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Thanks for taking the time to view my page.  I appreciate you taking the time to view my images as they are often an expression of myself, my thoughts, hopes, desires, dreams, fantasies, and fears.  And maybe sometimes, my warped sense of humor, or nothing of true meaning at all, just a random character posing so I can sharpen up some skills or try out a new character. 

I'm not totally new to this, I started dabbling with 3D rendering a little over a year and a half ago(2011-ish), but have had not been able to occupy myself as fully with it as I'd like to.  

I wish I could devote much more time to it, then again, I might not want to dabble like I have if it were more a job than pleasure.  Just the same, I'd love to progress with it to the point I could do some actual animation, but I don't think I have the resources, computer skills, nor the computer to do so.  Not that I am overly proficient on the PC to begin with.

I grew up drawing a great deal, but don't have the patience or time to spend sketching something out (carpel Tunnel doesn't help either).  I started doing some simple images years ago when I got my first PC back in the 90's, but this too got to be a bit time consuming and a bit boring.  3D really allows me to be a bit more creative and realistic.  I just wish I was more creative -- like many of the people I see here.  Perhaps in time with a little practice and inspiration I receive from some of the wonderful images I see here I'll progress to a level I'll really be happy with.

So, again, thank you for taking a look.  Please let me know if you see something I did well, or leave a tip of something to try which might help me along.  I appreciate tips.

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