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Welcome to Dream Cutter's Renderosity Page. Dream Cutter develops for Cyber1 Network Media. Http://

>>>>> OK Now want to see something real cool and fun that you can do with your Poser models and other 3d Work? 

 Check out this free flash Arcade game:

I was able to animate my 2d models to create .jpg sequential renders and replace all the original graphics in this flash game to create an original.  Its quite easy if you have Adobe CS5 Flash or one the competing flash tools such as Swish.  Source for many flash games can be found on the web.  ( Hint Google .FLA and decompile :)

Once you have game .fla open in a flash editor, You will soon begin to pick up Action Script (AS4) language which is the code that controls flash, and be in a position to modfy the gameplay such as levels, power ups and such. If your familiar with any scripting, it be easy as AS is most easy to decipher. However realize that in many older arcade game translations, calls to external routines executables may be performed that limit customization ability in AS.

I purchased the oridinal source for this game from the original developers, however many many others can be found for free, including some neat network games.   The license I purchase with my source code allows me to modify, re-distribute and even sell the hostable games as my own.

Comment or email if you have questions.  I'm still learning... so if your experience sees error or omission in my advice, please chime in! 


Dream Cutter!

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