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Operation Rising Star

McAfee2000 [Add Friend]

Art dedicated to the Heroes that walk in the world of fantasy, science fiction, and the comics.

Currently living in Albuquerque, NM with the option to move, but that's if the spirits of the state let me leave. I've left twice and was sucked right back. I've been a Gamemaster, artist, written for Hero Games, co-authored CyberHero for Hero Games, avid comic book reader/collector, avid science fiction and fantasy reader/watcher, inactive SCA member, historian, shepherd of dreams, and boundary breaker. I'm also the co-creator of the Hero game world of Champion City/Rising Star/Millenium/and the Southwest Avengers. All these worlds were created with the held of my good friends and games, and without them there would be no games or stories to tell. I've been into art since I was in grade school drawing pictures of Godzilla. I've taken classes throughout my K-12 years, and some continuing education classes. All to try to find a medium to express all those images that fill my mind. I've tried many different formats, but then I discovered 3D. The years of playing fantasy, science fiction, and hero games has filled my mind with a multitude of images. In part because of an overactive imagination and writer, both seem to be key elements for Gamemasters, I hope to place those images down on paper. I dedicate all my work to those who helped fertilize my overactive mind: Tim Eyring and Michi Wada, Rob and Anneliese Stehwien, Charlie Crawford, Lawrence Yao, all those who have entered my life path for a short time, and my good friend Don Blaylock (TalonGE) for pointing me toward the 3D, Poser, and electronic arts. I also dedicate this to my good friend the late Mike Wellbaum, who I'm sure is vying for immortality on some other plane of existence. His overactive imagination provided many hours of torment to this GM and others. May his spirit continue to create wherever he is wondering. Sadly, I must also add one more to the list of passing heroes, Tim Eyring one of my oldest friends also passed. He lost his battle with diabeties. He will be missed, and probably waiting someplace with Mike Wellbaum warming up their dice for another game of AD&D or Champions - or whatever game is popular at the time.

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