January 2007 VOM 3Dream

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January 2007 VOM 3Dream | 3Dream, VOM

Who is 3Dream?

My name is Jose. I am 30 years old. I live in Portugal.
My hobbies are music, cinema and swiming.


How long have you been involved in digital art?

I allways enjoyed digital art, but it was when as a young man, in the University I learned a lot of 2D and 3D programs, and consequently that fact made me join definitly digital art.


What are you currently working on?

I am working in short virtual movies (out of Poser creations). About Poser, what I enjoy the most is hair creations and right now I am working in a new hair style.


What software do you use and why?

At the moment I use Poser, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Maya, UV Mapper and other usefull little programs that help me to conclude and verify my creations. I use a lot Poser, Photoshop and 3D Studio Max because I am very get used to them.


Where do you find inspiration for your products?

I get inspiration, from real life, when I see a magazine, when I watch a movie, when I sail in Renderosity Galleries and Marketplace, etc...


Do you have any advice for aspiring Digital Content Developers?

Be creative and most of all enjoy what you are creating!


How has this online community (Renderosity) enhanced your work, relationships, and learning?

Renderosity is a precious "museum" of images (galleries and market) that give me inspiration for creating products. I also learn a lot in Renderosity forums and I made very good friends here.


Do you have any final words?

Thank you to all of you.

Make sure you stop in and visit the V endor o f the M onths:

Store in the MarketPlace

Free Stuff

Home Page

Art Gallery

Agent Hair by 3Dream
Agent Hair
Paradise Hair by 3Dream
Paradise Hair
History Hair by 3Dream
History Hair
Future Hair by 3Dream
Future Hair
Egypt Hair by 3Dream
Egypt Hair

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Member Opinions:
By: renapd on 1/1/07
Well deserved honor on an excellent vendor among my favorites! Congrats!:)

By: vaia on 1/1/07
Congratulations!! ^.^

By: jartz on 1/1/07
I been a fan of your all of your hair creations, so you deserve it. Congratulations and beyond! JB

By: RoseMoxon on 1/1/07

By: luciferino on 1/2/07
congratulation ^_^ well deserved ... bye Orietta

By: bogwoppet on 1/2/07
Congratulations - you are an excellent artist and vendor and I have bought many of your products. You really deserve this award - Bravo!

By: Turtle on 1/2/07
Wow! I'm so proud of you Jose. You are so talented and so giving of your time. Wonderful that you made V4 updates to your hair. I appreciate that and it was a very special thing to do. Lot's of hugs and respect you as a artist and merchant. Leah

By: Yannich on 1/2/07
Congratulation, you deserve it !

By: plus3d on 1/2/07
Very well deserved. I love your hair styles and it was a pleasure to work with you in Future Hair. Many congrats!
BTW very nice photo :)

By: butterfly_fish on 1/2/07
Congratulations, Jose. And thank you for the V4 hair updates. :-) -Heidi

By: mapps on 1/2/07
Congratulations, your hair work is awesome :-)

By: Hedda on 1/2/07
So well deserved :) You have the most beautiful hair-products around, and when purhcasing your hair, I don't need any other texture-products, cause you have so wonderful colors that follows your products :) I also want to thank you so much for updating your hairproducts to fit V4, it was truly appreciated andso nice of you :)
Congratulations so much!

By: Mariny on 1/2/07
You deserve this:-) I agree with Headda:-) Your textures in the packages are outstanding, and other merchant should do what you did; update their hair to fit V4:-)

By: BonBonish on 1/2/07
You are so talented! I always wondered when you are going to be getting this award :)... Congrats!

By: Firebirdz on 1/2/07
congratulations Jose!!

By: newangels on 1/2/07
Congratulations your products are always top of the picks for me:)


By: Claywoman on 1/2/07
Congratulations 3d Dream!! YOur works are outstanding and it is definately a pleasure to see the face behind the master art!

By: venerella on 1/2/07
Congratulationssssss! It really IS very well deserved, because yours are the most beautiful hair in the Poser world!

By: thee coop on 1/2/07
Congradulations Jose. A modest man has helped out more than he is letting on Thanks

By: Ken_T on 1/2/07
Well deserved, congratulations!

By: djrenax on 1/2/07
Congrats! I admire people, who can enjoy doing their job. It's not a job anymore, it's Art.

By: karanta on 1/3/07
Congratulations Jose :)

By: Damsel on 1/3/07
Congratulations and very well deserved! :-)

By: -BrandyE- on 1/3/07
Many congratulations! Such a well deserved honor! Your products are marvelous and I use them so often...Cant wait to see what is coming next!

By: goldtassel on 1/3/07

By: pigfish9 on 1/3/07
Congratulations! I think I own every hair product you've sold! The award is highly deserved.

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 1/3/07
Congrat Jose, you really deserve it. Your products are awsum...and I lub em all :O)

By: rockets on 1/3/07
Congratulations Jose...love your products!

By: Gordon_S on 1/3/07
Yes, congratulations! Your work is always excellent!

By: quim2001 on 1/4/07
Brabo muchacho... tu vales mucho. Felicidades y deseo que tengas un mejor 2007. Un abrazo grande de tu amigo Quim.

By: dropalex on 1/4/07
Feliz ano novo ZŤ.

Your work is wonderfull, talented and you contribute a lot of many persons who use poser, well deserved.

By: nirvy on 1/4/07
By far one of the most talented and meticulous creators anywhere.
Your hair textures and hair are incredible but also everything else that carries the "3DREAM" name.
Congratulations Jose', so deserved.:)

By: dicand on 1/5/07
Love your work, user friendly i think. I only wish that somebody asked you whizzards what kind of hardware you used. Could be useful to have a perspective when I blame my lousy PC for every crash......

By: PhilW on 1/5/07
It's already all been said but let me add my thanks and congrats to you aswell!

By: dicand on 1/5/07
Love your work, user friendly i think. I only wish that somebody asked you whizzards what kind of hardware you used. Could be useful to have a perspective when I blame my lousy PC for every crash......

By: DarkAngelGrafics on 1/5/07
Congrats!!! Well deserved!!!

By: matrix03 on 1/5/07
congratulations! I think your hair products are awesome. I really like working with Future Hair(which I used in my last two uploads to my gallery). also, I definitely have plans to acquire Diva Hair v4.

By: UrbanChilli on 1/6/07
Congratulations! Very well deserved. Your products are always a high quality.

By: Brynne on 1/6/07
Way to go! I love your products! You've got great hair, yourself. :)

By: PG-Graphics on 1/7/07
Love your work!!! Congratulations :-)

By: HHDrache on 1/8/07
Congratulations :-)

By: AnteriorLobe on 1/8/07
Congratulations...excellent, amazingly excellent products, and a very well deserved honor!

By: calico1 on 1/9/07
Congratulations! Your diligence in your work is obvious and I always think quality when I see 3Dream.

By: yungturk39 on 1/10/07
Congrats! "Kimshara" alone puts you forever in my Poser Hall of Fame!

By: B_PEACOCK on 1/12/07
Congradulations Jose. I have always loved your creation. Keep up the awesome work

By: buckybeaver on 1/12/07
Your creations have been a huge contribution to this whole community. Always a favorite. Thanks and congrats!

By: Jochen38 on 1/14/07
Congrats!!! Well deserved and good to see a face behind the very good works to find here.

By: LudyMelltSekher on 1/18/07
Felicidades - vocÍ ť um artista excelente. °VocÍ realmente merece este prÍmio - °Bravo!!

By: morghana on 1/19/07
Your work is impeccable, of great quality and wonderfully made. My congratulations!!!

By: evinrude on 1/25/07
Congrats, my friend. Your hair-work rocks!

By: Bellonna on 1/25/07

By: novelist999 on 1/26/07
Congratulations! A well-deserved award. I love your products. :-)

By: AilsaDS on 1/27/07
Congratulations Jose, your work is beautiful and well loved. You're one of my favourite artists.

By: ChristineG on 2/1/07
Congratulations! and well deserved, coz you have the most wonderful hair products ever *SS*

By: cosmoz on 2/1/07
An amazing artist, that creates beauty that is carefully considered and of the highest quality. You clearly deserve this!!

By: Polyanthus on 2/2/07
Just love your work....always feel safe when I but hair products from 3Dream!!!!
Great artist....good luck and thanks for all your contributions!!!

By: Lyne on 2/2/07
Congratulations!! Very well deserved!! I LOVE your hair sets! :))

By: SpunkyMaMa on 5/15/07
Best hair styles ever!

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