January 2008 Vendor of the Month - jasmina

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January 2008 Vendor of the Month - jasmina | jasmina, VOM

Who is Jasmina ?
"Jasmina is an Electric & Electronic engineer” .I have born in Turkey ,1977 and living / working in the Germany as Project Manager of Programming Company.

How long have you have you been involved in digital art?
I have been involved with Digital Art since 1991 as hobby. I have started with 4mhz AMIGA and Sculpt 4D program. That is still my hobby and I spent all my free time for designing figures. I am still amateur on this subject. J

What are you currently working on?
That will be surprise for my customers.

What software do you use and why?
I am using Cinema 4D for design , texture UV mapping and  morphs. Because it has really good clothing functions. I have written some C# programs to control Cinema 4D for repeated functions as well. So it makes this tool best for me. Also for the simple figure morphs , I use Tailor program. Also for the character file creation MS Visual Studio .Net editor is my choice. I have created small .Net programs for cr2 file creation.

And Poser 7 for the rendering and creating figure package.

Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?
Poser is a good program for handling the figures and has a good interface handles script based cr2 definitions. So My programming skills help too much on the figure creation. First of all Designer must understand the structure of cr2, pz2 and mat files structure and morphing logic. Creating a figure on with 3d program is only the small part of the creation. I always follow the steps written below.

  • Designing the figure (Cinema 4D).
  • Creating UV Maps and Body part zones.(Cinema 4D)
  • Creating CR2 files (My own .Net programs)
  • Adjusting figure to V4 character (Poser 7)
  • Creating Morphs (one by one with some automated programs) (Cinema 4d)
  • Inserting morphs in to Cr2 file (.Net programs)
  • Auto morphing activation (.Net programs).
  • Creating icons, Mat sets etc. (Poser 7)
  • Preparing promo renders.
  • Preparing Package.

So that is my workflow and I hope it gives some idea to Digital Content Developers.

Where do you find inspiration for your products?
There is no fixed place I am looking for getting some ideas. It could be newspaper, internet, movies etc. But mostly my imagination.

How has this online Community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?
Renderosity is the best place I have ever seen for the Digital artists. You may get all answers for your questions from the Forum pages. Also there are a lot of members ready to share their opinion about your work.

Do you have any final words?
I am happy to be in the Renderosity family.

Make sure you stop in and visit the V endor o f the M onths: 

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Jasmina's BodySuit-BodyStocking for V4 (Daz Studio 3 and Poser) by jasmina
Jasmina's BodySuit-BodyStocking for V4 (Daz Studio 3 and Poser)
Bridal Lingerie Set by jasmina
Bridal Lingerie Set
Long Stocking for V4 & Material program  by jasmina
Long Stocking for V4 & Material program
Jasmina's All For Alyson 2 - Full Morph (587)  with Bonus Underwear by jasmina
Jasmina's All For Alyson 2 - Full Morph (587) with Bonus Underwear
Super Morph Set for G2 Sydney and Jessi by jasmina
Super Morph Set for G2 Sydney and Jessi

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Member Opinions:
By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 12/31/07
Congrat...well deserved !!!
Happy new year Tina :O)

By: the_tdog on 12/31/07
Congrats... I've been planning on buying some of your stuff for some time now... heh, maybe next paycheck!

By: kainxxx2000 on 1/1/08
Very well deserved!!!! WTG keep making grt products!

By: DeVille3D on 1/1/08
Well done - you really deserve it!!!

By: Angelmoon on 1/1/08
big hugs for you :o) congratulations :o)

By: AlteredKitty on 1/1/08
Congratulations! Love your stuff & hope to collect more :) ____ali x

By: jasmina on 1/1/08
Thank you for everything I'll try to do my best..:)

By: Lakotariver on 1/2/08
Congrads, Looking forward to reading your interview, Hope this starts out the New Year to a wonderful start for you. Smile my Artistic Friend

By: calico1 on 1/2/08
Your work is phenomenal. Congratulations for the recognition.

By: candycane1168 on 1/2/08

By: waningmoon on 1/2/08
Congratulations and Happy New Year!

By: lkiilerich on 1/2/08
Congrats and Happy New Year:-) *HUGS* Lene

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 1/2/08
Congrat...well deserved !!!

By: werun on 1/2/08
Congratulations!!! Jasmina, I love your products, because they are so wonderful and perfectly done! Aaannnd: you are such a nice person! :)

By: Subgraphick on 1/3/08
Congratulations Jasmina!!!

By: Artemis on 1/3/08

By: Symbion7 on 1/4/08
Congratulations Jasmina, it is true you deserve it. Cause you are one of RMP`s real masters. I believe you create one of the best fitting clothes for poser people i have ever seen.
I wish we all could learn from you how you create such pretty things in those quality :O)

By: jartz on 1/4/08
Congrats, well deserved honor.

By: karanta on 1/5/08
congratulations :)

By: HADCANCER on 1/6/08
congrats to you, as one of your customers was well satisfied

By: ryo80 on 1/8/08
Hell yeah! If anyone here deserves this, it's you. As long as you're sellin', I'll be a customer. ;) Congratulations!

By: mytilus on 1/9/08
Congratulations.. Your creations very impressive... Tebrik ederim... Burada birini türkçe olarak tebrik etmek de ayrıca gurur verici... :))

By: already_taken on 1/9/08
So nice to see the face and a little bit of the person behind the wonderful products. And very practical advise in response to a question - thank you.

By: BonBonish on 1/10/08

By: jasmina on 1/10/08
Mytilus, Thanks your words in turkish. Burada Türklerin oldugunu bilmek de oldukca keyif verici.

By: Kazam561 on 1/10/08
Congratulations! :) A well deserved recognition.

By: Paldav on 1/11/08
Congrats....Your creations are as beautiful as You ;o))

By: eres on 1/11/08
Fantastic work of art!!! I've tryed to do some clothes with C4D but it was not really easy...So i've stopped...If you could help me...

By: ericfarris on 1/11/08
Congratulations Jasmina :-)

By: yungturk39 on 1/12/08

Resmine baktigimda sandim ki farkli bir guzellik vardi yuzunde! Iste, belli artik! Turksun!

Tebrikler! Yarattiklarini cok seviyorum!

By: Subgraphick on 1/12/08
Congratulations Jasmina. :D

By: lululee on 1/12/08
Congrats. You do outstanding work.
cheerio lululee

By: Manvaeru on 1/13/08
Congratulations to this well deserved honor!

By: Dracotages on 1/13/08
Congrats! Love your work and looking forward to seeing your next product.

By: aragorn_lonely on 1/13/08
Congratulations.Bütün çalışmalarında başarılar dilerim!

By: theconqueror on 1/14/08
Congratulations.!Tebrik ederim..cok sevindim...

By: Moondog117 on 1/14/08

By: Ehouarn on 1/15/08
Congratulations Jasmina!!:-)

By: Pretty3D on 1/15/08
Bendende sana kocaman bi Congratulations :-D

By: southernamazon1957 on 1/15/08
Congrats Jasmina! I love your products, and I too are looking forward to your upcoming products.

By: ramramram on 1/16/08
Herlichen Glückwunsch Jasmina !
Habe bereits zwei deiner Produkte erworben und bin sehr zufrieden damit. Ich denke du hast diese Auszeichnung wirklich verdient.
lütfen devam etmek

By: BBarbs on 1/17/08
Well deserved Tina ! I absolutely love your clothes in particular. They are done with such superb attention to detail and design. I reeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllly am looking forward to your upcoming new products. Cannot wait !!! HUGS

By: calico1 on 1/17/08
You're very talented. Congratulations on the recognition.

By: Carioca on 1/18/08
Excellent work, Jasmina!

Are you a supporter of Galatasaray (Galatasaray is a very popular Turkish soccer team)?

By: evinrude on 1/22/08
Congrats! Bridal Bundle is a wonderful package, and your other stuff looks great as well. Brava!!!

By: texboy on 1/22/08
Congratulations, dear Jasmina; you deserve this honor!!

By: thefixer on 1/22/08
Well deserved, this merchant has been the most inovative for a long time, really excellent products!

By: neutron29 on 1/24/08
Well deserved. Congratulations!!

By: kilmorejones on 1/25/08
wow, i never knew this existed, plz dont laugh, i came across a site while searching for stainless steel suppliers. i was amazed at what i saw, so my curiosity prompted me to do a search on this and i chose renderosity. w would like to learn more about what you guys are creating here. look me up if you can spare the time to chat with me. again beatiful work

By: WillNC on 1/28/08
Congrats. Love your products.

By: ozbrat on 1/28/08
Congrats, your products are awesome

By: Thetis on 1/29/08
Congratulations! Love the unique style of your clothings.

By: AnAardvark on 2/5/08
I think that Jasmina has to be one of the fastest rising stars of the RMP. She's one of the best clothing modelers and has been since the beginning. I like the fact that her clothing is packed with material zones and adjustment morphs (particularly the bridal and everyday sets), and that her stockings are very well fitting.

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