In Memory of Valerie Ducom

It is with great sadness that we hear of the passing of Renderosity artist, Valerie Ducom. She will truly be missed. Please take a look through this small sample of tribute works from fellow Renderosity artists as they mourn the loss of a beloved friend and fellow artist. (If you have a tribute image posted that was missed, please include the link in comments below.)

~Saying Goodbye~
for Valerie Ducom

by shanpoo
Our Loss, Her Gain -
Valérie Ducom

by PumaWalkingSoftly
A Angel Got Her Wings
by CaperGirl42
Siempre en mi corazón ♥
For Valérie Ducom
by RobyHermida
For Valerie Ducom ma belle!
by Mousson
Valerie Ducom (A Tribute)
by bogart137
La danse de la vie (in memory
of Valerie)
by louly
Captured Tears~ In Memory
of Valerie Ducom
by Shucoda
The last Walk (For Valerie
by mickeyrony
A la Memoria de Valerie
by LudyMelltSekher
a door was left open
with a light
by Richardphotos
For Valérie Ducom To A
Dear Friend

by awadissk


by MarciaGomes
In Memoriam....( for Valerie
Ducom )
by Surama
Another World to Explore
by TwoPynts
For Valerie Ducom
by CavalierLady
R R's Special Angel ...
Valerie Ducom

by Bossie_Boots
To Valerie
by mdilorenzo
In Remembrance . . .
by MrsLubner
In Memory of Valerie Ducom
by mbz2662
A Bouquet Of Love In Memory
of Valerie Ducom
by ZannZen
In memory to Valerie Ducom
by Sharwyn
Ride Free, Dear Val...
by 1358



YouTube video created by Renderosity artist, j_campbell

The Renderosity Community extends our deepest sympathies and best wishes to Valerie's family and friends. She will be greatly missed. Please join with us in sending Valerie's family and friends our condolences.

~The Renderosity Staff and Community


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Member Opinions:
By: JeniferC on 6/14/08
It is so sad to see such a wonderful artist pass. Valerie will be missed.

By: vlaaitje on 6/14/08
I still can't believe it. Really sad , she was so young, life can be cruel that for sure. My deepest sympathy for the family members, she will be missed


By: romanceworks on 6/14/08
I only knew Valerie through her wonderful photography, but of course her work spoke for the artist who captured and created such beauty. She was certainly well loved and had an amazing impact on so many. My deepest sympathies go to her family, friends, and to her soul mate. Safe journey, Valerie. You will be remembered.

By: j_campbell on 6/14/08
Val took time to comment on my postings and would always answer an email giving me suggestions. I will miss her and the beauty she brought to all of us through her work. I hope that we all will look at clouds and vistas and all scenes and think what would Valerie have seen for she could discern beauty in everything she saw.

By: ForbiddenWhispers on 6/14/08
This is such a horrible loss and for her to be taken from us so soon.

My thoughts are with her family at this hard time.

RIP Val.

By: Thandaluz on 6/14/08
Valerie, you were one of the ones that more they encouraged me, and it will live forever in my heart.
I am deeply sad, and other life to exist, he/she would like to meet;

Obs: your works should be maintained here in your gallery in the Rendo.

By: delbeke on 6/14/08
Valerie will be sorely missed. To her family my deepest sympathies.

By: claude19 on 6/14/08
Valerie was a great artfriend of mine and my heart is brocken by her detah (7/06/08). She was two young to die, and was a very great photograph artist !!!

By: summer1412 on 6/14/08
...Oh my goodness, I can't believe it... My deepest, deepest sympathies to her family. She will be missed.

By: gradient on 6/14/08
Goodbye my friend.....

By: NightGallery on 6/14/08
Deepest sympathies to her family and loved ones. She will be missed, but never forgotten! Great photographer and person.

By: Acadia on 6/14/08
This is so sad :( My thoughts are with her friends and family at this sorrowful time!

By: bentchick on 6/14/08

It is wonderful to see how many hearts she touched here, I can only imagine how many more there are outside RR. She will be missed greatly.

By: jeroni on 6/15/08
Seguire tus consejos amiga, se feliz

By: vincebagna on 6/15/08
All my thoughts are with her family and friends.

By: aerodreams on 6/15/08
She will be missed.My thoughts are with her friends and family at this sorrowful time!

By: GiMi53 on 6/15/08
"Farewell and Adieu, Valou"

By: jocko500 on 6/15/08
so sad . will miss her

By: lior on 6/15/08
My thoughts are with her friends and family at this sorrowful time!
She will be missed
Valou knows we'll see her again ...

By: MagikUnicorn on 6/15/08
Valérie l'ange des Artistes, Mes sympathie à Didier et à tout ses proches. MU

By: bclaytonphoto on 6/15/08
Val was a thoughtful person.She always tried to uplift here fellow artists. That my friends, is a lesson we could all learn from her.

By: alida on 6/15/08
i did not know her.i am near to the family and her friends,she has given love and she's getting love

By: deadman_walking on 6/15/08
It is so sad that those who create beauty are called away. While so many need their gifts to inspire us to carry on another day.

By: dutchman on 6/15/08
I Never knew this Lady. She must have been a very nice person from the comments I have read. I am sure she will be missed by those that knew her.

By: matsmolund on 6/16/08
I had just begun to wonder why I didn´t get any messages from her. This is very, very sad.

By: Gog on 6/16/08
I was deeply saddened to hear this news, Valerie was a wonderful person, inspiring photography, always ready with a hint or a tip, but more then anything always a smile /laugh and a kind word.

By: NekhbetSun on 6/16/08
Bye Val ... hugsssss

By: Margana on 6/16/08
Valou was one of the sweetest and most enthusiastic people I've met here, and she always had a kind or encouraging word for everyone. She was truly one-of-a-kind, and I will genuinely miss her.

Here's another dedi that I thought suited her spirit beautifully:

By: ChristineG on 6/16/08
This is so sad. My thoughts are with her family at this horrible time.

By: ericfarris on 6/16/08
All my thoughts and condoleances are with her family and friends.

By: ElectronInc on 6/16/08
My auntie Valou,

I miss you for your presence, even if recently we can't interchange enough...

But I hope you're resting where you are, without suffering...

I hope you'll watching over us with your kindness...


By: nathalie06 on 6/16/08
A toi Valou, à toi ma Grande ! Cela fait chaud au coeur de lire tous ces messages, sans compter ceux que nous avons échangé entre nous...
Depuis une semaine nous sommes encore sous le choc de cette terrible nouvelle, car nous avons perdu une amie, au delà de tes nombreux talents artistiques. Moi ce sont avant tout tes qualités humaines, tes rires, ton amour pour la Nature, ton humour, tes coups de coeur et tes coups de gueule. C'est tout ça qui me manque déjà.
Mais ne pleurons plus, je pense qu'il faut au contraire se réjouir pour toi, qui ne souffre plus, et qui doit de là haut nous faire un pied de nez et nous sourire tendrement, comme tu l'as toujours fait.
Que ton Esprit Libre et Sauvage continue éternellement à chevaucher les nuages Valou.
Et puis une pensée toute particulière pour celui que tu aimais, et que tu aimeras toujours, ainsi qu'à tes proches.
Avec toute ma tendresse.

By: Anjour on 6/16/08
My true-hearted condolences to her friends, family and loved ones.

I lost a friend, how sad.....

By: RobyHermida on 6/16/08
A piece of my heart... it has been torn... and you cry they rotate for my face.
Friend partner sweetness and example for my, thank you to pass in my life, making me grow. I love you.

By: louly on 6/16/08
Ma Valou, ma chouette... My thoughts are with you, your soul mate, your friends and family. I also hope you're watching over us but don't worry we're also taking care of each other right now, but you probably know that :) Au revoir et muuuuaaaaaah :)

By: Aioros on 6/16/08

Una persona muy grande que yo extrañaré mucho.
A very big person that I will miss a lot.
Marcelo ( Aioros )

By: billcody on 6/16/08
In deep sadness...You were my inspiration and my guide. Thanks for all that you gave us: Your beautiful art, your friendly words and your humanity.... Farewell, Valerie!

My thoughts and feelings are with her family, her partner in life and her friends.

By: seaayre on 6/16/08
I am so sorry to hear this news. She was a wonderful person, and I will miss her beautiful photographs very much.

By: Sivana on 6/16/08
Valerie was one of my favorite artists and photographers, and I really was shocked when I saw one of the tribute images and heard that she has passed so young.
I really will miss her much in town.

By: Bothellite on 6/16/08
This comes as the deepest of shocks...
We all shared wonderful work, very special, a kind of its own. This reality will take some time to encounter and then...
Make wonderful works to tribute her masterful artistry. So long Valou -

By: SSoffia on 6/17/08
Hija de mi corazon aqui estas ,latiendo en el mío .....mon amie.

By: FrenchKiss on 6/17/08
Valerie was an incredible inspiration, very loved and admired by so many. She will be very missed for her beautiful imagery and her outgoing personality. It is so sad to see someone who shined so amazingly, suddenly be taken from us at such a heartbreakingly young age. My thought and heartfelt condolences to all who were close to her.

By: alhak on 6/17/08
Life is but one journey in our lives, death is not an end but a beginning to something new, a new life. I will miss you Val, but will meet with you again one day....Thoughts and prayers to family and loved ones

By: Arbelain on 6/17/08
Excellent work of campbell.
Hasta la vista Valou!

By: gwfa on 6/17/08
Valou was one of my favorite artists and photographers here and the first friend ever at RR...--

I'll miss you.--


By: CaperGirl42 on 6/17/08
She will be missed....she was a friend and a light to many...We are all in shock and will miss her so much...

You will be missed my friend

By: Art_Ramos on 6/17/08
Valerie will be missed by all. See my tribute at:

By: mbz2662 on 6/17/08
I admired Valerie Ducom's talent as an artist. I was always so thrilled and honored when she commented on my photography or took the time to answer a site-mail. I will miss her. God Bless her and her family, friends and loved ones!

By: thundering1 on 6/17/08
She was a very warm presence here at Rendo, and she'll be deeply missed by all of us. I only corresponded with her a few times over PM, and from those alone I'm positive that half of the city she lived in is crying tonight. She cheerfully glowed - she just couldn't help it.

By: G_Mansco on 6/18/08
I shall always miss your so gentle soul and art Valou. My condolences to her family and friends!
This is my tribute for my sweetest and joyfull friend

By: Maori on 6/18/08
I will always miss you Valerie. You will be forever in our hearts my dear friend.

By: nazul on 6/18/08
My thoughts and feelings are with her family and those dear to her


By: flaviok on 6/18/08
Without a doubt we lost us a friend, artist and wonderful person, the sky certainly had shined more with his/her presence... but the sadness will always be mark in my heart for not being more among us, but a peace tear for having had the happiness of being his/her friend and admirer

By: LudyMelltSekher on 6/18/08
Valerie adorada
Huellas profundas de ojos asombrados, maravillados de verde y de paisajes.
Es duro decirte adiós en tu último viaje. Contemplar las lágrimas, agobiados.
Amiga de sueños desvelados. El campo llorará sin tus pasajes, cada vez más lejano de tus pasos. Queda en mí corazón para siempre tu recuerdo.
Que el arcángel de los candiles mitad guerrero azul y mitad lirio te lleve siempre entre sus brazos. Tú, amiga del alma dejaste tu huella en mí hasta que nos encontremos.
Ludy Mellt Sekher©
(Excuse my English, I used a translator)
Valerie beloved
Tracks of eyes amazed, amazed of green and of landscapes. It is hard to tell you good-bye in your last trip. Contemplating the tears, burdened. Friend of alert dreams. The field will cry without your passages, increasingly more distant of your steps. Remains in me heart for always your memory. That the archangel of the lamps blue warlike half and half lily carry you always among its arms. You, friend of the soul you left your track in me until we find us.
Ludy Mellt Sekher©

By: MarciaGomes on 6/18/08

By: magnus073 on 6/18/08
This is so very sad as she was such a wonderful artist and lady who touched so many lives. It is clear to see she was like a Angel upon this earth.

By: MongusKing on 6/18/08
Un gran tributo para la única y gran artista, amiga de todos, consejera y de gran corazón. En verdad la extrañaremos.

By: shahlaa on 6/18/08
I am so extremely sorry about the death of Valerie...she meant so much to me and I will truly miss her...She was not only a wonderful artist but a beautiful friend....but I know heaven is a much colorful place now with Valerie there...God bless!

By: koosievantutte on 6/19/08
so sad she died so young.

By: rainbows on 6/19/08
We will miss you and your work forever, darling. Rest in the arms of the Angels. Our thoughts go out to your friends and your family. God Bless. Diane & Sir David.

By: factor on 6/19/08
Je ne t'oublierai jamais, mon Valou!
Ton Ray

By: KarmaSong on 6/19/08

By: doarte on 6/19/08
Heart Felt, will miss you Val

By: ksabers on 6/19/08
She was the first one I met here on Rendo. My first friend amongst many others. And her comments were always nice and full of joy. I'll remember Valerie forever.

By: Genma on 6/19/08
Rest In Peace Valerie... you will be missed hun. My deepest sympathies to all of her loved ones.

By: SndCastie on 6/19/08
My prayers go out to the family and friends she will be missed.

By: Ladonna on 6/19/08
I am still shocked. She was such a wonderful person and amazing artist. I will miss her very much .
Rest in peace my dear friend.

By: griffoso on 6/19/08
I am beyond words, as I was with Valerie's wonderful style. She will be missed by me, but not forgotten. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones.

By: TwoPynts on 6/19/08
You will be missed Valou...our hearts go out to you and your family/friends.

By: mcyak72 on 6/19/08
My Deepest sypathies goes out to her family and close friends.Her photography is a wonderfull insperation to me as an artist. Valerie is exploring a new world of expression and will be missed dearly in this one.

allways love to Valerie & Family
Matthew Yakalis & Family

By: mcyak72 on 6/19/08
this image is for a wonderful and very missed artist.

By: Blush on 6/19/08
I didn't even know she was ill..I was just getting to know her...Sad and shocking...she will indeed be missed....An angel on earth an angel in heaven

By: Perry6 on 6/19/08
Such sad news... Valerie was such a good friend to so many. Very talented and also took the time to comment on other's works. She will be greatly missed by so many at Renderosity.

By: RubyT on 6/19/08
I wish you love and light on your next journey. I didn't know you so I missed out, but your presence here made such a huge impact on this community and that tells me of your beautiful spirit.

By: vansphere on 6/19/08
I did not have the pleasure of knowing her, but through her art and the hearts she touched, I feel I did know here in some sort of spiritual way. My deep, heart felt condolences go out to the family and friends at the lost of someone quite special and wonderful.

By: shahlaa on 6/19/08
I only rencently learned of Valerie's death...I have a memorial image for her if anyone would like to see it at

By: drag on 6/19/08
She is taken photographs with a heavenly light now, I will miss her deeply.

By: Cosine on 6/19/08
I wonder how many memorial uploads there were. The 24 above are only a small sample. Here's mine:

By: jimw1 on 6/20/08
Miss you Valou' see you soon......take care...

By: Jaykayyorks on 6/20/08
A truely amazing photographer and such a lovely person, the first artist i added to my favourites when i joined Rendo, she will be deeply missed and my condolences to her family who must miss her terribly........God bless

By: Djavad on 6/20/08
Je suis boulversé...

By: saretta on 6/20/08
I will always remember you for your immense talent and the kindness in your comments,you will be missed Val..

By: MRX3010 on 6/20/08
I have never met another artist who was as honest and encouraging. Her work was and is an inspiration. She was a prime example to this community. She seemed to look at life through a camera lens and was always going for that perfect shot. She saw more of this world in it's detail than most of us will ever know exists. She was my first artist friend and she will be greatly missed. Any photograph that I post from this point on will be a testament to the time and kind energy that she always managed to give me no matter how bust her life must have been. If you did not know her or her works, you really missed out IMO. We were indeed blessed for a time.

By: 1358 on 6/20/08
shock... despair, when I heard... that can't be right,but yes.... my friend is gone... a feather in the wind... tears flow down..
my heart goes out to her family and friends, we have lost a bit more of the light. her work was beautiful and honest, as was her praise and comments...

By: FutureFantasyDesign on 6/20/08
I wanted to say that one word can describe Valerie, Beautiful. In word, deed, spirit and living. She was a lovely person to me, and to everyone I had ever seen her respond too. She encouraged my photography, in fact reccomended my camera. She would leave elegant, inspiring thoughts and words all over the face of renderosity for so many people. One had to wonder at the sheer depth of giving she possed. Her love of roses was a perfect testament to her continual appreciation of art and form. She saw the world in layers of love and kindness, like the petals of a rose. All I can say is that her passing is such a great loss to everyone, everywhere, no matter who or where you are. Good bye Val, I will light a candle for your journey.
Love, Ariana

By: frenchromeo on 6/20/08
Une grande artiste nous a quitter.Sincères condoléances a son compagnon et a toute sa famille.

By: Elcet on 6/20/08
This death of such an adorable and talented artist was really a shock for me. One week after I went to Barcelona and visited the Sagrada Familia cathedral and what I saw made me think to what she is now:
"Souls over the city"

By: pupino on 6/21/08
She was always sweet with me and so gentle, her art was precious and wonderful. It's really terrible what is happened and totally unexpected, so young and beautiful... I am deeply sorry, she will be missed by many.

By: Manix777 on 6/21/08
Un gran pesar por la triste noticia, mis sinceras condolencias a toda la familia.

By: Buffalo1 on 6/21/08
Dearest Valou, You encouraged me with your comments when I was new here. Your work inspired me. Thank you for being a good friend and mentor. Enjoy your new surroundings and keep on photographing all that is wonderful.

By: powerage on 6/21/08
Toujours difficile de trouver les mots justes pour une épreuve si terrible. Je me joint à la communauté pour présenter mes sincères condoléances à tous ses proches.

By: ARTWITHIN on 6/21/08
wherever her spirit is it will be more beautiful because she is there.

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 6/22/08
Mes condoléances. C'est si triste que Valérie nous ait quittés si tôt. :(Elle va nous manquer.

By: Bossie_Boots on 6/22/08
God bless her and her family and friends at this sad time bye bye my artist friend i miss you already hugs lou x

By: BibbyBear on 6/22/08
My sincerest sympathy to all Val's family and friends and all who knew her here at RR. She will be forever missed but never forgotten and remembered with a smile. Much Love.
Chrissy xx

By: tizjezzme on 6/22/08
I saw Val as one who was highly respected here as an artist and friend by many. She was always so sweet and kind to me. I read the words on this page and my heart breaks and tears sting my eyes; why such a young lady had to be taken so soon .. while there was so much more to live for. My thoughts & prayers go out to her family and friends; and may her memory at Renderosity live on forever. Bless your soul Val xxx

By: Eleandras on 6/22/08
We will miss you!!!

By: aztek on 6/23/08
Valerie, I only knew you through your art, but you touched my heart... The sadness is not for you, my friend, for you have only gone home. It is for our own loss that we grieve... My deepest condolences to your family...

By: alphalioness on 6/28/08
I am heartbroken to hear of Valerie's passing. She was always one to encourage my of the first who ever commented on my work. My deepest condolences to her family and close friends. She will be sorely missed.

By: mermaid on 6/29/08
oh my...Just read and I am so sad... one of the finest artist I have ever seen here and on of the finest persons I have met here... I truely miss her!

By: Conniekat8 on 6/30/08
I just found out... I can't believe it :( Val is one of the most beautiful souls I ever met. We're so privileged she touched our lives. I just can't believe she's gone. It's so unfair !!!!!

By: Lucie on 6/30/08
Je te connaissais seulement par tes images que je trouvais tellement belles, tu vas me manquer même si je ne te connaissais pas personellement... À la famille et aux amis de Valérie je voudrais offrir mes plus sincères sympathies.

By: salgar on 7/3/08 were a wonderful woman...and my inspiration...I'll miss you so much...

Rest in Peace my friend


By: dashboard_jehovah on 7/5/08
Had no idea!
For some odd reason I clicked on the Memorial section...Had no idea that this area existed!
So words can describe.

By: SomethingStrange on 7/13/08
I only just found out, I am so sorry to hear your no longer with us sweetheart, rest in peace

By: gonedigital on 7/22/08
One beautiful light in the world extinguished. She was a wonderful, supportive and caring friend who will be missed greatly. May we meet again dear friend. Love and light on your journey...

By: bkhook on 7/27/08
I'm deeply saddened to hear of Valerie's passing. A great loss for all of us and her family. Rest in peace sweet lady.

By: jmc95 on 7/30/08
This is so sad.
Au revoir, Valérie...

By: valtes on 8/5/08
I've only now found out!! So very sad. Valerie was one of my few favourites here and I will miss her stunningly beautiful photography!! Rest in Peace dear Valerie - hope you are still able to see the clouds you loved so much.

By: Demoshane on 8/13/08
Didnt know her but Im very sad to hear a talented and kind person to pass away. She seemed to be very loved but her spirit still lives and will value a lot how people feel. Death is only a short goodbye, its nothing final. Farewell until you meet your beloved ones again.

By: Mondwin on 8/17/08
I am sooo sad to her Valerie's passing..A great lost for all us..I miss her superbly capture..Reat in peace my Dear Valerie...

By: moonriser on 10/16/08
Thank You Val...

By: Daidalos on 10/17/08
I am saddened to learn that such a talented young person has passed on.

By: zoren on 1/2/09
I am sorry to hear only now, the passing of sweet Valerie... She is missed, dearly.

By: Maska on 2/23/09
I am in shock! I can't express what I feel and posibly any words can't.Valerie was great photographer and amazing person. We will miss you!

By: groegnitram on 4/29/09
i'm still keeping an eye on that cloud, val :) thinking of you, love and light to you :)

By: bugatti on 6/7/09
I have on my computer her wonderful photo of an ancient roman road that disappears at the horizon ... travel well, my friend ...

By: bebert on 6/7/09
tu avais beaucoup aimé celle-ci
parce que c'était une partie de toi..... Attend nous en haut.. tu nous serviras de guide......

By: evielouise on 7/10/09
This is more than beautiful for our wonderful and dear friend
even, on this late date:
However I was sure my condolences
were on here
perhaps on the other site where I used to talk with her and it closed down,and it got to be too sad to keep searching for
a memorial page I just wish someone could have let me know
Either way I still miss you so much Valerie
and I hope your RIP and watching this:
There is so much love here:
friend evie

By: evielouise on 7/10/09
For Valerie-Ducom and family
by evielouise, member since Feb 8, 2004
I'm sad again this year:

By: A_Joker_B on 8/27/09
I personally did not know Valerie, but was aware of her gallery, the work she produced and the quality of it. It is with shock and sadness to find this news over a year after her passing - such a talented individual. My condolences to her family and her many friends.

By: xpersona on 11/12/09

So for me very unpleasantly.
I am uniting with the family in pain.
I know as large it is pain recently
my Mum walked away .....
I am lighting lights of the memory.


I apologise for English...
I am coming from Poland
and poorly I am writing in English.


By: Tablesaw on 6/11/10
Hi Valerie,you were always there for my work. Thank you so much for that, sweet lady. Don't think I've forgotten you, or your amazing photographs!!! Peace be with you my friend.

By: lior on 1/30/11
I still remember you, Valou!

By: kojoccio on 2/24/14
Thanks past years and permission to use uoyr work with mine

By: MagikUnicorn on 3/31/14

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