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I'm 22 year old guy from Finland. I'm really into digital arts and music! I was bit by "fractal fly" this summer and got hooked right away. Check out my bio for "interesting" details.

:: History of my 3D :: I lived my first years in eastern Finland, about 100 kilometers to Russian border in a small town called Nurmes. In mid 80's our family moved into Lake-Finland area (about center of the country). As I grew older my relatives noticed that I had quite an imagination and that I learned very fast. My first encounter to 3D applications was at my father's workplace. At that time, windows wasn't so popular, and there was a computer running MS-DOS and some early version of 3D Studio. Raytracing wasn't invented yet (well, at least it wasn't in popular use) and render times were ridiculously long. One guy was making some pictures with it, and I was watching him for hours. Well, art of modelling and rendering was soon to be forgotten; after all I was about 8 years old. However, somewhere around new millennium I ran into 3D stuff again and got really excited. :: Present time :: After that I've worked with and tried several programs, sometimes intensively, sometimes having months of break... Now I'm having this 3D-phase again ;) The program I've used the most is no doubt 3D Studio MAX. I fell for landscapes earlier this summer, and worked a lot with Vue and Terragen. I really love these programs since they are really easy to use compared to MAX. Though, MAX is far better what comes to modelling, general usability and stability. Well, if I tried to list all pros and cons, this would become very long and boring story, if it isn't that already. That's nice, but later in midsummer I got hypnotized by several talented fractal artist's work and wanted to do fractals myself. So I downloaded brilliant programs Chaoscope and Apophysis and started making them! I posted my first fractal image on July 11th, and I believe that this is not a phase or anything but a status quo. I've found that fractal art is JUST the thing for me. Tell me, what other programs really INSPIRE you to do stuff? I'm in creative heaven's playground! :: Work :: I work in a little real estate enterprise as a general mr. "computer guy" and office clerk. I study at same time with apprenticeship contract. So after 1,5 years I'll become an estate agent. Now my job consists of everything you could imagine... One part I like most is driving around city with my bosses brand new Audi with digital camera and take pictures of houses we sell. And then photoshop them if necessary and upload them to our internet service. My boss has also noticed that I have eye for marketing material. So I'm greatly responsive of our firms ads. My greatest archievement in work life is designing cover layout to our city's most widespread real estate magazine. It means lot to me, since it was selected instead of advertisement companys idea. :: Other hobbies :: Besides digital arts I also play various intsruments. I have two basses (since I'm bass player in a metal band), an electric guitar, two keyboards, couple of amplifiers, kilometers of wire and stuff like that... I'm really glad of the fact that modern computers can do much more than nobody could dream of ten years ago. Now I can make music I want with programs like Cubase and Reason. If you want, you can check out my band's music at My electronic music can be found at altough stuff in there is rather old and crappy ;) My problem with all I told you above is that I never have enough time and/or patience. I ignite to new things and inspirations very easily, but rarely I have patience to finish stuff properly. :: Other stuff :: I live in Finland's top ten biggest city (8. to be exact), Kuopio. Here lives 117.655 citizens. I live in very centre of city in one bed/livingroom + kitchen apartment. I'm really into tuning cars, but I don't own one myself. I think that if you can't tune with big money, then don't tune at all. Nothing looks as stupid as lousy mid 80's Toyota DX with crappy "tuning"parts bolted into it. Someday I WILL own something like Toytota Supra or Celica, perhaps even Audi TT or Nissan 350Z. Now I drive with my '92 Audi 80. It's quite a smooth ride actually. I have automatic transimission. Saying that might feel odd if you come from states, but here automatic transmission cars are quite rare. Well, now my hands are getting quite tired of writing, so thank you for reading this! It's refreshing to write your life down every once in a while ;) See ya!
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