In Memory of Francemi

It is with great sadness that we hear that Francoise Roy, known here as Renderosity member Francemi, passed away on April 4, 2012. Please join with us in sending our sincere condolences to her family and friends.

The following words are from France's friends at the club for 3D kids & cute toons lovers: Kids & Cute Toons Club (KCTC), that France had created in 2007.

This page is a memorial to our dear friend France (known in some places as Francemi) from her virtual family at KCTC (Kids & Cute Toons Club).  She passed away on April 4, 2012, at the far too young age of 58, about a week after undergoing emergency open heart surgery. She leaves behind many beloved family members, and many many friends.

France's contributions to the 3d community are so extensive, and so far-reaching.

Let what she wrote on her Renderosity home page in 2009 speak for her:

"Hello! My name is France and I live in Quebec. I discovered the wonderful world of 3D in April 2004 when I bought Poser 5. I've learned quite a bit since then but I still have so many new things to discover!

I don't pretend to be an artist. I would call myself a computer addict and I love to learn how to use new software. I am retired and I play with PaintShopPro, Poser and Bryce. (EDITED: Since DAZ released DS3A I have been using it instead of Poser. I think it is much easier to use and I get to see exactly what I'm doing while I pose my characters and props.)

What I have done so far in 3d World...

    * July 2004: created Sara's Fan Club that was managed by bnetta. I was too new to 3dWorld at that time to actually manage a group but when my suggestion to create such a group seemed to interest many Poser Forum users, I asked for someone to create it with me and manage it: Netta volunteered and she did a great job!

    * November 6, 2004: 3dSaraCreations (a group of generous and talented artists who worked hard together to give you wonderful freebies). We had to close 3dSC but our freebies are still available at or  at

    * Spring 2006: Bought my own domain name and webspace  and moved my website from Jeff's server

    * August 14, 2007: created an exclusive Club for 3D kids & cute toons lovers: Kids & Cute Toons Club. I had often felt that my freebies were not appreciated when they were for kids or cute toons. There were only a few replies to my messages in various forums so I decided to group all these people together in a place where we can enjoy what we like without being snubbed by "purist" artists. It is a fun club and over these 2 full years we have built a very close-knit virtual family.

    * Fall 2008: started a new freebie website "KCTC Freebies" that hosts freebies from KCTC members who either don't have a website to host their freebies or simply want to contribute to our group's website."

And what she didn't say -

France was endlessly generous with her time and her talent.  Since her death, we have heard from so many people who learned from her, were inspired by her, or who use the amazing freebies she created over the years. There is also a wealth of images, some of which are in her Renderosity Gallery here:

Many of her creations are at the KCTC freebie site and others are at her sharecg account

She was an excellent teacher, an outstanding artist, and most of all, a devoted and fierce friend.

Some of us at KCTC had almost daily contact with her since she started our group in 2007, and we can't even express how much of a loss we feel to not have her there, chatting, sharing all our our ups and downs, making us laugh, and teasing us (she so loved to tease us!). 

Whether or not you believe there is a heaven, we hope you will imagine France this way - pain-free, forever young in body as she was at heart, happily dancing and singing with some cute and toony friends in the clouds. A celestial jukebox of her favorite songs (some sung by her - she had a lovely singing voice and a lovely speaking voice as well) plays merrily, steadily somewhere on a cloud behind her.

France - you will live on through your work, through those you have touched, and in the hearts of all of us who love you.

With love from your virtual family at KCTC

The following are two images France had yet to post in her Renderosity Gallery...


A winter render (Winter was France's favorite Season, and Christmas her favorite holiday...)

Biggi's Winter Wonderland
Rocco the Reindeer
AmphiBackdrop 2
Background by tridymite

Quebec River

Quebec River

Cute boat by Mrsparky (free)
IC3 MATs - HoboBo
Gumdrops - LadyLittlefox
Gumdrops Clothes - Trudy, Dorkati and LLF
Gumdrops Textures - Me
Alexios Hair, Agent Hair, Punk Sadie Hair and another one we don't see. Laughing
Natural Smoke - Kayhan (in the chimney but we don't see it that much)

The Renderosity Community extends our deepest sympathies and best wishes to France's family and friends. She will be greatly missed.

We invite you to take some time to view France's Renderosity Gallery, and join with us in sending condolences to her family and friends.

~The Renderosity Staff and Community

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