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Who's the Nuked Bug? The Nuked Bug was the plot for a small animated story I was going to make when I first got into 3D years ago, sufficient to say it still in the planning stage. The Nuked Bug was the sad victim of an evil experiment to test radiation exposure effects on dung bettles. The result was a bug with the power to glow in the dark and be very sarcastic whilst diying from radiation poisoning. I think I was in my goth period when I came up with this.

Geek wanna-be designer... Not smart enough to be a coder, not inspired enough to be creative. Like all 3D artists walking the thin line between programmer, animator, painter and sculptor, hoping to make something pleasing to the eye. At least we have each other to pat our backs. An Argy living in London, and loving it for the last 24 years. Getting on now, about to hit forty soon, but happy since I am married to the most loveliest, firiest southern italian chilly pepper I've ever tasted, who has just given me the loveliest little girl.
Don't care about the bombs, or the apparently rising crime rate, this city is still the dog's bollocks. Not a fan of the weather though, but then again, if you live here, nobody is.

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