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My real name is Lars, and I live in Denmark. All my life I've been drawing and making pictures, occationally as a  "professional" but always with an amateur ("for the love of it") approach.
Being a proficient airbrush artist, the jump to computer graphics (Photoshop, Painter) wasn't all that hard for me, it was just a question of understanding how to employ the techniques to  this new medium.

In july -02 I dug into the world of 3D rendering for the first time, in Bryce 5. A truly fascinating experience! My computer has been rendering ever since ;o)
At the beginning I thought I'd be making lots of sci-fi stuff, but something happened right back from the early Bryce days: I started to look at trees and nature, the sky etc. in a new manner, or more intensely at least. I've always been a big fan of beautiful landscapes, and instead of sci-fi, I began a "quest" for 3D landscaping and beliveable environments.

Over the years, the 3D rendering has more or less taken over my creative endeavours. Vue became my application of choice from the start of 2003, with Poser, XFrog and Onyxtree as auxilliary programs. Plus a whole arsenal of new and ancient freeware, to be mentioned are Bantam3D Grass and Plantstudio.

- Lars Braad Andersen, 2010

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