software site. Not sure how that happened - could have been a graphics magazine ad, or something. The first time I saw Vue díesprit, I thought, ďI have no idea how thatís done, but I have to try that.Ē I purchased Vue 4, and from a link on the e-on site I made my way to Guittaís (gebeís) site. Her wonderful tutorials showed me how to complete my first landscape with Vue. The link on her website led me to Renderosity Ö and the rest, as they say, is history.

Do you have traditional art experience?

Yes. Iíve worked in acrylic and watercolor for many years. Iím essentially self-taught. I started working with oils at the beginning, but they dry WAY too slowly for me. Acrylics and watercolor are more my speed, although, Iíve been known to take a blow dryer to my acrylic paintings.

I love computer graphics. Software like Vue is so amazing to me - just look through the Vue gallery - the artists there always inspire me. But, as much as I love creating in a 3D programs like Vue, I have a deep desire to push and pull paint around a canvas - and I figured out how to fulfill that desire digitally, with Painter.

What are you currently working on?

Currently Iím working on (digitally) creating images in Painter that I had previously created with traditional media. If you view the last few images Iíve posted in my Renderosity gallery - they are all based on traditional paintings I did years ago. Iím also getting into printing my work. I print some of my images on Arches Cold Press watercolor paper. I really like the results. I add touches of acrylic paint and pastel to the print. Itís an interesting look, and gives me a chance to combine both traditional and digital art.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

For 3D work, Vue Infinite - Iíve barely scratched the surface with Vue, but the look of an image rendered in Vue is beautiful. The main software I use is Painter, currently version 9, and Photoshop CS2. Most of my images are mixed medium. Iíll do the majority of the work in Painter, then all color enhancement/correction, in Photoshop. They work really well together. I work with A LOT of layers, and itís pretty seamless moving an image between Painter and Photoshop.

For hardware - I recently purchased my first HP - itís a 3.2ghz, 1gb ram, with a 160gb hard drive, 256mb NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. I have a 19Ē flat panel monitor. I print on an Epson 2200 ink jet - And, what I consider my most important piece of hardware - my Wacom 9X12 tablet.

What do you think your best piece of work is and why?

As far as images Iíve posted on Renderosity, (can I pick two, please?) Iíd have to say Old Mill - itís far from perfect, but itís one of my most complicated Vue images - and Winter Barn - one of the first successful images I created in Painter. It took me weeks to get the effect I was looking for. Those two images are so my style. I love old barns and mills and country scenes.

Winter Barn

As for my traditional work, I did a watercolor about 10 years ago, that was my best work to that point. I sold it. I donít have one photograph of it, and I donít know the person who bought it. That was a good lesson for me. Digitally created Images are so much easier to keep a record of. Itís always good to see how far youíve come.

The Old Mill

Why do you like to work with 3D/2D software?

I was going to answer this question by saying, graphics software is so easy to undo and correct your work endlessly, but thatís not it. As a matter of fact, as I get deeper into working with a program like Painter, I almost never undo anything. I let the image progress naturally and include every brush stroke I make. It adds to the depth and character of the image, I think.

Plus, a program like Painter, really has no limits. Itís an endless supply of art materials. I donít have to run to the art store to get a tube of Alizarin Crimson in the middle of a painting, and Ö I love brushes. I buy brushes for my traditional work and end up never using them. I just collect them. Very strange. With Painter, you can make infinite brush variants - unlimited looks. Itís almost as much fun as creating the image itself.

Who/what inspires you?

Nature is my biggest inspiration. Living in New York, Iím close to the Hudson River. I get to hike along there often. You can pass an area a dozen times and although itís a familiar place, thereís always something new to see - especially with the changing of the seasons.

I believe we come from a source that knows nothing but good. And that source created a world where everything can inspire you, if you take the time to look.

And of course, there are so many artists here that inspire me. I donít even want to start naming people, because I know Iím going to leave someone out. Letís just say, whenever Iím having a ďcreativity block,Ē Renderosity is a place I can go to get the ideas flowing again.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

I love Renderosity. When I first got here, I hung out mainly in the Vue Forum - there was Mike J, Varian, and of course Guitta (Gabe). Everyone is so willing to share their knowledge. Even if the person Iím asking doesnít have a specific answer for my question, they can usually point me to someone else here who probably has valuable information. Renderosity is a fun, creative place. I think my favorite thing about Renderosity, is that all levels of creative experience feel welcome here.

Parting comments/advice to other Artists?

Iíll finish up by passing on some thoughts that were told to me when I first knew I had a desire to create art Ö
Donít wait for others approval to create art. If you think you need someoneís ďgo aheadĒ to make art a part of your life, youíll never start. Weíre on this earth for a short time. Live now! Create now!

I use to think, Iíll wait until I retired from my ďregularĒ job before I became passionate about art. That was pretty bold of me, to be so sure Iíd be around after retirement long enough to explore the creative process. No one has a guaranteed promise of tomorrow. We only have now. Create wonderful art - in your own style - using the tools the way you want to use them. Renderosity has given us a wonderful place to share our creations.
Thank you all!

Health, Peace and Love

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