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Welcome friends, fellow artists, visitors and accidental surfers! Yes you have arrived! Are you ready now to take a stroll along the tortuous paths of a troubled mind, caught between the real and surreal, confused by its own shortcomings and browbeated by its possibilities!

Name: Henk van Schepen Born: 11 sept. 1956 @ Den Haag, The Netherlands Married to Ludmila, 3 Daughters, Joy' 87, Victoria '89 and Kathleen, '90 In work I settled down as a printer after having numerous jobs,(you know, with kids come the responcebillity of a steady income) but in my heart I have always been an Artist. I have been thought the basics of painting by Sierk Schroder, one of the greatest portraitpainters of the last century!, and did a course in advertising and design. I'v done some freelance work over the years, illustrated books and ads, had a few vernissages, but never did I make enough money to make a living. in 1999 I got my first pc(pentium family,166mhz), and it was love at first site, I fooled around with Coreldraw a little, Photoshop 2. A year later I bought a real machine(for that time) a P 2 360/64mb/11.8 gb. and untill now I am still working with this one, with a lot of upgrades! Then I discouvered the real graphic programs, PS 7, Poser4/5, Bryce, Terragen, etc and now I am in desperad need of a new PC! for the things I want to do can not or hardly been done on this one. Now I'v started my own company (freelance)"Bull57-Creative Graphics", hopefully I make some extra money to make this dream come true! NEWSFLASH!!Bought myself a new machine!!!! P4 2,53 Gigahertz, 512 mb mem, 128 mb videocard, 80 gig 7200rpm harddisk, It will arive on8th of mai, SO SPEED AND RENDERPOWER WILL BE MINE TO! just have to live on water and bread for a wile ;op My complete works can be seen on: in the freestuff galerie there, you can find some poser textures I created over the yearsuse: I agree as a pasword.)sign the booK! Have fun with my galeries, mail me for help and Q&A Happy rendering!

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