In Memory of Noel - Bruce "Rick" Peters

memorial by Dee-Marie

Although Renderosity has grown to over 200,000 active members, we still mourn the loss of each �family� member. Even though we are one of the largest online art communities, what sets us apart from the rest is the depth of feelings we have for one another. For, it is not just "the art that counts," but more importantly it's the "artist that counts!" Thus, it is with a heavy heart that I bring you the sad news of another loss to our community, our family. Bruce �Rick� Peters known to his friends on Renderosity as Noel [Noel Kettering] � died suddenly, at the age of 55, of a heart attack on Christmas morning while visiting his mother. Noel�s passion for 3D art is showcased within his Renderosity Art Gallery and his outstanding and diversified Bryce images. Not only was he a lover or art, but he was also a lover of the art-of-words.
Assorted Images From Noel's Renderosity Gallery � Bruce �Rick� Peters [Noel]
Noel was a longtime member of Renderosity and the Bryce community. Although few knew ... Noel was a member of Mensa and the Triple Nine Society. Yet, he remained a humble man, who was always there to lend assistance to his fellow artist; posting helpful comments to artist�s images and offering advice and encouragement, both within the galleries and the Bryce forum.
A favorite image which shows Noel's artistic style as well as his sense of humor. Strataquarium � Bruce �Rick� Peters [Noel]
Below, a poem reproduced from Bruce �Rick� Peters' memorial memory card reproduced by permission from author: Heaven Is My Home � Janice Winslow Harper Picture me in Heaven with a smile upon my face. Here I am an angel, living in God�s grace. Don�t grieve for me because I�m gone � rejoice that I am here. Jesus knew I needed Him, thus, He drew me near. My life on Earth was wonderful in love and memories sown. But Earth was just a stopping place. Heaven is my home. I miss you all so very much, and I know you�re missing me. But home is where the heart is and that�s where I need to be. Look up and see my shining face. Reach out and touch it too; I am but a breath away, standing close to you.
We invite you to visit Noel's Renderosity Art Gallery Please join with us in sending his beloved mother Evelyn, and Noel�s family and friends our prayers and best wishes. Noel shall be missed greatly as an artist and more importantly a friend! Gentle hugs, From the Renderosity Staff and Community!
January 9, 2006