Improved MarketPlace Search

MarketPlace Search Improvements

Finding the right product for your next project has never been easier thanks to the most recent enhancements to Renderosity's MarketPlace Search Feature!

The Renderosity Team has been hard at work to ensure that the site's Search tool will deliver a much improved set of products based on a users input. Starting today, Renderosity members can expect to find much more relevance placed on a products name and associated keywords than in previous versions of this feature. Also, many subtleties such as a user who enters a singular version of a product name such as 'gun' might find that the plural version (guns) may have previously been left off the search results page entirely. This will help in providing the user a much more thorough list of relevant MarketPlace Products to their results page.

Behind the scenes, MarketPlace Administrators and Testers are also reviewing and advising vendors on suggested changes of any and all keywords during the product upload phase to assist in your search. This will help in keeping result sets relevant to each and every search going forward.

The Renderosity MarketPlace Staff is looking forward to receiving any comments and suggestions that you may have while searching the MarketPlace.

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