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Kuroyume no Ojinja

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Born in Cherry Hill, NJ in 1964. Grew up in N.E. Philadelphia. Moved to Colorado in 1998, now residing in Parker, southeast of Denver. Have three chow-mix dogs and two horses. Whenever my confidence is high, I try to continue teaching myself Japanese. I am very much a Japanophile, especially related to samurai. Currently taking classes in ninpoutaijutsu (ninja techniques) and iaido (samurai swordsmanship) - yes, at my age. I am a humanist, skeptic, atheist, avid science follower, leaning toward introverted:antisocial:goth, possibly a tinge of autism (being researched) and most other things that annoy "normal" people who like the status quo. My "hobbies" are wide and varied. I enjoy studying Japanese language and history. Also reading - mainly nonfiction/technical. Have been playing guitar since 1982, taking up classical guitar in 1997 - since moving to Colorado have not sought a band or performances. Occassionally like to dabble in robotics, but it is an expensive hobby. Started as a traditional artist at age 5 with the goal of entering into an art school after high school. My major art influences were DaVinci, Michaelangelo, H.Bosch, Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, and Durer (where's that umlaut!). Instead, after discovering physics and computers, earned an Associates Degree in Electro-Mechanical Design while also doing computer programming on the side. Currently learning 3D CG to change careers and do character animation.

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