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Anneliese Stehwien

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I'm not really a 3D artist type person. It's a bit beyond my abilities. I'm more of a 2D kinda gal. ;) I also have an Elfwood gallery. You should also visit two good friends of mine, Don Blaylock and Mike McAfee.

You actually wanna know stuff about me? Egads! Well, I'm married, live in New Mexico, was born in 1973 (you do the math), have an odd sense of humor and love to play video games all day ;) No, I don't know Spanish (altho I know some fun swear words!). I'm from NEW Mexico (the state), not the country Mexico :P I love fantasy games and novels, but I'm not a huge fan of sci-fi. Altho I do like sci-fi anime like Cowboy Bebop, Photon: The Idiot Adventures, Tenchi Muyo (pretty much things that have some humor to it). Yes, I admit it. I'm an anime fangirl (I'm a HUGE fangirl for Saiyuki and Bleach). And a typical one at that. I love bishounen men, yaoi, drool over Sephiroth and Zack (FFVII ftw!)... Le sigh... not much originality to me in that department ;) I play roleplaying games as well (I met my hubby that way ^_^ Sweet!). What do I play? Hmmm... generally I prefer fantasy games (Earthdawn, Talislanta, D&D, Amber, etc....). But I also play superhero games as well (Champions/Hero, Mutants & Masterminds, Silverage Sentinels, etc...). I do NOT like Star Trek (good lord, character creation sucks, takes too long, and the game is boring as all heck). As said above in my interests, I'm not a sci-fi fan. Yes, I do watch sci-fi, tho. Who couldn't love Babylon 5, Farscape or Stargate SG-1? And I admit it! I'm a Buffy fan ;) MMmmmm.... Spike.... *cough* Errr... don't mind that. Anyhoo, that's me. Kinda. There's more to me than that, but if I told you everything, I'd have to kill you. Or sneeze on you. Or something. Terms of Use: Yes, you may use my artwork for non-profit use; tubes, sigs, the whole enchilada. But only if my copyright information is on each of my images. I do ask that you also link back to one of my galleries if you're using it on the web :)

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