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Welcome to my bio, just a few details about me.. I have been producing art since way back in the late 70's, i also compose electronic music and i'm also active in the areas of photography and Electronics, also develop material for Gliftex-Resources where i am webmaster at Gliftex Resources. I got into digital art through the use of computers in my electronic music back in the early 80s when my first dabble in art on a computer was actually with a ZX Spectrum 48K!. Eventually i started creating art on the Amiga 500 and 500+ with the famous Deluxe Paint Package series.

Eventually i started to create art on the PC platform and never looked back, i am now currently in the process of building a new portfolio site consisting of my digital art, my photography and music. My styles are varied, i don't hold to a set style and thrash it to death for years, i will always hold shape, form and colour as paramount in my work and i like to explore the conscious and non-conscious states of creation where elements of my work are open to chance events and between these two aspects i attempt to try and reach a synthesis that i consider to be a balance between reality and fantasy but not in the manner that one might use the term "Fantasy".

I will not pull punches when depicting the human nature and life in general, i like to show the beauty, the pain, the biological phobias of the human state.. the mental the physical and the spiritual of our existence. Nothing is out of bounds but i do hold some limits to the subject matters i would feel comfortable depicting. Art should not offend for the sake of offending, it should ask questions of peoples limitations upon what they might find acceptable and in so doing ultimately challenging them as to those acceptable levels.. it's down to the individual.

My abstract work will always be vibrant in colour with strong shape and form, some of these works may contain hidden visuals that require the switching between the brains hemispheres, the titles will sometimes provide a hint upon the subject for the viewers to obtain a starting point. I'm a big supporter of independent software developers who are thinking outside the box when it comes to fresh ideas regarding digital art software. I have explored 2-D and 3-D art in mixed media formats along with single media formats. I try to avoid the predictable but a wonderful landscape, seascape or skyscape will still impress and influence me deeply.

I'm also strongly inspired by fellow artists and the work they might be exploring, i try not to be too influenced by them because i strongly believe one must attempt to find some originality in one's art even if it might be difficult to be pioneering in the 21st century. I do think everyone should create in their own way in the manner they find satisfying and gain from the experience of creating and sharing one's work. In many ways art is about liking things and even if the negative response arrives, that is just as important as the positive. We often remember the shocking and the ugly in art as opposed to the beauty, it burns into our minds far deeper than any comfort of beauty in modern art, some may not agree but that's art for you. /\/\ark...


My other work for Gliftex Resources can be seen here..



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