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Andreas I.

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I've worked with many digital media applications over the years, and here you can find both my experiments and my finished pieces of work created with those applications. Here you can also find photos I have taken, as well as poems I have written. Everything you see in my gallery, unless otherwise stated, was created by me and remains my intellectual property. If something was created by someone else, I will say so. Hope you enjoy having a look through my gallery and maybe even read my bio.

Things have changed since early 2002 when I first wrote my bio here. Since then, I feel that I have matured as an artist. My interaction with computer graphics began years ago, when I was playing with Life Forms, a primitive version of Poser, on my 10-year-old Mac. Years later, I aquired Bryce and from there on I got a taste of other programs such as Vue d'Esprit, ZBrush, Amorphium, Terragen and many others. I had some images in which I used up to 6 or 7 different programs to get the final product. I soon realized how wrong that was. I came to see that knowing a tiny bit of everything came nowhere near to knowing a lot about some things. So I focused onto one program and tried to channel my creativity out through it. I chose Lightwave, basically because it was the only serious graphics application my computer could run. Having gotten used to much simpler programs such as Bryce, the difficulty of learning Lightwave could not have been steeper. I've found a home away from home now in Lightwave and even though I still depend on other programs for certain elements in my work, one day I will need those no more. I say a home away from home, because for me, my ultimate destination is something of the calibur of Maya. It does not really matter to me whether it is or isn't the best graphics application out there. When I have earned enough to be able to afford Maya, to me, it will mean I have earned the right to elevate myself to the level where the software will not guide me, but rather I will guide and channel my thoughts through it, give them form, give them colour, give them life. By then I will have reached the stage where I can truly create art. Now, if you haven't fallen asleep through that, feel free to browse through my gallery or free stuff, maybe you'll find something interesting or exciting, or maybe you'll even find some art!

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