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Good lord.. I've really got to get on this whole update thing, don't I?


Tell you what... I'll promise to try, if you all promise to believe me and forgive me when I forget again, yes?



See? Everyone wins :)

Let's see.. Where were we? Ah yes.. I'd left RDNA, my home away from home due to growing physical issues that were preventing me from working. Hardly seemed fair for me to stay there that way, as there were so very many incredibly talented artists capable of fulfilling the quota required and here I was busy getting my spinal nerves burnt off.

Nevertheless, I am alive and remarkably enough, actually on the road to recovery at long last. When I began my therapy a few years ago, it was presented as something along the lines of a 'once in a while thing' and that I'd be back to normal ( or as 'normal' as I get, anyway) in no time.

That was what.. 2? 3 years ago now? That will teach me to listen to doctors.


Yes. Better is good. I got here without the help of the medical community, ironically  enough. By the time they had finished with me I was unable to walk without a cane and told to expect a wheel chair within 6 months. That was 7 months ago and I've been without a can for three of those and in less pain for two.

Can anyone say 'Insurance milking'?

Ahh see? I knew you could :)

So here I am. Painting on commision now and working in 3d and doing the texture thing here as well again. It's nice, even if it isn't like it used to be. I still adore doing it and thus being ABLE to do it doesn't suck either, no?

And there we have it. An actual update! Try to contain your wonder ;)

Now perhaps I will get less emails from people wondering where I am and where all my stuff went! :P




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