In Memory of DeanCarl - "Dean Shaffer"
If you are a Bryce artist, you most likely know of DeanCarl [Dean Shaffer]. For the past five years, Dean has been a vital part of the Renderosity family, and especially of the Bryce community. His gallery images reflected his love of art and nature.
Days End � DeanCarl [Dean Shaffer].
We are saddened to report, that yet another amazing artist has lost his valiant battle with cancer. In Dean�s case it was lung cancer. We shall greatly miss this remarkable man, not only for his artwork, but more importantly, we shall miss the man himself: his sharp wit, wonderful sense of humor, and willingness to help and give to others, even in his days of darkness � he believed in his art, his friends among the art community, and the hope of living each day to its fullest! A direct quote from Dean: "I decided on no chemo or heavy radiation. I'm going to live life while there's life to be lived, one glorious day at a time!" For a glimpse into Dean�s final months, we invite you to read his journal postings on the Lung Cancer Support Community. Our prayers and thoughts go out to his lovely wife Gay. Please join with us in sending Dean's family and friends our condolences. We also invite you to take a few moments to view Dean's Renderosity Gallery Dean shall be missed greatly! The Renderosity Staff and Community!

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Member Opinions:
By: fracturedmoon on 9/12/05
Bless Dean and his family... his art and appreciation for life are an inspiration.

By: chemicalbrother on 9/12/05
its always sad when a fellow artist passes on....... my thoughts go out to deans family

By: SndCastie on 9/12/05
My thoughts and prayers are with you Gay and your family and friends he will truely be missed.


By: seaayre on 9/12/05
Godspeed, Dean. Hugs for your family and friends.

By: trev3k on 9/12/05
I'm very sorry to hear this. Dean was a large part of the PSP community here and at 3DC a few years ago (as well as the Bryce community). A very nice man with a wonderful sense of humor who was always ready to lend a helping hand. He will be missed.

My condolences to Gay.

By: Turtle on 9/12/05
Very sorry for your Lost. Dean did it his way, and now he is at Peace.

By: pmce on 9/12/05
Be rested in peacefull world of God Dean !!

By: MariaAJMD on 9/12/05
I'm very sorry to hear about Dean. I never knew him because I'm still so new here. He and his family are in my Prayers. May Dean rest in peace.

By: tda42 on 9/13/05
Any loss is of great one. But how he live it was more to gain. My prayers go out to this great artists family whom I sure will miss him very deeply as so shall we.

By: jjean21 on 9/13/05
I didn't know the man but I have the utmost respect for his strength and his determination to live his life his way. My thoughts and sympathies go out to Dean's family and friends.

By: Dutch_Wally on 9/13/05
Rest in peace Dean. You will be missed.

By: Gilraen on 9/13/05
The battle is done, now rest your weary head.
This is a sad loss. My thoughts and prayers are with Gay, family and friends. Gods speed.

By: mosca1 on 9/13/05
by Dean...

By: Singular3D on 9/13/05
I saw Dean's remarkable art for the first time about four years ago. He had a certain style with his Drow and Chrome pictures. His postwork made his art unique. I was very sad, when I heard of his sickness at the end of 2003, but he fought a long and brave battle. He's in a better place now where we all may follow. Now rest in peace. You will not be forgotten
- Singular3D aka Tintifax

By: Rot-Tigerchen on 9/13/05
Dean, your spirit will never die... your artwork will ever last in our minds and hearts.


By: whiteknight43612004 on 9/13/05
Hopefully God is a Renderosity subscriber, because now he has an opportunity to have, at His side, another creator...of beauty.

By: mejed on 9/13/05
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. God Bless.

By: TANZA on 9/13/05
No one could fail to be moved by Deans words in his Journal. A truly remarkable man who lived his life to the full. My condolences to Deans wife.

By: bclaytonphoto on 9/13/05
Dean was one of my first "artists Friends" on the web...Thank you Dean for that...

By: Dr Zik on 9/13/05
DeanCarl was one of the early legends of what began as The Poser Forum and evolved into Renderosity. His beautiful work, advice, and support will be mised.

Dr Zik

By: EricofSD on 9/14/05
Not only are his images an amazing work of expression... take the time to read Dean's poetry and verbal expression. A message takes many forms. It takes the form of imagery, it takes the form of word pictures, and it takes the form of life and passing. God bless and best wishes to Dean's new life and his family among us.

By: billmiles on 9/14/05
Dean was an inspiration to all artists he will be missed by us all .BM.

By: sargebear on 9/14/05
Dear Gay,
i am truly sorry that dean has left us. But he isn't forgotten, i remeber sending you and dean checks to help you get by until you heard word form the Govt. i want to thank you for sending me the letters on his progress. i was praying he would be doing ok. i sort of know what he is and has gone thru, for i myself found out that i was terminal with liver cancer. And i too am trying to get the govt help also. Dean will be missed by all.We love his models, his poems, and the heart of gold he had. im sorry that he is gone, but he is at ease now and always will be with you everywhere you go, for love never dies, it is the memories that will live on forever. Gay, stay strong, keep your chin up and remeber that you and Dean will always be in our hearts. i'm glad and proud that i was able to help you both in your time in need. Dean is safe, Dean is at peace, and alway remeber this, even though he is gone, his heart of love is with you, and we won't forget him. God bless you, and Dean. He is in safe hands now:) IF you need anything please contact me and i will see what i can do to help you in anyway i can.
Micahel G Brooks, ( aka SARGE)

By: warren_m72 on 9/14/05
God gave us the gift of this man. Dean gave us the gift of his art. Now, God has called his child to him but not his memories or his art. My prayers go out to his family, close & extended. Rest in Peace, Dean.


By: jif3d on 9/14/05
Not good, another brill artist gone...he will be missed, but his art, will still be seen by many. Peace Jif3d.

By: MikeArizma on 9/14/05
It's a sad time indeed. I had, in his earlier days working with our tools, discussed with him or critiqued pieces that he would show me. He did truly love to create, and probably to leave a bit of a legacy for the time he knew would eventually come. Perhaps it might just be a part of our desire to become unique in our own particular style of art, to leave a part of us behind that cannot die for anyone who cares to see it.

By: shortgrey on 9/14/05
A White dove....went back...Home....embracing....from the Universe of Love....all the people.......Hats off, Dean....Stream your light...down over us.....


By: kokuryu on 9/14/05
Another great artist gone... It's so sad... My heart and prayers go out to his family. Rest in peace Dean!

By: shifty1 on 9/14/05
Remember seeing his art work when I joined this sight,a while ago,as I`m a complete newbie at 3d was stunned by what Dean created.
A very sad loss.
My condolences to all who knew him,especially his family.
God Bless You All.

By: hapin-n on 9/14/05
Dean was a very unique Artist, a fighter these last few years, and will always be remembered thru his works.Prayers and thoughs are always for your family

By: KimberlyC on 9/15/05
My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends. He will be missed.

By: caleb68 on 9/15/05
May peace find his soul. Sorry to see yet another artist taken down by lung cancer. This makes 4 i've read about just this month alone :( remember the happy times, keep the memories dear, if you do, they will last forever.

By: Helen on 9/15/05
Such a sad day. Our loss is the angels gain.

My heartfelt condolences go to Gay.


By: RnRWoman on 9/15/05
So sorry to hear such sad news. Prayers and condolences go out to his family. May God watch over them and bring them emotional and physical healing. And May God watch over him in Heaven. God Bless you all.

By: MrMad on 9/15/05
Blessings for this man and his family.

By: weesel on 9/15/05
Dean lives on his work. He had a most memorable style. Condolences to his family. Their loss is perhaps more personal, but this is truly a communal loss.

By: dalakit on 9/15/05
I am grateful to the whole community for your talents and your liberality not only to express that talent but also to share it generously with others... I am sorry to hear about the loss of one of your great artist... May God's comfort be with Dean's loved ones.

By: shhhzzzz on 9/16/05
Condolences to Dean's family.May you ,Dean,have a good time with the artists Michaelangelo,Leonardo,Van Goth,The Muses in the great beyond!

By: mikekoh on 9/18/05
Another great artist the victim of lung cancer. Whether a victim is a smoker or not, with out polluted air on Earth, I have no doubt there will be more lung cancer victim. What contribute to our air pollution? Smoking, bush fires, Indonesia farm burning, illegal loggin burning, etc. If we do not awake to these, one thing I can said, Earth will no longer able to substain life soon. So let selfish kill ourselves then. Ignore this message and let the next generation suffers then.

My prayer goes to Dean and family.

By: seishonagon on 9/18/05
In returning to Renderosity after a long absence is sad to know of Dean's loss, surely one of the bets known artists in Renderosity. Condolences to the family and thanks Dan for your work

By: TwoPynts on 9/19/05
A very sad thing and my deepest condolences to Dean's family. He will live on through them and through his art.

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