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I'm not very good about writing about myself; I did try once but didn't get much pass hello. So here’s to a second try.

              My user name is compiled from three or four converging thoughts. Mainly from a love of reading, it comes from the title of a favorite childhood book, Song of the Voyaguer (about early Canadian pioneers and fur traders and no I’m not Canadian). And second, that I always liked to travel, hence, the sea otter avatar, and third, voyaging into different realms of art.  After choosing the name, got to thinking how it could be misconstrued, but too late to change and thought that eventually everyone would get the shall we say, the more positive aspects of the avatar name through my likes, favs and artwork. The forth side along reason that throughout life have lived near a water source and enjoyed it in all its forms water, rain, snow, ice, fog, sea, ocean, river and rainbow. Also just fascinated by water and mountains in all seasons and phases and Alaska has  such variety, ice, snow, water  and  the mountains carved by them all, one of nature sculpting hands of time. Wind is harder to “pin” down, so sky, day or night, clouds – oops back to water - thought circle.

              General history, grandmother enjoyed painting, and also shared her love of all kinds of art. Special days with her were at the university or Nelson art gallery then picnic lunch with painting outside. The rest of my family influences included science teacher, medical laboratory, famer, and carpenter. Roll all of these together and you get a love of nature, respect for the earth, understanding of how and why bio-systems work, keen observation and logic skills and if you need it you can make it or create it. Did I utilized this in my life to my best abilities, probably not, but it has supported me through the squiggle we call life.

              Ever summer we traveled to a different city covering most of the country from the mid west to the pacific, from the end of May to middle of August, never spent a summer at home until I was a junior in high school. Summer was a parent double team tutoring of society, culture, history, nature, museums of all kinds, art and design. I took books and drawing material. As an adult I traveled back east to see friends and over to Great Britain for a month and to finally seeing Alaska, by car and boat. That was a trip decades in the making and worth everything to me to share it with my friend.

Things I don’t like: Having to capitalize the word I, you, me, etc, are all lower case, seems a little arrogant to me. -- The word assume, seems to me people assume too much and way more than they know.

Things I like: Laughter over life’s funny events. -- Seeing the light go on in the imagination of a child.-- Helping in a volunteer group with shared interest, abilities, work for the sheer joy of it. -- Sitting with a small group of friends and sharing stories, ideas, experiences and life in general. -- Hearing water in motion, the wind in the wilds, the clash of the thunder, the scent of a forest,softly falling snow, the colors of the seasons, glimpsing wildlife, the smell and sound of campfire at night, rain falling, crunch of dry leaves and snow, and the laughter of a child.

               Early life mottos, “All life is a learning opportunity.” and “You can learn no matter where you are.” and finally. “You can learn from both the good and the bad.” Oh, yes, I was always called “a rebel without a cause” because I had too many causes. Guide for life decisions and choices, “If you can’t tell your best friend, and your worst enemy and your family, what you are thinking about doing, it’s probably the wrong thing to do.” And the endless question, “Are you an artist because you are crazy OR crazy because you are and artist.” My answer was the sane individuals live in the box the crazy individuals are the artists living outside the box and changing the box. If that is crazy, I love it.

              Education, BA in Fine Art, concentration in ceramics, minor in Chemistry, register medical technologist, and post BA in education, and graphics (pre computer) and CAD drafter as a career bridge between the two. ---- Yeah, I know walked two paths at the same time, art and science. Confusing for most, but I always believed they were mutually supportive and augmented each other. Even my close friends thought saw them as opposites and non-related. Then here comes the digital, fractal age, where not only science but math (which I hated in school) meets art in the computer and crating the wonderful symbiosis of digital ART, now, “ain’t that a wonder”. Okay, I’ll say it, “I told you guys they were interrelated and mutually beneficial”. Glad I got that off my chest.

              Now, maybe time has finally given me enough perspective that I can now see better and just as it is, without all the social trappings, to my own separate truth and the abilities to visually create and communicate that to others. It is little bit freeing, a good feeling, it is, thanks for the journey.

Now you all know more than most of my face to face friends, that is well, Renderosity is a place to share one’s art and art reflects the artist.

Thank you stopping by, I live in Kansas and my name is Anita.


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