In Memory of Dirk Monteny [D.C.Monteny]

It is with great sadness that we post that on November 4, 2008, Dirk Monteny [D.C.Monteny] lost his lengthy battle with cancer. Dirk was known to a great many here as not only a talented artist, but a great friend.

Please join with us in sending our sincere condolences to his family and friends. He will truly be missed.

From Dirk's wife, Linda:

Hi all,

Besides an animal lover, Dirk was very passionate about his friends, music and philisophy/science/literature books...but especially about his creative art and poetry.

He loved to share his work and knowledge, and thanks to Renderosity he could do this. He tried to say goodbye to you all in person, but the cancer got him first. But, I'm sure he wanted to wish you all good luck and happines.

Thank you all, for your kind thoughts and condolences.

Love, Linda



The following is a selection of gallery images from the Renderosity Community in memory of Dirk Monteny.

~In Loving Memory-D.C.Monteny~
by Dinhi
Fate-twister (for Dirk)
by XenoDreamSoftware
The Last Ray (Goodbye Dirk)
by bpclarke
In Memory of Dirk
by Cosine
Sweet Memories, 'Dirk'
by CarolSassy
by Jennyfnf
Pushing the limits ( Dirk Monteny)
by mansco
For Dirk
by fractalinda
The Journey-In memory of Dirk
by kansas
For Dirk
by avalonfaayre
by renderix
outrun the dragon
by gateman45
In the Silence of the Web
by carlx
Freedom of The Soul (for Dirk)
by Juliette.Gribnau
World in Chains
(In Memoriam Dirk C. Monteny)

by pixart1
In memory of...
by efron_241
Be Mad About Life
- in memory of D.C. Monteny

by amota99517
A tribute to Dirk
by dragonmuse

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Member Opinions:
By: ChaosOutlaw on 11/17/08
I just lost my own father on October 5th of this year so I can empathize. I am so sorry for your loss. Your husband was a great artist and will be missed in our community.

By: Markske on 11/17/08
Wonderfull memorial. I'm sure Dirk would be very pleased with all those touching tributes!

I'm keeping my promise Dirk, but I could never give back what you give me all those years. You were truly to good for this world my friend. Now you've passed I sometimes imagine you creating fractals in the stars with a godlike beauty, just as you did here on renderosity. I hope I'll meet you there someday so you can teach me XD as well as you have teached me here to open my mind for art. I'm missing you but it's a great confort to know that all your suffering is over. May you rest in peace my friend.
With love, Mark

Keep an eye on his gallery and personal site (
As Dirk's nephew, I promised him to keep posting his work. Yesterday we've made several backups of his pc. It will take me some weeks putting everything in order. At first site, there are no works made after his last postings on renderosity but I've found more than enough to cover years of monthly postings :-)

By: kansas on 11/17/08
I get so chocked up when Dirk comes to my mind. The right words just don't come. He was in my prayers daily for all those months of his illness. He was a remarkable person and artist. He will not be forgotten.

I am pleased that his personal website will be maintained.

By: CarolSassy on 11/17/08
I'm gonna miss him a LOT. Thank you for the special message.

By: Rainastorm on 11/17/08
your family has our most sincere condolences...

By: ForbiddenWhispers on 11/18/08
I'm so sorry for your loss. My condolences are with you at this unhappy time.

By: DreamWarrior on 11/18/08
I'm very sad. He was loved by all who knew him here, because it showed he was a great person. We're gonna miss him deeply.

By: romanceworks on 11/18/08
I didn't know Dirk but from viewing his gallery and reading his words, I wish I had. My condolences to his family and friends and I think it's just wonderful of his nephew to continue to keep Dirk's art alive.

By: alida on 11/18/08
i didn't know him but want to present my condonlences to his family

By: spiegel428 on 11/18/08
His art was an inspiration. My condolences to his family and friends.

By: Sivana on 11/18/08
It´s so sad that he has passed so young. He really was an excellent artist. My condolences to his widow, family and friends!

By: QUEST-CHRONICLER on 11/20/08
May his Soul rest in Perfect Peace, AMEN.

By: bpclarke on 11/20/08
Dirk's talents were not only in creating art for looking at but in his magic for for weaving a story with words as well. At times bleak at other times filled with laughter. I will miss his talent and work greatly. A courageous man of great heart.

By: mansco on 11/21/08
We all have lost a very special and creative person. My condolences to his family and friends.
Keep on smiling for ever my friend!

By: tresamie on 11/21/08
My sincere condolences on the loss of this remarkable man. His art has brightened the lives of many, touching their souls with beauty.

By: joefraq on 11/22/08
I will miss Dirk SO much. What an inspirational person!

By: summer1412 on 11/22/08
I give my deepest sympathies to Dirk's wife and family. He was a great talent here, adore by many and an inspiration to even more. He created thought-provoking pieces, visual smorgasbords of what was in his mind and spirit. His work will live on through Renderosity, his friends, his family, and all who knew and loved him.
He will be terribly missed.

By: matrixmode on 11/23/08
I'll miss him. I'm sorry I just never know what to say at times like this. Instead Linda, I would just give you a warm hug and just hold you for a little while and hope that somehow in a small way some sadness may be lifted from your soul.

By: SolidusSoft on 11/23/08
My deep condolences to all his family and friends. Your artwork was and is a true inspiration, as well as your personality. Rest in peace!

By: hmatienzo on 11/23/08
Always in our hearts, Dirk! Go and paint the sky all sorts of stunning fractals for us...

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