It's Moving Time at Renderosity!
The notion of Spring cleaning and the expression “out with the old, in with the new” is very accurate for Bondware, Inc this week as we prepare for our move to our beautiful new offices in Murfreesboro, TN. The new office is roughly 20 miles Southeast of our current location in Nashville, so we will be still very close to the Nashville Metropolitan area. Our new space has an addtional 1000 square feet that will provide us with the room we need to continue growing. Please note that our offices will be closed Friday, March 27th for our office move. Support will be limited to email, SiteMail and forum posts during this time. In addition to the move, we will be busy packing and unpacking, so support may take longer than normal to respond. Your patience and understanding during this time is greatly appreciated. We are all very excited about our move and will be posting pictures of our new office soon.

Member Opinions:
By: shipmanjonathan on 3/23/09
Murfreesboro huh... Shouldn't take me long to figure out where you guys are at. Seeing as I know the area pretty well. Gonna miss passing by you all in downtown Nashville. But a bigger building is always better, means more room to store computers and stuff. Good luck and can't wait to see the new place.

By: Kazam561 on 3/23/09
Good luck with the move... remember to lift using your knees... and don't forget any of the wiring! looool But seriously.... don't get hurt moving!

By: StaceyG on 3/23/09

You need to stop and say Hi to us if you are out our way.., Our new address will be posted on the site after Friday so come by and say Hello.. We occasionally get members in when they are in the area and we love meeting them in person:)

Thankfully we will be having movers come and do the heavy stuff, YAY..I'm not good at remembering to lift using my knees and I don't want my back to go out so I'll stick to packing and unpacking without actually moving big stuff, lol

By: Revelation-23 on 3/23/09
Doubt I'll be able to stop by in person (that's a looong walk from here), so I'll just wish you good luck from here. Enjoy the new offices.

By: jasmina on 3/24/09
That sounds good...I have to change my office too....Also I have to change my car as well...
Have a good time

By: billcody on 3/24/09
This is wonderful and awful at the same time.... In my inner eye I can see an endless stream of packages with PCs, notebooks, tables, chairs, coffemachines on the backs of sweating staff members and others marching down the street to the new bureaus.... GOOD LUCK.......And Thank You for all your work you are doing for this community!

By: OZGRAPHIX on 3/24/09
Great idea as is a great town (my sister live there) and I'm sure the costs will be lower. Love a company with a good business plan. Go for it.

By: 3DSublimeProductions on 3/24/09
Good Luck on the move. Moving is always stressful, but then there is the anticipation of decorating something new - I LOVE that part (Im such a girl) lol

By: wolandepiphanius on 3/24/09
Good luck. I hope you get everything settled quickly without too much stress. I hate moving.

By: DigitalDreamsDS on 3/24/09
Darn! I should have stopped by on my way back from Kentucky (live in Arkansas). We passed right through Nashville and could have helped out :D

Congrats and Good luck, Holler if you need help (site wise).

By: Perry6 on 3/25/09
I have some empty boxes, but you'd have to come up to Ohio to get them... sorry. Also, I'm curious, do you move the "Staff Liquor Supply" or do you have to drink it all up before the move? :P
-Good Luck, Perry

By: twingo on 3/26/09
Good luck with the move to the new office, to bad Murfreesboro is such a long way from the Netherlands, so a visit will be a bit difficult.


By: CaptainJack1 on 3/26/09
Good luck and well wishes... I hope you can get a spare body to take some pictures along the way. Moving day always seems to yield some interesting shots, and I'd love to see what the new place looks like. :)


By: Cybertenko on 3/26/09
It would be great to see some photos of your new office.

By: nickcharles on 3/31/09
Yeah! Where's the pics??? :)

By: SSirena on 4/2/09
i'm like nickcharles. where's the pics of the move???????

By: Lakotariver on 4/2/09
I hope everyone gets a Lazyboy Recliner for their new desks. Also make sure you have a great Coffee/Cauppiccino Bar too. Have fun

By: LukeA on 4/4/09
I see from the image I clicked your new office is 12x17 - how small was the old one?

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