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Searching for 3D content just got easier!

Finding 3D models, resources & other digital content in the Renderosity MarketPlace just got easier!

You, the MarketPlace customer, have spoken - and Renderosity has listened! We have upgraded the Search function within the MarketPlace to better aide you in finding the products you need faster and more accurately. Starting immediately, whenever you enter a term in the Search box on the MarketPlace homepage, you will see a more efficient return on your results!

How have we done this? Our "Search Team" has analyzed top terms searched within the MarketPlace on a daily basis, and used this information to optimize your search results using keywords, department names & product titles. We have also added the ability to search for two-letter words and abbreviations, such as Terai Yuki (TY) or Michael 4 (M4). Two-letter words/abbreviations can now be searched in the MarketPlace as well as other popular areas of the site such as Galleries and Free Stuff!

To further assist you while searching for products, we have also included a suggestion function into the Search Bar that will recommend common search terms as you type! Example: If you begin typing clo the suggestion feature will recommend the term clothes. If that is the term you were looking for, just click and you'll be on your way. It's that easy!

Not sure how all this search stuff works? The kind folks at the University of California-Berkeley have compiled a nice list of basic and advanced commands for search, which is sometimes also known as a Boolean Search. You can read the tips in PDF format here. This helpful guide will help improve your search habits not just on Renderosity, but on many other places on the web!

Due to the dynamic nature of our new search process, it will always be updating to reflect popular searches within the MarketPlace. New words will be added to the suggestion feature, and search refinement will continue to improve! If you have any questions about the improved search within the MarketPlace, email

This is an ongoing project to improve Renderosity as a whole, and we thank you for your continued feedback!


Member Opinions:
By: maraich on 5/28/09
Always appreciate improvements - thanks! It still does not appear to do searches based on partial words though (ie. put in "hen" to search for "henseki" and you will get no returns). Is that something you'll be adding at a later date?

By: louly on 5/28/09
Yes, finally :) I've asked for that feature every time you did a client survey. I just tried it and it works. I did a search on M4 poses and I got excellent results, it even found M4 poses included in props packs. Congrats!

By: Daymond42 on 5/28/09
It's a long time coming, and oh my goodness, I love it. Finally, finding things for TY2 is a bit easier.

By: WarmFuzzies on 5/28/09
A boolean search is much appreciated! I'll try it out soon.


By: infinity10 on 5/28/09
Sure, Rendo MP is not as big a place as the whole Internet. But what's said here makes it appear that there is some manual tweaking, in order to get "suitable" results. That's a bit of extra work, ain't it ? I am looking forward to more meaningful search results in teh MP, certainly.

By: Thetis on 5/29/09
Thank you. Love the boolean functions! Made interesting findings while trying out the new search. Maybe some otherwise forgotten things will be unearthed this way.

*****Question: Part strings or not?
There seems to be a part string function like *dog*. It found "DogPound2" for example.

But then I searched for a character for M4 from which I knew only the name was "Sam". So I searched for sam, *sam, for *sam* and for a good measure I tried even *Sam*. None of these found Pepita's PDSam, which I was looking for.

By: Cimarron on 5/29/09
Fantastic news, I've been waiting and asking for this in every survey, thank you!

By: zxcv on 5/29/09
About time.

By: RobynsVeil on 5/30/09
Excellent - keen to try it out! Would be cool to implement an improved search for forums as well...

By: contrafibbularities on 5/30/09
It was about time to implement a proper search engine. In my opinion it will help sales, among other things. I for one am buying more at Renderosity now that I'm able to actually find the product I'm looking for - and not just hundreds of hits for any search term I enter. So, well done!

Further helpful improvements would be direct links to "required products", and links to products used in the promo images.

By: jb11 on 5/30/09
Tried a boolean - M4 AND texture
It returned M4 and unrelated (V4, general 2D) textures. In other words it worked like an OR but clearly not returning every match (291 title, 382 keyword). Without the AND the result was the same. Tried other AND searches and found the same bug.

Also when you click in the search box to modify search terms, the box resets to empty. Would be nice if it stayed.

By: donnena on 5/30/09
now, please make the Search on every other page work the same way. or Remove the option and force us to search from the Market Place home page only!

By: mishamcm on 5/30/09
Well, it's something, but I still find the marketplace painful to use. You can't combine this improved search with a filter like "Sale items only"; the only way to get a list of what's on Sale is to get the entire store. You also can't sort the results by "newest first" or "lowest price first". If I'm looking for something specific, this helps, but browsing the store is still excrutiating.

By: Flash178 on 5/30/09
Loved it. Nice work guys!

By: eschen on 5/30/09
Well done. Finally, I get correct GND answers. Although, the separation in title and keywords result makes no sense to me. Would be more useful to get the most relevant off all hits on top of a list. If you use "GND" the GND 4.0 is not shown on the "first page". Very strange.

By: Strixowl on 5/30/09
YES !!

By: jeanne_50 on 5/30/09
Thank you for making the search easier! And thank you very much for the nice present I found when I tried it!! :):)
Keep up on doing the good work.

Love, Jeanne

By: WandW on 5/30/09
*jane* finds Xena's "Mary Janes for all Milleniumm Gals", but neither of Take's "MaryJanes"

By: fractalartist01 on 5/31/09
This is great! Thank you. :)

By: dofin1 on 6/1/09
This is great idea, it’s faster and easier. Thanks a lot!

By: Darsa on 6/2/09
This is the one thing I crabbed about on the survey, the Search feature. Much nicer now, thank you! :D

By: Ilenora on 6/3/09
D: Is there any way to just view 'All Results'? I searched Fairy to see if I can find any nice fairy related props, and I really don't want to view 'View All X Matches' for each category. It's annoying and I'd far rather have the option to view every result.

By: Jazzmin on 6/6/09
Yay! Thank you :0)

By: Justmel on 6/7/09
The search results are so much better now. It's a lot easier, glad you finally changed it!

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