It's Five Dollar Fridays at Renderosity!


Renderosity Is the Place to Be on Fridays!

It's the FINAL $5 Friday! We are almost finished with the month, so check out the MarketPlace to find out what we are offering for this $5 Friday!

Two products will be available throughout each Friday for $5 - so make sure you are at Renderosity each Friday to see what products will be available! Each product will be available for 12 hours only. The sale price is good at checkout only, so make sure you purchase quickly before time runs out!

$5 Fridays run through the end of the January - so check back around midnight or 12:00 noon Renderosity System Time (CST) each Friday so you don't miss out! As always you can find many other great deals in the Sale Department in the MarketPlace.

Here is what you can get right now for $5 Friday:


Remember - each product is on sale for 12 hours only!


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The Archer

PD Damara

MDD Twinkle for V4.2

DTG Studios' Pinup for Mariko