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...'Full-on' multimedia artist, born in Kenya, East Africa, graduated in Fine Art & moved on..... My website:

Painted from an early age in East Africa..... (& moved about a lot)... Graduated in Fine Art in South Africa.......Relocated to the UK, and continued studying Graphic Design, photography, music.... Freelanced as an Illustrator all over the place... and lectured in painting and figure drawing, in the UK... Started my 'computer art' on an Amiga 500, (surely before many of you were born).... Returned to Africa ... (and started to get 'serious' with CG).....My early days of 3D were on the Amiga - with Cinema (yes, it was around back then); Imagine; Caligari; Real 3D... and anything else I got my hands on...... For some years I continued to freelance in illustration / design / animation / video graphics, to numerous ad agencies & production houses....Only managed the occasional 'playtime' with 3D Illustration, (with programs like Infini-D; Strata & Lightwave...) while trying to maintain my fine art , although somehow that had 'moved into' wildlife art.... - Then about 4 years ago, set up a multimedia partnership, with Maya as our 'flagship'...... But thru a series of 'events', I left the partnership & Africa, and found my way back to England..... where I am slowly 'rebuilding'.....(Without the means to repurchase Maya, I 'switched' to Cinema4D as my 3D program of choice, ('reunited' again after so many years & enjoying it!!)....

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