In Memory of Hannah Loesser [hannahlo]

It is with great sadness that we hear about the passing of Hannah Loesser, known to the Renderosity Community as artist hannahlo, on Thursday, January 25th, after her long battle with Cancer.(Link) 

Her artistic talents ranged from the traditional, using oils and pastels, and having several successful exhibitions of her paintings from New York to Florida. It was then on to the digital realm when she found Renderosity.

She stated on her Renderosity homepage: "I love you all. I love Renderosity. Thanks for being here so I always have somewhere wonderful to go to. Thank you everyone for your generosity, talent, incredible merchandise, and kindness. This one site has changed my whole life in the best way."

Art was her passion, and her spirit will forever shine through her work. 

From Hannah's sister, Susan Loesser: "I know that Hannah had very good and loving friends and colleagues at Renderosity, and that you were very important to her. You provided her a forum for her unique, thoughtful, powerful work. I see that her last posted rendering ("Please No") was June 17, 2005, just a few days before her cancer recurrence was diagnosed and her world turned into a living hell. Obviously, she knew what was coming. It was the last piece she did. Our family deeply appreciates knowing that Hannah had all of you in her heart."

The Renderosity Community extends our deepest sympathies and best wishes to Hannah’s family and friends. She will be greatly missed. Please join with us in sending Hannah's family and friends our condolences.

We also invite you to take a few moments to view Hannah's Renderosity Art Gallery.

It was Hannah's wish that any donations be made to the North Shore Animal League.

~The Renderosity Staff and Community

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Member Opinions:
By: paradigm on 1/28/07
I didn't know her but I send my sincere condolences to her family and friends.
The last image she posted is absolutely heartbreaking.

By: Kimberly.3D on 1/28/07
Very sad....Farewell...........

By: Lakotariver on 1/28/07
Fly with the Angels my Artistic Friend.
Hannah is with the greatist Artist of all now. God Bless

By: StaceyG on 1/28/07
Hannah was such a special person. We will miss her so much here at Renderosity but her spirit will be with us always. Rest in peace Hannah

By: tatman6 on 1/28/07
Sorry to hear of this loss. Artist may be a dime a dozen but its always sad when one is lost. If not for art the world would be a borring place to live, It is our imagination that makes this world tick and artist have a strong gift of imagination. God bless!

By: tball2004 on 1/28/07
my sincere condolences to her family and friends

By: Jayme on 1/28/07
Hannah, I will always treasure our Friendship it was very special to me You taught me Of Bravery, Courage, And Strenghth. Those things will Never be forgotten, I love you so very much and i will miss you greatly, Rest Well my Sweet Angel you have your wings now may they always keep you freee, you will forever be Beautiful......To your Faimly and to Fab you are All in my thoughts and Prayers i knew how very much she loved you all. She was Very Special and she Will Never be forgotten.....My Love to you all, Special hugggggggsssss

By: ffabris on 1/28/07
I miss her more than I can say... her smile when I came into the room, her "wicked" humor, her warmth, how she would yell at TV characters she disliked... it doesn't seem possible that she's gone.

By: Belladzines on 1/28/07
Rest in the arms of the angels.... be at peace - you will be missed..... thankyou for sharing your gift and inspiration and dreams with us all.

By: Sivana on 1/28/07
I´m really sorry to hear this. I have watched Hannah´s gallery for a long time and can remember the Victor-Images very well. It´s hard that she had to die so young. My condolences to all her friends and family members!

By: 3DSublimeProductions on 1/28/07
Very sad to hear about the loss of anyone. I didnt know her personally, but I do extend my prayers to her family. So very sorry for your loss :(

By: Noshoba on 1/28/07
Though I am new to this community, I offer my condolences to her family and friends here.

By: Cynroth on 1/28/07
Farewell... And know that your art will live on...

By: HHDrache on 1/29/07
I didn't know her, but I am very sad to hear.
My sincere condolences to her family and friends

By: TimPeck on 1/29/07
my sincere condolences to her family and friend

By: Thalek on 1/29/07
I found out about her too late: I never communicated with her, never bought anything from her. But back in 2001, I lost a new love when her breast cancer recurred.

I grieve with you on your loss.

By: Porthos on 1/29/07
My sincere sympathy to her family and friends, so sorry for your loss!

By: MelGama on 1/29/07
Sorry for this sad news. I´ll pray for her and family... :(
She certainly is in a wonderful place without pain.

By: Lory on 1/29/07
It is so sad to see from time to time (sometimes too often) anouncements like this one. :( My sincere condolences to her family and to the ones who knew and loved her.

By: A_ on 1/29/07
what a terrible loss. :( i am so sorry.

By: marco-xxx on 1/29/07
My sincere condolences to her family and friends

By: Madrigal on 1/29/07
She was a kind and warmhearted person with a great sense of humour. I'll miss her.

By: RodsArt on 1/29/07
Peace to Hannah, my deepest sympathies to those in her family. I personally share her fears what I had does not come back. (a tear, a smile, and a prayer for Hannah)

By: Natolii on 1/29/07
Thursday was the worse day. I lost my father on Thursday 1/25/07 in NYC.

Gods, I know what you mean when you lose someone close to you.

By: zananeichan on 1/29/07
(((hugs))) I never knew her, but her art is beautifull, I cry, but I apreciate you renderosity for being caring... I never known a website that cares for there artists..

Danielle/Zana elf

By: WhopperNnoonWalker- on 1/29/07
My deepest sympathy and though to the family.
so sorry for your loss

By: SGT2005 on 1/29/07
My sincere thoughts and prayers got out to her family. She was a credit to our community and a inspiration to many.

By: kayjay97 on 1/29/07
My utmost and sincere sympathy and prayers to her family and friends.

By: efron_241 on 1/29/07
Had the same dissease twice and survived.. One hopes that that would be the case for more .. even all people..!! Esp.. when they are so full of life as Hannah's gallery proves she was !


Sometimes life isn't fair at all..

I wish her family and friends all the strength in the world and dedicated my image of today to her. My thoughts are with you all.

By: boobunny on 1/29/07
My condolences to her family and friends. So sorry for you loss.

By: Edain on 1/29/07
My thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

I did not know you, Hannah, but your art and memory will live on in our hearts.

By: Elsina on 1/29/07
My sincere condolences, such very sad news.

By: Valentin3D on 1/29/07
My sincere condolences to her family and friends. :o(

By: Sparkles on 1/29/07
Deepest sympathy sent to family and friends, so sorry for your prayers are with you.

By: watchman2005 on 1/29/07
Sincere condolences to all her family and friends, long may her art live on.

By: wile1 on 1/29/07
Sincerest condolences to her family.

By: amirapsp on 1/29/07
Now you can share your art with the angels above...Family your in my prayers...Hugs

By: Marque on 1/29/07
Do not stand by my grave and weep
I am not there
I do not sleep

My prayers are with you. I know it's hard to be strong at this time. Remember that it's ok to cry, this is why God created tears.

By: densa on 1/29/07
i didn't know her personally but as a fellow artist i know what renderosity meant to her, may the angels welcome you. the time u spent on earth you spent sharing your beauty of art. You will always be remembered for your beautiful art and the person you were.

By: Daedalus692002 on 1/29/07
I can only echo what has already been said by other members but having had the disease myself and losing someone dear to me from it.
I know what tit feels like from both sides so to speak.
My condolences to her family, friends and colleagues on this tragic loss of one so talented.


By: chrispoole on 1/29/07
Please accept my condolences, Hanna bought joy to people around the world which most people can only dream of.

By: karanta on 1/29/07
Very sad news :(
My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

By: dreamlight on 1/29/07
I didn´t know Hannah, but i´m very sad to hear that she is no longer amoung us. My deepest condolences to her family and friends.

By: Thandaluz on 1/29/07
Hannah, thank you for having state physically among us.

By: digger41 on 1/29/07
very sad..sorry for your loss

By: majesticartist on 1/29/07
my thoughts and prayers for her family and friends

By: LadyElf on 1/29/07
I wish for Hannah smooth sailing and the freedom to now do her art without pain or sickness.

My deepest sympathies to her friends and family.

By: moochagoo on 1/29/07
Sincere condolences to her family.

By: Mercytoo on 1/29/07
I'm so sorry. My sympathies to all who loved her.

By: hmatienzo on 1/29/07
Be at peace, Hannah...

By: svenie on 1/29/07
Mi mas sentido pesame...

By: Karray on 1/29/07
thats so sad... In the recent months i nearly dayly have to think of death and whats behind. If there´s a Heaven , i hope that she may paint the sunsets and those beautiful morning skies wich lets us , her family and her friends remember this great person

(sorry for my probably bad english)

By: karlo007 on 1/29/07
Sincerest condolences to her family.

By: SNVixen on 1/29/07
I wish I would have seen this art sooner, my condolences.

By: Surama on 1/29/07
I´m so words!

By: Propschick on 1/29/07
I am so sorry to hear this. May god be with her family to help them through this tough time !

By: Debbie M. on 1/29/07
The Heavens are that much richer with Hannah's presence now, and we are blessed because now she can watch over us.

My deepest sympathies for her family, and all of us who weep for our loss.

Godspeed Hannah!! You will be dearly missed!

By: Kappla on 1/29/07
Mein Beileid an die Familie.
Habe selbst 2Liebe menschen in meiner Familie durch den Krebs verloren.Wünsche der Familie Kraft und Mut und vorallem Hoffnung...die stirbt immer zuletzt.Gott beschütze euch.

By: vshane on 1/29/07
Hannah will be missed by so many. My most sincere condolences to her family and to her friends everywhere as we mourn her loss and celebrate her life.

By: rfairbairn on 1/29/07
I am so sorry for your loss.

By: Jean-Luc_Ajrarn on 1/29/07
It is with a sadened heart that Denise and i got the news. :(

Hannah was a wonderful person and artist, and will be missed very much.

She fought valiantly for so long, with Ffabris at her side and helping her all the way each day.

It is terrible that she had to go through this. We sure were hoping that she would get better, and that if she had to die from her cancer, that at least she would have a long and happy remission before the end, and then pass away fast and painlessly.

A huge thank you to you, Fab, who has been so good to Hannah, and so much to her.

Now her pain has ended, mercifully.

Hannah won't be forgotten.
Jean-Luc & Denise.

By: birthunicorn on 1/29/07
This is so sad

By: Richabri on 1/29/07
I'm very saddened to hear this news about Hannah. It's such a tragedy to die so young. My deepest sympathy to her family and friends.

By: pollyparrott1966 on 1/29/07
I am truly sorry for the loss of this talented lady.

By: lior on 1/29/07
C'est bien triste tout cela: je partage cette peine avec la famille et lui presente mes sincčres condoléences.

By: HADCANCER on 1/29/07
I greatly saddened to hear of Hannah's pasing,and wish her family and friend my condolences. She was an inspiration for me.

By: dutchman on 1/29/07
I am sure she was as nice as her picture portrays her. Such a sad moment as with many others we have lost.

By: panko on 1/29/07
So sad to hear that a talented person is gone. She will always be present in the mind of those who loved her and will keep their heart warm.

By: brylaz on 1/30/07
Sorry to hear this - it is so sad!!! Sincerest condolences to her family.

By: RubyT on 1/30/07
May Hannah's spirit fly free!

By: mavros on 1/30/07
Sad and humbled. My thoughts are with you.


By: hanneman on 1/30/07
It's so sad to see that she's gone. Sincere condolences to her family. I'm sure she is in peace now...

By: phinetti on 1/30/07
I didn't know her, but i wish offer my sincere condolences to her family and friends. God bless you Hannah.

By: Valerie-Ducom on 1/30/07
Sorry to hear this, it's sad...
Fly with the angels... My thoughts are with you.
My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

By: potemkin72000 on 1/30/07
my heart felt condolences to her family

By: altec101 on 1/30/07
I didn't know her, offer my sincere condolences to her family and friends.

By: Paldav on 1/30/07
I never have seen an image of her (now I went to see her gallery). She made beautiful art. My sincere condolences to family and friend. I think she will always be present in our minds...
Here in Belgium I will prey for her.....

By: StarChildSong on 1/30/07
I am inspired by Hannah's beautiful spirit and legacy of art. Susan, sorrow echos in my heart for your loss. You are a good sister. Condolences.

By: starrchar on 1/30/07
I did not know her.Such a beautiful young woman. It teaches us about months, days hours and minutes, humbling us. My condolences to her family,friends and loved ones.

By: HasanBash511 on 1/30/07
may her rest in peace & God bless hannah.
i am very sad although i didnt know her either and hate this cancer illness coz my father suffer the same nuisance now.
my deepest sincere condolences to her family.

By: Ecstasy on 1/30/07
omg, I'm sorry to hear this:(
my mother passed on the 16th of may and burried on my bday after 5 years of cancer.....
If there is anything i can do please let me know..... I dream about my mother all the time:(

you have my heart and anything I can contribute to this loss!

By: romanceworks on 1/30/07
What a special person Hannah was and so young. She will be remembered. My sincere condolences to all who loved her.

By: JaMaCoVe on 1/30/07
My sincere and deep heartfelt condolences go to her family. May she rest with the angels.

By: rantolo on 1/30/07
My condolences to her family.
My wife passed on may 2004 after 4 years of cancer; may all the people who suffered and die of Cancer rest with the angels.

By: -BrandyE- on 1/30/07
My deepest sympathies on the loss of a such a lovely and talented lady...

By: shahlaa on 1/30/07
I am so saddened to hear deepest sympathy to her family...God bless

By: LadyJ on 1/30/07
My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

By: Shardz on 1/30/07
I am very saddened to hear this news and my deepest sympathies and condolences go out to her family and friends in this most difficult time. Not having known Hannah personally, I viewed her gallery and followed some links and it's quite evident that se was quite passionate with her art and accomplished, as well. It's always a sad day to lose such a wonderful artist, especially one so young. My prayers and thoughts are with all who were close to Hannah.

By: RadiZ on 1/30/07
I didn't know Hannah, but it is always sad when something like this happen, my love and condolences to the family

By: LillianH on 1/30/07
We are really sad that we will no longer get her calls or emails. She was a very special person and she will be greatly missed.

We wish her family peace and comfort in knowing how much she was loved and admired and that her art will live on here now that she has moved onto her "higher duties".

By: orphee02 on 1/31/07
I didn't know Hannah, but send my thoughts to her family, friends and loved ones who will find this an emotional time.

By: billmiles on 1/31/07
It is so sad when we lose someone so close to us,a lady with such warmth and talent my condolences to all the family she will be missed by us all, her wonderful art will always live on

By: HollywoodBest on 1/31/07
Very sad to lose a beautiful and talented artist. Blessings to the family.

By: TwoPynts on 1/31/07
I did know her either but I send my heartfelt condolences to her family and friends as well. A loss that is felt by many.

By: Daworth on 1/31/07
So very sad. I didn't know Hannah But my heart goes out to her family and friends.

By: Shirahime on 1/31/07
My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

By: squirrel2005 on 1/31/07
I didn't know thsi sweet lady, but my sincere thoughts and prayers got out to her family. Feel so sorry for you all.

By: steveb333 on 1/31/07
I too did not know Hannah, but I send my thoughts from the UK, to her family.

By: 4udreamcatcher on 1/31/07
I didn't get the opportunity to know this lady but send my sincere condolenses to her family and friends!

By: Anjour on 1/31/07
My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

By: Lucifera6665 on 1/31/07
my sincere condolences to her family and friend

By: Avalonne on 1/31/07
Such sad news. I didn't know the lady, but I do know the disease, and the terrible things it can inflict on family and friends. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who knew her.

By: newhere on 1/31/07
Didn't know you but it is sad to know that we always lose the good while evil still lingers here on earth.

By: QueenFlamewing on 1/31/07
Those we love are never really lost to us--
we feel them in so many special ways--
through friends they always cared about
and dreams they left behind,
in beauty that they added to our days...
in words of wisdom we still carry with us
and memories that never will be gone...
Those we love
are never really lost to us--
for everywhere their special love lives on.
~ Amanda Bradley ~

My sincerest condolences to her family and friends. Please remember...Those who live in the hearts of others....Never die.

By: OpenMindDesign on 1/31/07
Oh how sad it is... I wish her family and all my sympathies.

By: DreamersWish on 1/31/07
My deepest sympathy to Hannah's family and friends during this time. I will definately keep them in my prayers.

By: novelist999 on 2/1/07
I didn't know know Hannah, but I read her bio and looked at her gallery images. I can tell that she's a very beautiful person with a good heart. God bless Hannah and her family. I'll pray for them.

By: netseawolf on 2/1/07
That all that you brought to us in this life and that the glance that you carries there is delighted you, because we are delighted by all what you gave us.
surely that in the next one you will do still better.

To this great heart. A great safety, Om shantie.

By: easyjobrob on 2/1/07
I work for a university that is working hard to help find a cure for cancers. My deepest respects to her family and friends such a sad loss to the world but a fantastic gift for the time she spent with us.

By: bobbystahr on 2/1/07
Oh Hannah, so sad to see you gone, so glad you're out of pain. We only connected twice in life here at R'osity but I look forward to eventually talking art with you in that Great Gallery you've gone to when my time comes...Will dedicate a tune I play called Hannah to you on Feb 8 at my next gig...Spread those wings and soar woman.. ...

By: Stringy on 2/1/07
Hard not to be moved by the last image in Hannah's gallery. Sincere condolences to family and friends.

By: dricci on 2/1/07
Heaven has a new angel

By: NiteStar62 on 2/1/07
Deepest Sympathy to everyone who befriended and loved so sorry..

By: soyestadista on 2/1/07
Death . . . is no more than passing from one room into another.
But there’s a difference for me; because in that other room I shall be free.
Death cannot kill what never dies...Those who touch our lives,stay in our hearts forever!

By: alida on 2/1/07
words cannot give much confort to her family and friends,just hope time will dissipate grief and bring serenity

By: skadbone on 2/1/07
I would lke to send my condolences to Hannah's family. I did not know her, but she was someone's sister, child, daughter, friend, and neighbor. I'm sorry for your lose-Craig (skadbone)

By: Arturzinho on 2/1/07
My sincere condolences to Hannah's family and friends.

By: sitara on 2/1/07
rest in peace with the angels hannah and god bless all of your family.kris xx

By: akeel1701 on 2/1/07
Very sad to hear of Hannah's passing, my thoughts and condolences go out to her family and loved ones.

By: factor on 2/1/07
There`s another ANGEL in heaven now....YES! smiling down at mankind... with LOVE!

By: ds5000 on 2/1/07
my deepest condolences to her family and friends... Hannah, you will be missed.

By: originalkitten on 2/1/07
Thoughts and prayers go out to Hannahs family oxoxoxox

By: RAMWolff on 2/1/07
What a heart breaking final image. My thoughts and deepest condolences to family, friends & community that will miss her greatly. Go with God and paint the sky whilst walking in the clouds Hannah.

By: blackwiddow on 2/1/07
Best wishes and deepest simpety for those who are left behind ....condolances to all who miss her

By: sackrat on 2/1/07
I did not know her personally, however, when an artistic individual passes it dimishes the world to a degree. To the family, I give the words of Abraham Lincoln "I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, leaving only the cherished memory of the loved and lost."

By: Prufrock81 on 2/1/07
Your grief for what youve lost holds a mirror
up to where youve bravely working.

Expecting the worst, you look and instead,
heres the joyful face youve been wanting to see.

Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes.
If it were always a fist or always stretched open,
you would be paralyzed.

Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expand
the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated
as birdwings.


By: UVDan on 2/1/07
My thoughts and prayers go out to Hannahs family and friends.

By: janetc on 2/1/07
I too, did not know her but my eyes tear and my throat swells in her remembrance. I too lost my sister on Jan 14th. Best wishes for her family.

By: watifeye on 2/1/07
I am so sorry to hear this terribly sad news. I pray for Hannah. I did'nt know Hannah but she was part of the wonderful Renderosity Community and she shall be missed by many. My sincere condolences to Hannah's family for their great loss and I pray also to help them through this difficult time. God Bless.

By: featherwitch on 2/1/07
My deepest sympathies to all that knew and loved her. So sorry for your loss.

By: Shimuzu on 2/1/07
It's a sad way to discover an artist, my sympathies and condolences goes out to Susan and her family. Hannah has inspired me to be courageous. I admire her bravery and originality to produce unconventional artwork. She has a beautiful soul, and she will be remembered as so in this community. I hope that she can look on us now, and know that she has accomplished great things and be proud . . . and no longer feel afraid. Hannah, you've touched my heart and indeed many others. x

By: GreenManHern on 2/1/07
May your body rest in peace and your soul ever flourish, may thoughts of you be ever present.

By: foleypro on 2/2/07
May her Family find condolences in the very fact that her Art will live on in our Minds and souls as well as here on renderosity...

By: OliB on 2/2/07
I didn't know her, but I am very sorry about this news. My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

By: Randalllui on 2/2/07
I read many of Hannah's art work. Her work inspirted my life. It was a great loss to us and to the art world. May Hannah find eternal peace in the other world.

Randall - Sydney Australia

By: DwightKnight on 2/2/07
I am so sad that I only discovered this lady's work after it was too late to tell her how beautiful it is. However, her body may be gone but her soul lives on in the beauty of the art she produced. My condolences to her family.

By: raverxl on 2/2/07
rest in peace

By: Ecathe on 2/2/07
My deepest sympathy and though to the family.
so sorry for your lost!

By: B_PEACOCK on 2/2/07
My love and prayers go out to her family.Sad to lose someone so young.Love and Blessings

By: slickhare on 2/2/07
She has created so much beauty. Artists have that in them. All we have to do is look at some of her works to remember her. She will be sadly missed. Love & Serenity

By: D_Metia on 2/2/07
For every one person that goes to the wind another stands thier ground for another day. Gods speed sweet one!

By: Terran on 2/2/07
My deepest condolences to Hannah's family and loved ones. I hope that the legacy of her artwork will be and continue to be a source of comfort.
I knew her only through her artwork. I will miss her wonderful creativity and style.

By: Moebius87 on 2/2/07
Deepest sympathies and prayers to Hannah's family.

By: daveycrocketcat on 2/2/07
Too sad, too short a life. My deepest condolences to all, her family and those close to her.

By: seductor_sirenas on 2/2/07
Mi más sentido pésame para la familia de esta artista.

By: kathym on 2/2/07
Death comes for us all .. sometimes too soon. But for as long as her memory an art remains - she will live on - live on to inspire us, to warm our hearts when they grow cold an weary of the world - and to nuture our souls when they grow hungry. CREATE my fellow artists now not only for your goals .. but for Hannah, her family and friends!!

By: sirocco on 2/2/07
How sad this is... My sincere condolences to all who loved her.

By: songoku9000 on 2/2/07
I send my sincere condolences to her family and friends.

By: JIMBOB83 on 2/2/07
This truely is a sad loss and my condolences to family and love ones
May you be free to soar with the angles of mercy now.

By: IloontjeQ on 2/2/07
Too sad...

By: supernova24 on 2/2/07
My own sister died of Cancer, 4th April 2002.She was 26 years old. My sincere condolences to Hannah's family. Perhaps the thought of the day would be, if only one person could produce a movie, which illustrates, the incompetence of most 'superpower' governments... How many biological weapons exist, which infact are synthetic Cancers and yet apparently there is no cure to Cancer...Overall, would it not be strange, how nuclear bombs are easily created.....and certain cures...apparently have not been found yet.

By: PainMD on 2/2/07
God bless her soul. And may he give her family and friends the inner strenght to overcome this tradegy.

By: CheekyMonkey on 2/3/07
A very tragic thing when the world loses such a bright and shining light. My condolonces to all who were touched by this truly bright soul.

By: render422 on 2/3/07
She was a credit to our community and a inspiration to many.
My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

By: omauri on 2/3/07
My sincere condolences to her family.

By: fucifer on 2/3/07
I also didn't know her but I send my sincere condolences to her family and friends. God Bless! Her work was outstanding, words cannot say enough.

By: muf on 2/3/07
I didnt know her on the site but I would like to give my best to the family, atleast now it seems heaven has a new angel.

By: Hedda on 2/4/07
I did not know Hannah, guess she got sick and stopped to create when I started in here. I have been to her gallery, and her latest post really brought me to tears :( I hope you have found peace now Hannah, and my deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to all her family, friends and all of you who knew her. Rest In Peace Hannah.

By: ubald on 2/4/07
So sorry, Ive lost my mother to cancer and I understand your loss. my heart and condolences go out to you and family.

By: Kuiski on 2/5/07
I´m so sorry, It is enormous sadness the loss of a dear person.
My sincere condolences.

By: Structure on 2/5/07
My sincerest condolences, although I did not know Hannah, it seems that our brightest lights, burn out all to soon. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time of tragic loss.

By: nico4 on 2/5/07
Hello. I didn't know her either but I completely understand the grief. My mother is dying a little everday from her cancer. Big hugs to her family and friends. Peace of Jesus.

By: A_Joker_B on 2/5/07
My condolences to family and friends alike, such a sad loss.

By: Malstorm on 2/5/07
sorry to hear young so pretty...all the bad people in this world...but god will all wayz take the best ones first..sincere condolences to her family the her friends and family

By: LEEWIT on 2/5/07
I never knew this lady in person, only through the pleasure and joy that she gave to others by sharing her unique and creative nature.

Her form may be gone, but her spirit will always live on.

It is sad that the lights that burn the brightest last so briefly, my condolences to all concerned for their loss, I know how it feel, having had a similar thing happen to my self.

I only hope that some comfort can be taken from knowing that she lives on in the hearts and minds of the people that she inspired and the people that she touched.

By: meije on 2/6/07
We must think of her death only as a transformation, and her battle for life as a statement of her personal courage, which is itself an act of Art...from a Cancer survivor...Meije

By: celtxian on 2/6/07
Words can never be enough but hopefully these words will offer comfort: 'He heals the broken-hearted, He binds up all their wounds.' Psalm 147 v 3

By: drawlyzer on 2/6/07
My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

By: jgkane on 2/7/07
To her family and friend, my sincere condolences. I did not know her, but I just know that she was a unique person. Trust in God. Hannah's life is changed, not ended. God accepts us more than we accept ourselves. We are, after all, His children. God bless, John.

By: 3dpho on 2/7/07
I'm so sorry.

By: Aral3D on 2/8/07
We all pray for you and your family..Hannah won't suffer anymore..we all miss her..Gode bless you all..

By: DennisReed on 2/8/07
I did not know of Hannah's Cancer, and explains a lot regarding her somewhat dark images. My deedpest sympathy to those that she loved, and loved her.

By: Stephaney70 on 2/9/07
Hannah's work is her legacy. I will remember her deep strength and kindness to noob artists such as myself.. To her loved ones; You have been blessed to have her in your life.
We will all miss her.. :(

By: shadowking1957 on 2/10/07
Extreemly sad to all on here i we see the wonderful words, God has another great artist do his stuff RIP lovely lady

By: Quitter on 2/13/07
Unfortunately for me, I didn't know Hannah but it is still terribly saddening to hear this news - my thoughts and prayers go to her family.

By: ffabris on 1/30/08
Still think of you a lot, Hannah.... I miss you so. :-(

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