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Elfmaid's Eyrie

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The artist of many talents and ambitions! Trying to stay on the reasonably modern edge of electronic art and collecting hair models to satisfy her ever growing Poser Addiction. Can often be found obsessively making textures in photoshop, only able to pry herself away from the computer for food, nature calls and major disasters...

I'm a 35 (almost 36, eek!) year old illustrator/ comic book artist who has been following the 3d computer arts for a while, on the outside looking in and wanting NEEDING to try it out. A long, hard, arduous and expensive process that I am slowly being able to cobble together enough programs to try my hand at it... FINALLY! I'm an old Quake skinner (created textures for player characters) for Quake 1, 2 and 3, a former member of the all-girl clan PMS (Psycho Men Slayers) Bitten by the texturing bug, I picked up a reduced price package of Poser 2, then Poser 3 update (or something like that, it was long ago) and not satisfied with the plastic looking people I abandoned it till Poser 4 blew me away! Now I have a copy of Poser 5 (thank you to my family last Christmas!) and am further nuked into the stratosphere! I finally obtained a copy of this amazing program and proceeded to teach myself how to use it by experiementing and then seeking online tutorials. The rest, as they say, is history. I considered myself a reasonably advanced user, but haven't even TOUCHED on cr2 editing. I primarily make textures, transmaps and bumpmaps so far, experimenting and learning a LOT. Last year I won a scholarship to enroll in a school for videogame art. This means I am now struggling to use my newbie modelling skills in Maya and Max, and trying not to give my computer flying lessons! I have managed to survive school, and am panicking looking for work in the field. Now I want to add to the freebies but have no idea where to begin! I am an unrepentant hair model collector (it's an addiction, I swear!) and can often be found digging through the freebies and marketplace drooling and whimpering.

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