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About me? Hmmmmm....

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*NEWS!*  Have a Blog site now! Come see new stuff and keep eyes out for works in progress ;)


Oh heavens what would anyone like to know?

I'm a OCD insominac who lives for art,  my husband can attest to the fact of all of the above as he usually finds me slaving away on my newest project at three in the morning. 

I'm into just about every art medium I can get my hands on save painting.... that one still eludes me as the moment I pick up paintbrushes they spontaneously shed ;)

Let's see, my most common name is 'Jinx' based both on a role playing character I played for a multitude of years and for having an unfortunate propensity for breaking electronics simply by being in the same room with them.   I have been permanently banned from several server rooms at the houses of friends, go through scanners and mice at about one a year as they just cease to function and in the space of about 8 days at Walt Disney World with my best friend 16 rides broke down with me either in line, on them or passing a little too near them... was stuck inside space mountain for 45 mins ;)  The name has since stuck and I am usually to blame for all gremlin infestations in my proximity ;)

Yes I do actually weld, used to glass blow, do seamstress work, decorate cakes, sling henna, and I'm even a trained machinist, used to teach it.  I'm a Mech. Tech. Engineer graduate who got pregnant (intentionally, minds out of the gutters ;) ) and decided that teaching machine shop to Electrical Engineers, specially with the cleaners I used, was gunna be a bad idea.  Took the year off and discovered 3dWork in poser was exactly what I loved.  That was 8 years ago and here I am now ;) Developing for Poser full time, the occasional contract work and tooning my heart out.... loving every minute of it.

My stuff is usually found over at where I team up frequently with some really great folks,  especially Capsces and Redspark and Anat and Island Girl and TT and Rebel Mommy and Momcat and........ oh heavens, just look at the artist list, we're an insane group of collaborators over there.

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