July 2009 Artist of the Month - azrabella

Each month the Renderosity community votes on The Renderosity Artist Of The Month [AOM] ... July's AOM is Robert Nurse [azrabella]!

We congratulate Robert for an outstanding collection of works in both the Terragen and Mojoworld Galleries!

Who is 'azrabella' and how did you come by that username?

Oh well, time for an expose...

My real name is Robert Nurse, known usually as ArNurse - though this was the original intended tag, it was my (then 10 year old) daughter Hollie who invented the name simply because she always mis-pronounced the name of a British TV personality. On hearing this several times I guess it just stuck. Anyway I've used it ever since - not just on Rendo either.

I am a Welshman, living and working in Cardiff, happily married for more than 30 years with 3 grown-up children and two grandchildren. This is the place in which I was born, and probably the place I'll remain. I really can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be, quite frankly. For most of my working life I have been in the book trade. I am an astronomer. I have a good grasp of cosmology and astrophysics. I am a bluesman. I am a photographer. I am all things...I am nothing.

Alien Recon
(Mojoworld Gallery)

How long have you been working with computer graphics?

I guess I was lucky to be around at the start of the PC revolution and had the opportunity to watch the technology grow from something little more than the calculator to where we are now. I had my first graphical computer in the mid 1980's, and learned how to program in Basic. I remember spending one long night entering code to finally make a ball traverse from one corner of the screen to another. Man, that was so cool...I DID THAT! However, it wasn't until I got my first Atari computer with a proper GUI and a mouse and one of the first ray-tracing programmes that I began to realise the possibilities. Though in reality I had to wait for computers with faster processors and mega memory before I could really give up the brush.

(Mojoworld Gallery)

Do you have traditional art experience?

I could always draw freehand and paint and do technical drawing too.

What are you currently working on?

Read on, read on.

What software/equipment do you use and why?

The equipment I use are several PCs (can't afford Macs) which are nothing special - basically bog-standard. Sometimes I'll use a graphics tablet, but only when the mouse just won't cut it.

Software for graphics? Well, obviously Terragen and Mojoworld are my preferred bits of gear, though I have tried most graphics software over the years, ie: Bryce, Blender, Lightwave, Vista Pro to name some of the more popular stuff. None of which really give me the same freedom of expression, though. I occasionally mess about with various fractal generators. But, if I could only have one piece of software and a solar powered laptop on a desert island it would have to be Photoshop.

(Terragen Gallery)

What is it that you like best about creating landscapes?

Dunno, really. I have a deep feeling for the majesty of dramatic, brooding, landscape. If my images, any of them, convey that feeling, then I have achieved my task.

Who, or what, inspires you, and how do you get your ideas?

This is a difficult one...someone once said "It has to be the one I'm doing next". Some days that's true - I guess I'm typically never satisfied and am always looking for tomorrow. I am influenced by surrealism, science fiction (the old school), and Tolkien and Peake.

How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Certainly, the skill, talent and quality of work the people here at Rendo produce has a very profound influence on me. Many artists stimulate my creativity and are very supportive of my efforts. It is to them that I owe so much. You know who you are.

Cairn Toul
(Terragen Gallery)

Do you have any parting comments, or advice for other artists?

Simply do your own thing. I do.

Thanks to everyone who gave me the vote and congratulations to all the other nominees, all of your work floats my boat.

We invite you to have a further look at azrabella's Renderosity Gallery!

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Member Opinions:
By: bobbystahr on 7/1/09
A worthy and over due selection ...congrats Bob..enjoy your month in the sun.. ...

By: IO4 on 7/1/09
Congratulations!! You have some truly beautiful images in your gallery.

By: mickeyrony on 7/1/09
I believe well that It is a wise choice and that all deserved savours of glory. But it there has a place to fill best moment what?? Cheer and with all MICKEYRONY

Je crois bien que c'est un choix judicieux et que tous méritaient les saveurs de la gloire . Mais il n'y a qu'une place à combler la meilleur du moment quoi?? Bravo et à tous

By: carlx on 7/2/09

By: kanzler on 7/2/09
I like your work since a long time!

By: Rainbowgirl on 7/3/09
Congratulations Mr. Nurse!
One of the best choices ever made in this competition!

By: clemens-k on 7/3/09
Congratulations! You have a fantastic gallery!

By: arthez on 7/3/09
congrats - well deserved, please go on with your work

By: kasalin on 7/3/09
Yes, you deserved it very well,
you have so much talent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love your pics !!!!!!!!!!!!

By: c-ram on 7/3/09
Incredible gallery... You're MY favourite artist!

By: bclaytonphoto on 7/3/09
Congrats...I'm a fan of your work. This is well deserved

By: Markal on 7/3/09
Way to go man....well deserved....looking forward to more and more!!

By: marforno on 7/4/09

By: sebaspin on 7/4/09
great man!

By: Rich2 on 7/5/09
About time you got here! I've always enjoyed your work, and muchly agreed with your "POV"!

By: Danny_Gordon on 7/6/09
Congratulations, Your work is very inspiring, Keep it comin !!

By: Cimarron on 7/9/09
Inspiring work and an insightful interview:)

By: stbc on 7/10/09
You deserve the kudos, Robert, for all of your fine work. Long time fan.

By: npauling on 7/11/09
Congratulations on AOM it is very well deserved as your work is very poweful and beautiful.

By: Alex_NIKO on 7/12/09

By: JAYBEEH on 7/13/09
I reckon you deserve an accolade all your own just for your LOTR collection of images!...It's about time your work was recognized with the AOM....Congratulations mate!!

By: andrewbell on 7/14/09
really cool love your work

By: choronr on 7/15/09
Rob, congratulations to you; and, so well deserved.

By: Raven78 on 7/15/09
Congrats! Absolutely stunning artist, it's well deserved. Keep up the fantastic work!

By: sireneidae on 7/15/09
Congratulation! Fantastic images here and in your gallery.

By: johnyf on 7/15/09

By: sstarangel on 7/16/09
think ur work is great

By: romanceworks on 7/17/09
Congrats! Your work is superb and your landscapes are definitely dramatic, brooding, and much more. CC

By: HorseLips on 7/17/09
Quality landscape art that takes us to other places we would not know otherwise...well deserved!!

By: LindaMcC on 7/19/09
Congratulations on this well-deserved honor! Your extraordinary work continues to inspire me.

By: Thelby on 7/21/09
Way to Go Robert!!!

By: h00nta on 7/24/09
Great to see Bob getting the nod as he's a proper gent and a true artist.

By: artgum on 7/25/09
A very well deserved award. Congratulations.

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