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     I'm mostly just a hobby artist who occasionally gets a stroke of luck and manages to create a halfway decent freebie or two. :) I'm not in the right political circles and cliques to be able to sell anything successfully, nor do I have any desire to play with politics like that jut to get there. So if someone asks me why I do not sell anything - that is the reason right there. I do, however, still continue to make my freebies, and that isn't likely to stop anytime in the forseeable future (though I do go through dry spells and then flooding spells, as those who have followed my freebies for a while already know.)

     I've been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil, started playing musical instruments in fifth grade. Got into graphics about 12 years ago in relation to the roleplaying I did, and got into Poser about 10 years ago also thanks to the roleplaying and wanting to be able to do my own pictures for my characters.

     I don't touch photoshop. We have a mutual agreement. It hates me, and I hate it. :p Postwork, texture creation, touchup, etc, that's done in Corel Photopaint 8 for me. I love gothic stuff, but can't really create it all that well and of course I love my reptiles...and my "Origins : Snapshots in Time" series seems to be an ongoing tangent these days, though I tend to do more portrait-styled work than anything else. ;)

     I don't do the T&A pictures. While this causes my work to be ignored by a large chunk of people looking through the galleries here, it's simply not something I'm good at, have the knack, OR the desire to do. Plenty of those types of images out there already. Personally? I prefer things left to the imagination. Vickie and Mike don't need all their bits hanging out to be erotic, sensual, or alluring. Pffth. LOL So if that's your thing, best find another artist's gallery, because what little nudity there is in mine, is very much scene-related and NOT there just to be drooled over. :p

~ Seliah
=Childe of Fyre=


Update :

     It's been kind of a while since I posted anything up on this site. While I still have a lot of the same objections as I had when I removed my freebies and my gallery a few years ago... I've just not been able to completely stay away from the site as a whole. Many artists' work whom I love so much are only sold through this site, a lot of artists' pictures that I enjoy are only posted  here.

     I just decided, after some careful thought, that I will give the galleries here one final try. I think it is a sentimental thing for me - when I first got into Poser, the very first poser-related website I stumbled into WAS Renderosity... and I just can't quite seem to stay away for good.

     So. I'm back, and though I never really completely left... I haven't posted a thing here in probably two years due to how strongly I disagreed with certain things the site was doing. Those things have changed now, so... here we go, and I will give this one more try... LOL


My Freebies :

     I still do make and post my freebies. For those that have been trying to find them or wondering where they went... I will slowly re-submit them all to the freebie section here, since I removed the whole lot a couple of years ago. But, since there is such a constricting post-limit now, this process will likely take me kind of a while.

     In the meantime, you can find my freebies posted on Daz's Freepository, in my DeviantArt gallery, and on my website itself :

Childe of Fyre : 3D Artwork & More
Deviant Art Gallery : Freebie Folder

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