In Memory of Fishbiproduct [Christian Vandenberg]

Memorial by Dee-Marie

 On December 29, expert Rhino modeler Christian Vandenberg, at the young age of 44, lost his short but heroic battle with cancer.

Christian joined Renderosity in 2001, under the nickname of Fishbiproduct and soon became a vital and beloved member of our community. Christian was a world traveler, leaving his birthplace France at the age of 22. His wanderlust for new adventures drove him to live and work as a diamond setter and custom jewelry designer in Singapore, Australia, and finally to California.

During the last phases of his short life, he called Los Angles home, where three years ago he became an American citizen. Throughout his life Christian had an overwhelming passion for vintage fighter planes, especially those from the World War I and World War II era.

Mark Lawrence, one of Christian’s close friends, shared this story, “Some of Christian’s friends were known to tease him that he had obviously died young in his previous life, no doubt in a dogfight with a German Air Macht, and that this was the source of his obsession with these aircraft in this life. Those who knew Christian were certain that he gave better than he got in these imagined battles.

In 1997 Christian encountered a new passion, when he purchased his first computer. In the beginning he used his computer solely to bring life to his jewelry designs, finding that it gave him great freedom to draw his visions in 3D, before crafting the “real” thing. His love for 3D modeling soon combined with his passion for vintage aircrafts, and it was at that moment that the Rhino artist, that the Renderosity community came to admire, was born!

The Renderosity galleries are filled with amazing and talented 3D artists, and Christian was among the top Rhino modelers. What set him apart from the crowd was his genuine thoughtfulness and eagerness to lend a helping hand. He always took time out of his busy schedule to post encouraging and supportive comments to artist’s gallery images, as well as guidance to friends as well as newbie modelers within the Rhino forum. For all his talent, Christian was a humble man, who made no distinction between advanced artists and beginners, he treated all artists with equal respect — and, the Renderosity community beloved him for his, talent, his kind heart, and his thoughtfulness.
Comment from Renderosity on Christian’s above image Mig 3
glenartist: “You have perfected one of the finest models of an airplane I have ever seen! The time you have spent on detail and blending and fairing all the lines, is a testimonial to your eye for form and beauty. I admire your ability to stick to the ’idea’ of getting it right even if you have to re-build. You have set a standard of lofty dimension to aspire to. The path to perfection is only archived by the few who have the fortitude to work hard at their craft, you have the gift!”
© Christian Vandenberg [Fishbiproduct]
Aside from designing jewelry, fighting imaginary battles in vintage war plans, and enjoying his love affair with the computer and 3D modeling — Christian enjoyed good food and drink, dressing in his own personal style, and riding his Honda 650 turbo motorcycle.
Although Christian loved LA and was very proud of his newly obtained American citizenship, he still had the heart of a Frenchman and a wonderful sense of subtle wit. One of his favorite pastimes was casually sitting in a sidewalk café, drinking very expensive small cups of exotic coffee, smoking strange handmade cigarettes, and poking fun at California culture. He was also not afraid to poke fun at himself, and his humor showed through his online persona and his self-imposed nickname of Fishbyproduct!
© Christian Vandenberg [Fishbiproduct]
When he was first diagnosed in early December, instead of feeling sorry for himself when he knew that his days were numbered, and his body, as he stated, was in a “downward spiral” due to his incurable fast growing cancer, Christian put his fellow 3D artists first in his thoughts.
© Christian Vandenberg [Fishbiproduct]
Christian last wishes, in his own words; “I'd like to donate my models (aircrafts, etc.). It's a passion I have, and I think you'll understand I don't want all this to just gather dust on a broken hard-drive when I'm gone. I want my models to keep flying, floating, whatever they do. That'll make me smile.” Mark, was among the many friends who sat at Christian’s bedside during the last days, and he reflected on Christian’s last words. “Christian said bravely that his life was obviously organized in 22 year cycles, and it was time for him to move on to the next stage.” Christian never married or had children. He is survived by his parents and brother who live in France; and his sister Marie who lives in Australia. Christian is deeply missed by his many Southern California friends, and of course by the Renderosity community. We all share in the sorrow of yet another of our family being taken from us, especially at such a young age.
© Christian Vandenberg [Fishbiproduct]
Please join with us in sending Christian's family and friends our prayers, thoughts, and best wishes. Christian [Fishbiproduct] you shall be missed greatly! But never forgotten! May your wings take eternal flight! The Renderosity Staff and Community
We invite you to visit:
  • Christian’s Renderosity Art Gallery
  • Christian’s Personal Web Site
  • January 23, 2006
    It was Christian's wish that these files be made publicly available for the art community to enjoy:
    Filename Size
    engine bay mask.3dm 17,889
    nose cone one piece.3dm 36,082
    S5.jpg 71,259
    S2.jpg 84,787
    S3.jpg 86,373
    S4.jpg 134,093
    Produced design.jpg 277,532
    3 Rows metal only.JPG 336,912
    3 Rows saphire.JPG 380,507
    5 Rows metal only.JPG 419,707
    5 Rows saphire.JPG 448,485
    Christian Vandenberg Laguiole knife.3dm 3,408,131
    Christian Vandenberg Oil lamp.3dm 3,571,737
    Christian Vandenberg Chess-set.3dm 4,104,445
    3 rows alone.3dm 5,666,854
    5rows alone.3dm 9,432,442
    Christian Vandenberg Tugboat.3dm 16,065,429
    Christian Vandenberg Polikarpov I-16.3dm 17,346,725
    Christian Vandenberg MC 72.3dm 17,460,695
    Gregs Pave 3 Rows.3dm 18,296,343
    Gregs Pave 5 Rows.3dm 32,735,117
    conversion kit.3dm 40,410,411
    Christian Vandenberg Mig 3 short nose.3dm 78,567,823
    Christian Vandenberg Mig 3 long nose.3dm 80,000,050

    Created by Christian Vandenberg AKA "Fishbiproduct"
    2004/2005 Have fun with it and thank's for looking.

    _ Some moveable parts are presented in both "opened" and "closed" positions, in different layers. Vents, landing gears, windshield, etc.

    _ Other moveable parts are provided with their rotation axis (found in the "rotation axes" layer). These are parts such as rudder, ailerons & flaps. I use 3D-rotation for these. Rudder rotation will be a bit "difficult", I poorly conceived it...sorry :)

    _ The entire aircraft can be rotated from a "flying" position to a "landed" position through an axis that runs through the wheel's centers. You'll find it easily.

    _ One *small* detail..: this model was never meant to be "texture-friendly"

    2005-04-23 - Stand 542Sm_Prog001.flv

    2005-04-28-Slant Stands.fla

    My methods:
    _Embedded videos (.swf), such as "flyover" animations or videos on the Snap badge website, I create with Flash (Now you have to learn Flash-proper... :) ) Flash uses a script similar to java and that's what I use to create control-buttons ( play/ pause/ frame by frame) I also add captions in Flash for videos such as the Snap badge demos. Attached is one of my Flash file, ( "Slant Stand") so you'll see everything: coding for buttons, tweenings for captions, the use of masks, etc