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It's only a Klaus' Page !

-Klaus [Add Friend]

I chose a portrait of me painted by a friend, instead of a photograph of myself. The causes are explained below in my "bio".

I chose a portrait of me painted by a friend, because: 1)_I am, as you certainly are, one of the guests on a Fine Arts site, and then why not a painting instead of a photo-I.D. ! 2)_I like this painting that my friend did of me. 3)_It's true that I do not like to show myself, excepted for my proaches, because everybody knows I'm a "terrorist" (for a minority of people, happily !) who don't like me and I don't want my photo-I.D. appearing anywhere on the Web, or on any newspaper,(... are you crazy, who ever liked to be 'nailed' by some FBI, CIA, GESTAPO, German Bundes Stadt-Polizei French R.G., Geebee-Case,ex-Stazi, and so on...crazy cracked-heads milicians and for nothing important neither criminal, excepted try to tell the truth... _..or what I believe is true and good to say_ ...So, then, not a fool, not a criminal, or either "they stunk so bad, or it was very long ago, and so, then I was so angry...???!! I don't know anyone who likes to be harrased by any kind of police, any kind of lawyers, unsolliscited e-mails, mails,loans-providers, some too much "wunderbar" credit-cards offending or arrogant "offers" or anybody when he or she's not a criminal, or who having to be cohersitively "convinced" or "persuaded manu-militari" & in so many other "ways" that he or she MUST BE a mental case, certainly when he or she is not, and when they know very well that he or she (or they) is(are) not, knowing very well why they try this. (_End of paranoļa_) ...And after all, as most of us, I think I already had my bad times with that ! 3)_Because I always did what I wanted to do, and it's not today or tomorrow that this is going to change.(Though I know this can gives more ideas to some !!!... LOL) ...and I'm telling you, you can't not be too much of a "paranoiac" or a wacko, only trying & ....almost succeeding (...???!!!) doing such a thing, and try to be and stay free all your life...But I know "it hurts people when you don't live like them". I just have decided that it's must NOT be and will not be my problem from now on. (But I hear Joe saying:" Hey, Man, if you're not happy, why the heck don't ya go ?!") _About Art, I only did some two years fine arts in high-school between 11 and 16 years old, two hours a week, and some drawings with my dad, who once threatened me to "abandon" & lose me "alone" in the forest if I refused to paint the trees. ...Hey ! I was twelve years old...didn't want to get lost with all these wolves and these scary crows there ! So, sitting on a trunk of a dead tree, after some insects had bitten my butt...I began to take my pencil... _After that, I only became only an amateur about many things (working, even hard, but only when my body & my brains decided I could..), and amongst them...3D graphics ! _I just erased most of my 3D graphics a few days ago, but I really hope I'll have the time & freedom to make as many, or more new ones as before! -Not only my graphics, I always try to erase the little symphonies I compose from my synthesizer's buffer... Not been born for having a structured "carreer"_like my music or my graphics's style have no definite structure, if not my instinct, neither to become famous, and Gods, I prefer that ! ! ____________________ _I really appreciate this site, I thank the Adms. eventhough I admit do not agree with most of the TOS, or with some "updates" of the TOS. _Thank a LOT too to all the ones who ever happened to like what I do, because they certainly know that I am not a great artist, but I thank them just to like me, because that's good enough for me. See ya ! Renderosity's a GREAT HUGE museum, and it's thanks to YOU, Guys, you all are doing great Art & great job here !
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