In Memory of Ms_Outlaw - "Debbie Lee"

by Dee-Marie

Debbie Lee [known on Renderosity as Ms_Outlaw, and in the literary world as D. Lee] was a very talented and passionate artist with a big heart and a gentle soul. She truly loved the Renderosity community, which was very evident in her postings to fellow Renderosity artists� gallery images. An active member of both the Vue and Poser forums, she was always there for other artists, with encouraging words and helpful comments. Yet, not many knew that this modest woman was also an award winning �cover artist� and author. She �wrote to entertain� with fantasy art and stories, exploring the world of vampires, and other creatures of darkness [many co-written with best friend Kammy Bonias]. She wanted, �people to be able to curl up with one of our stories and be swept away from reality for a little while.� August of this year, Debbie was diagnosed with lung cancer. On September 13th, Debbie�s bright light was dimmed ... however, it will never be extinguished, as she will live eternally in her art, her stories, and in the hearts of her family and friends.
Rose Tear � Debbie Lee [Ms_Outlaw]
Not only did she leave behind a legacy of images and fantasy tales, she also left behind simple words for authors and artists to live by � �Keep at it, but more importantly, enjoy what you are doing. Have fun and always remember, dreams are only unreachable if you stop trying!� Debbie Lee, a native Canadian, is survived by her loving husband, two sons, family pets, and of course more friends than she could ever imagine.
Fall � Debbie Lee [Ms_Outlaw] If I close my eyes I can escape. Feel the sun, Hear the sounds of life. If I just keep my eyes closed. ~D. Lee
Ms_Outlaw � you shall be greatly missed! The Renderosity Staff and Community!
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