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Jim Talley

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Psychotic Dogma

Primarily I'm a musician. A English-style Progressive keyboardist
(Think of Genesis,Yes,Kansas,ELP). I have done conventional artwork and am now interested in 3d modeling. I am doing tons of experiments at the moment and I look forward to combining my interests by creating music for my animations.


My Featured image and link to my gallery:


I have been involved in arts all my life though you wouldn't know it by my gallery. I consider myself a Renaissance man. That is to say I draw, paint, sculpt, write and as mentioned earlier am a musician. But alas, evil pressures of society have caught up to me and have impaled and assailed me with clock like precision. This hinders my conventional medium musings. This is what brought me 3d. Initially, I pursued being a draftsman having a love for crisp lines (following a small diversion toward Marine Biology/BioChem). Subconsciously the love of lines lead me to love WIREFRAMES. For reasons I can't possibly guess, the hint of the female form in wireframe is endlessly fascinating.

I happened by Poser completely by accident and thought it would be a great way to doodle. The horrid release of P5 when it first came out sent me in search of something else - I settled in Lightwave ever since. The beauty of this is that it lets me create more than once. Meaning I get to Create a model, Create its Textures, Create a scene, Create an animation and Create its soundtrack. How cool is that?

After being asked to be a co-ord a while back, I wound up being a moderator when Moebius87 and Fillingim sought peaceful retirement. I've been Mod along side Zeno since that time and I'm sorry to say that Z has opted out for civillian life as well. So here in June of 2006, I'll have a fresh set of co-ords to break in.
Should be fun.

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