Join In the BBQ Hunt!

It's that time of year again! Bring out the grills, burgers and brats - because it's time to BBQ! To help get the sunny season off to a great start, we had a site wide BBQ themed scavenger hunt!

The hunt is now over, and below we have the list of winners! Congratulations to you, and we want to let you know that your $25 Renderosity Gift Certificate will be posting to your account soon!  Also you'll find the location to all 12 items. Thanks again to all those who participated, and keep your eyes open for the next community hunt that's coming your way!




Ice Cream
Red Grill
The Infamous Table

Winners were chosen from the pool of correct entries, and they will each receive a $25 Renderosity Gift Certificate! A list of winners is posted above. The contest is now closed!

Member Opinions:
By: summer1412 on 5/21/08
*tsk* Aww... I only found five... I got the apron, the grill, the ice cream, utensils, and the burger and I've looked everywhere. *sigh* -.-;

By: morganmacailis on 5/21/08
i don't found the last.... the table :(

By: kodewarrior1 on 5/21/08
I need 3 more to finish!!
(and i've got the table!!)

By: kodewarrior1 on 5/21/08
Argh!! I need only the hot dog!!!!

By: bandolin on 5/21/08
What's a BBQ without Beer.

By: morganmacailis on 5/21/08
i give up and go to bed ;)
can't found the table :(
good luck everyone ^^

By: AscendedSpirit on 5/21/08
Red Grill
Ice Cream

So far this is all I can find.

By: AscendedSpirit on 5/21/08
OK! I now down to the hotdog, burger, watermelon, and table.

By: Isiscat on 5/21/08
I swear to you, in my next barbecue there won't be neither hot dogs or tables.

By: summer1412 on 5/21/08
Well pfft. I only need a few more...good grief, this is hard... HELP!! XD

By: Goldenthrush on 5/21/08
Nine Down! Three to go!

By: StaceyG on 5/21/08
Maybe tomorrow we will give some hints if you all are still having a hard timem finding all 12 images. Remember to look throughout the whole site. Community and Marketplace

Good Luck everyone!!


By: Goldenthrush on 5/21/08
OH Jeez, hints would be good, I'm going page by page by page and fear the marketplace!

By: summer1412 on 5/21/08
Yeah, some type of hints would be SERIOUSLY awesome, LOL! You got us good this time, guys! XD

By: lobbot on 5/21/08
If the table it's so large,... why it's so difficult to find?
I've got 8, 4 more to go.

By: PaganArtist on 5/21/08
I found four and have gone page by page, forum by forum and just about anywhere I could click on. I am tired now must rest tomorrow is another day.

By: aqrose on 5/22/08
So they could be on an individual item's product page in the MarketPlace? Jeez, I'll never find them now. I only have the beer, grill, apron, condiments, and utensils. Good scavenger hunt, though. :)

By: summer1412 on 5/22/08
Aqrose - I know, my boyfriend and I were talking about that while I was looking through the MP. It's going to be hard going through each and every little section and stuff. I'm saving that for tomorrow, rofl!

By: Goldenthrush on 5/22/08
I'm afraid they're in the archive and back pages, let alone somewhere in the marketplace. Yeesh! =D

By: kodewarrior1 on 5/22/08
well, a hint about the hotdog would be really appreciated! ^_^

By: morganmacailis on 5/22/08
I search over 5 hours and don't find the table, i don't understand that.... must i buy glases for my eyes? *lol*

By: kodewarrior1 on 5/22/08
I got them all!!!
Unfortunately, the full list is at home... so i'll have to wait until this evening... ^_^'

By: Isiscat on 5/22/08
I finally have found all of them, but I must to say you are evil!!! XDDDDD (table is very hard to find).

By: morganmacailis on 5/22/08
i foundall icons ^^

By: AscendedSpirit on 5/22/08
OK hints would be nice about now for the hotdog, burger, watermelon, and table.

By: StaceyG on 5/22/08
Hint #1

Buy the way, hope you all are having fun with the BBQ hunt..

Think about it!!

By: Acadia on 5/22/08
Ok, well I've put in as much effort into this as I can. I've found 8 items. The others I can only surmise are buried in sub, sub, sub, links and/or on pages of individiual gallery or marketplace images.

This site is a snake pit of links with each page you go to having links and those pages that you arrive at also having links. If the images are buried beyond one sub link or throughout the MP and gallery on individual image/package pages, then IMHO 2 days to find them is hardly enough least for those unlike myself, who actually have a life with work and family to take care of.

By: StaceyG on 5/22/08
Hint #2

Don't you like to discuss constructive criticism about your artwork?

By: Revelation-23 on 5/22/08
Found ten so far. Or I thought I did.

Upon checking one of the URL's to see what items I still needed to find, the image I *thought* I had found earler isn't there; something else is there instead.

Were my eyes deceiving me earlier?

By: sdorsey on 5/22/08
Found everything but the table. You must have it in a warehouse.

By: kodewarrior1 on 5/22/08
just a question: how can we be sure u received our mail?
I mean, i sent it with the email address used here, telling my nickname.
Is it enough? ^_^

By: AscendedSpirit on 5/22/08
You guys are evil!

I found 'em all though.

By: StaceyG on 5/22/08
Look at my hints above!!!!

Also once you have sent the correct 12 image hiding places to the contests email address, you will receive an email from us letting you know we received and that you will be placed into the random drawing:)

I will give ONE more hint, no images are warehoused or in clearance:)

The two hardest ones it seems, I have hinted about above.. The table being one as that seems to be the hardest of all!!!

By: AscendedSpirit on 5/22/08
You should sweeten up the pot this was very very very hard.

By: kodewarrior1 on 5/22/08
Thank u Stacey! I didn't checked my email LOL ^_^'

By: morganmacailis on 5/22/08
I think by my own the first 11 icons are easy to find ;)
The last was very very hard....
I became a mail back....
Now i can only wait.... and wait....and wait ;)

Good Luck everybody ^^

Und irgendwann lern ich englisch ;)

By: summer1412 on 5/22/08
Oh good grief... I lost my links and forget where the watermelon and the cooler were. Still haven't found the stinkin' table, though v.v;

By: naptownlc on 5/22/08
ugh found them all but the ice cream hamburger, watermelon, and cooler. :(

Good Luck Everyone!

By: pokeydots on 5/22/08
I can't find the kabobs or table! yikes!

By: StaceyG on 5/22/08
Hint #3

Everyone has the right to find all the images, do you copy that?

By: StaceyG on 5/22/08
Hint #4

And this is a good hint so pay attention. Be sure to read and click around in the entire article above and you just might find something:)

By: Dirtylooks on 5/22/08
All my beverages are getting warm. I sure could use a cooler?

By: fivecat on 5/22/08
Aargh! All the hints are for the items I've already found. Apparently I'm the only one who can't find the easy ice cream and burger!

By: StaceyG on 5/22/08
Okay let me think of some more hints for some of these:)

By: StaceyG on 5/22/08
Gift are great, gift are fun, give a gift to everyone!!!

By: Goldenthrush on 5/22/08
ARG! Table and the Cooler! Where are you?!

By: AscendedSpirit on 5/22/08
If it if ok for me to give a hint.

Find your mojo and you will find what your looking for.

By: BreaSidhe on 5/22/08
I have found everything but that darn table!!

By: lobbot on 5/22/08
Still looking for the hot dog and table...

By: Dirtylooks on 5/22/08
Cooler,cooler I despair I can't find the cooler anywhere.

By: SpringWish on 5/22/08
Same for me everything but the table! LOL

By: Flint_Hawk on 5/22/08
I just need the ice cream & that darn table. This is really tough!

By: aqrose on 5/22/08
Thanks for the clues! I just need the table and the icecream now and I'm going nuts trying to interpret the first clue. Can someone please clarify for me...yes, they could be in the MarketPlace or no, I'm wasting my time there? Thanks! :D

By: StaceyG on 5/22/08
Make sure to really read my hints and think about them and you will find them!! I have faith:)

By: Acadia on 5/22/08
Despite all of the hints, I still can't find the kabobs and table.

By: Revelation-23 on 5/22/08
I swear, once I find that table (last thing I need right now), it's going to smack me right in the face and I'm either going to have to kick myself for being so stupid (I almost had one or two of those moments already today) or curse R'osity for being so sadistic this time around, if not both.

I still can't wrap my head around the first clue - assuming it's supposed to point me in the right direction. For all I know, it could be a hint for something else I've already found.

By: Goldenthrush on 5/22/08
Same here, Revelation, I think I'm overthinking it! X-D

By: summer1412 on 5/22/08
Oh my goodness gracious. I need the cooler, the table and the watermelon. Curse my lost file. Grr.

And...mojo, AscendedSpirit? Good grief. I can't help myself.


Well, in this case I never had it to begin with, rofl

By: Yingfa on 5/22/08
I've been looking for a couple of hours, and I've got:
Red Grill, Utensils, Kabobs, Cooler, Hot Dog, Condiments, Beer, Apron
StayceG, your hints are eeeeeeevil!!!! Buy the way, indeed.

By: Flint_Hawk on 5/22/08
I can taste that ice cream, but I still can't see it! I wonder if we'll get any more hints Friday?

By: SPARROW88 on 5/22/08
that first clue is probably so simple but still cant grasp it

By: musicat on 5/22/08
well good luck.. i found only 10. apron & table elude me

By: Countess on 5/22/08
Yay! That was fun! :)
Good Contest~!

By: Adante on 5/22/08
Thanks for the hints. Some of those items were very hard to find.

Awesome contest and good luck to everyone!

By: lobbot on 5/22/08
Ok, I've give up!

Where are the table and the hot dog?

(you can't blame me for trying ;-) )

By the way, why others are asking for the apron? It's the only one present in every page of a complete section... I've counted 32 aprons....

By: hecate61 on 5/23/08
Well, that's enough wasted time for me. Can't find the kabobs, burger, or table. Good luck to everyone else.

By: Silver on 5/23/08
This was fun! Cant wait to play again :-)
You guys sure are good at this lol

By: Jaguarcat on 5/23/08
perhaps a different hint on the table??.. seems like few of us are getting the first hint, and the table is all I need now, HELP!!

By: PaganArtist on 5/23/08
I got six and I am done I'd love to keep looking but I have way too much work to do today. good luck all!!!!

By: SpringWish on 5/23/08
Wow that was hard thanks for all the hints!
That table was next to impossible!! LOL

By: FreeWave on 5/23/08
Well, I guess it's over now. Never did find that burger even though I spent hours and hours on it. :( That was HARD.

By: SpringWish on 5/23/08
This is fantastic I thank you and congrats to everyone else!

By: AscendedSpirit on 5/23/08
Oh sweet so awesome! Thank You

By: Revelation-23 on 5/23/08
Woot, going cross-eyed paid off! If it weren't for the hints, I probably wouldn't have found those last two or three.

I shudder to think of what the next time is going to be like...

By: Valerian70 on 5/23/08
Yay, a long weekend and now this - thanks for the hints else that darn table would have evaded me for ever!

Congrats to the other winners :o)

By: Flint_Hawk on 5/23/08
Thank you so much! Congratulations to all of the other winners! :-)

By: BreaSidhe on 5/23/08
Congrats to the winners!

By: kodewarrior1 on 5/23/08
wow! Thanks!!!
And congrats to the other winners! ^_^
It was a funny hunt! ^_^

By: Goldenthrush on 5/23/08
Wow! The hints saved me! XD Congrats all!

By: pokeydots on 5/23/08
Congratulations everyone!

By: StaceyG on 5/23/08
Congrats to everyone who found all 12 hidden images! And a big congrats to the winners of the random drawing.

Glad everyone had fun and sorry, didn't mean to make it THAT hard, lol

**Stacey goes off to start thinking of new hiding places for the next hunt*** heehee

By: PaganArtist on 5/23/08
So cool!! Congrats to all!!

By: jakiblue on 5/23/08
congrats to all the winners! and wow, some of those items were on pages that i never even knew existed!

By: morganmacailis on 5/24/08
Thanks and congrats to all the other winners ^^

By: Acadia on 5/24/08
*claps* Congrats to all of the winners! Happy shopping!

By: Dirtylooks on 5/24/08
Hooraaay. Congratulations to everyone. I was almost late to work because of this one. :)

By: AutumnMist55 on 5/25/08
Thanks very much this was fun. Congratulations to all the other winners.

By: SPARROW88 on 5/26/08
Great thanks so much . Congratulations to all the other winners

By: imari on 5/26/08
Thank you very much. Congratulations to everyone.

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