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Here I am! Hi everybody :) What about me...Well,I'd love to make my living a pleasant and fruitful experience:I have always liked to paint and make drawings, but I never went to any school. I love to write, and I like to express my soul in as many ways as I can think of...I don't consider myself an artist, though:I just love art. For more about me, just click here and visit my site.

I was born in Firenze, 17th of April 1977. I am fond of everything which celebrates life and humanity:from writing, to painting, to music till sports and nature, all that captures my attention becomes an interest of mine. If I'd die tomorrow, I would feel my life has been a worthy one already, but for every day that passes, I feel always more curious about it. To be an artist (although I don't consider myself so,) means to have a personal vision about all that happens, equally outside than inside.For me it means also to try to connect with other's spirits in unexpectable ways and have an endless will of knowledge, and endless will to discover and test yourself and everything else, without fears, but with all possible emotions in the quest, and from the quest. The world around it's therefore the best inspiration, all that is into it can touch the inner chords of my soul, although I can't say which way till it doesn't happen.And everytime it happens, it's a reveal, a miracle, and the vibes are the best one can feel. Then sometimes I watch the blue sky, and I give shape to my heart and mind, and I float around... and smile for my live is really like I want it to be. I have temporarily suspended my career as University Researcher, testing myself as Administrative Manager right now, and I still asking myself if what I got finally was awareness or disillusion, but anyway, it's my attitude to never regret anything that I made consciously.Let's give life a new try. I am very fond of Foreign Cultures, they enlarge also my artistical perceivement of life, and it's something I find absolutely enriching. I have never learnt English, so forgive me if I am not good at speaking nor writing it. I can speak and write in French, I can read Spanish, I know Ancient Latin and Greek. And of course, I am Italian so, my Mother Tongue has got no mystery for me. Hooray for Dante! ;) Again,for more about me, just click here and visit my site.


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